Angelica Root Essential Oil


Angelica Essential Oil helps with anxiety and chronic fatigue. Angelica Essential Oil is a sweet, herbal and spicy aroma.


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Angelica Root Oil is always there for you as a grounding, fortifying, energizing treatment. It is one of the most popular substances for boosting energy and maintaining a healthy, vitalized mind and body.

Strengthening | Grounding | Warming

Although its name may evoke soft halos and melodious harp music, Angelica Essential Oil is a sweet, herbal and spicy aroma for times when you need to have both feet on the ground. Its warming and stimulating effects restore one’s vitality, strength and stamina, making life on earth manageable.

Because of its name, some inaccurate assumptions have been made about its effects on mind, spirit and emotions. Rather than invoking angelic energies, it helps to ground and stabilize angelic energy. People who lack earth energy can find great benefits in using Angelica Root Oil.

Nervous System: Angelica Essential Oil helps with anxiety and chronic fatigue. In Ayurvedic terms, it helps counterbalance the upward flowing energies of prana vata and udana vata in the chest area. This directly supports the relief of anxiety, chronic fatigue and low energy. It is a good oil for building physical stamina.

Angelica Root can help “shut down” the emotions—not an effect to be encouraged, but perhaps useful in a situation where you absolutely cannot afford to feel your feelings, such as during an emergency or in the case of recurring panic attacks.

Digestive System: Angelica has been used as a tonic for chronic stomach problems. It increases gastric secretion, stimulates the appetite and reduces flatulence and gastritis. Angelica Essential Oil is also great for chronic respiratory conditions such as asthma and sinus problems.

Circulatory System: In the circulatory system, Angelica is said to purify the blood and give relief to the heart. It also stimulates lymphatic drainage, and its warming, drying qualities help reduce water retention and cellulite. In addition, it may be helpful in the case of heart palpitations.” 

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