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Astrology Services

I started researching Astrology when I was 14 years old, and so I can say I have more than 15 years of experiences in this study. I began looking at other peoples charts and doing personal interpretations in 2010 and I plan to attend Kepler College to get my Astrology Diploma in 2021. I became a professional astrologer mostly by popular demand from friends who know my passion for it. I thank you so much, because I am now so invested in my passion as to offer as my primary professional goal.

2D Natal Astrology Report

This is a unique written astrology report that includes an assortment of charts, alignments, and birth data for one low cost.

3D Universal Astrology 

Want me to interpret your 2D report by showing you how the solar system looked at your birth? 

After sending me your information, I’ll create your personal report and video. I’ll send it to you within 1 week.

Astrologic Inquiry Consultations

Have a special interest in a certain area of Astrology? Or do you want to consult with me for the upcoming month? I am an Astrologer as well as a Spirituality Life Coach! So a Live Astrological Consultation makes a fun approach with clients personally!

5D Ultimate Universal Astrology Kit 

Get all these and more with my unique bundle of Personal Astrology services just for you!

Luckily Astrology can be widely used in several of the services I offer as a baseline. Everything is energy, and so when it comes to working with light/energy, and mind/consciousness. You can learn more about the systems I have adapted such as Forensic Healing which can greatly assist in determining factors and details through several astrological techniques. 

Additionally, spiritual divination such as cartomancy is greatly enhanced with astrological symbols and considerations. Numerology and other omens are determed by observing them, and correctly associating them with their energy. This can be done with practice and a wide study of such symbols. One of the reasons I think Reiki Therapy suits me so well, is this attunement to the meaning of powerful spiritual symbols, as to shift ones energy to channel it and send it to others. This is truly the power of the living consciousness, or living energy, that is present everywhere in every thing. 

You can read about each of these individually now, knowing how the light of astrological knowledge flows through all that I do.

Reiki Therapy

Traditional Reiki Therapy

Order your desired Reiki session type, and then schedule a time to receive your reiki treatment. Treatments range from $44-66 per, check for Bundled options.

Available Sessions include:

Traditional Usui Reiki – full body, gentle remote healing session for any medical reason 1 hour

Karuna Ki Reiki – full body reiki for anyone who is suffering from emotional or mental trauma or stresses

Reiki Chakra Balancing & Activation – quick half hour chakra balancing sessions (half price)

Learn More:


Reiki is an ancient traditional practice of channeling universal life force energy to effect changes within the body. We live in a universal reality, everything is energy. We can attune to this energy and directly use it to manifest healing in the body, mind, emotions, and soul.

A traditional session, as described by Japanese Master Usui and Madam Takata, I use initiated techniques to begin at the top of the body and work my way down. Directly channeling energy through the hands. It has been scientifically proven, that Reiki Masters do actually conduct more energy in their hands that can be measured as well as performing effective treatments using Usui Reiki.


Due to Covid Restrictions in Washington, only remote sessions are available. However, remote sessions are just as effective and potentially more relaxing in the comfort of your own home, on your own time! Last updated 11/18/2020

Forensic Healing System

Schedule Your Session With Me!

Status: Closed for personal 1:1 sessions due to Covid19 in Washington State. Remote sessions are limited as they require live consultation with the client to complete accurate biofeedback techniques. 

Alternative Remote Service: Esoteric Spiritual Evaluation – using a very similar system with different mode of gathering the information, they both aim to root out the Cause of an issue and identify what will resolve it




I have adapted an in-depth healing protocol from the Forensic Healing System that allows me the full use of Biofeedback to utilize all of my abilities, services, therapies, and practices in a way that helps clients identify the core of their issue. By using biofeedback to test for exactly which healing therapy or practice will fully resolve that issue. I have plans to complete this program within 2 years and actively practice this system directly.

By using general Kinestheology, Energy Testing, or Muscle testing techniques: Anyone can test their subconscious body-mind (autonomic nervous system) to find the answers that result from direct interaction with it. The hard part is then, what questions to ask and when to ask them? That is what I am here for as a practitioner. To ask the questions, and translate the answers that your body and being are the only ones capable of knowing the answers to effectively heal naturally.

Forensic Healing System, Emotion Code, and Energy Medicine are the primary policies, principles and technique standards that I practice in this session.

This protocol is developed to be powerfully accurate for finding individual results that identify the cause of core issues and how to resolve them. As we use energy methods to further test for the appropriate healing method.

The energy healing method could be a result of any of these services, with detailed protocols followed from the source as guided by the practitioner during the session. With expressed permission to heal at that time. Allowing for the bulk of the healing session, to be accomplishing the healing of the body. Each method, therapy, or practice is detailed with step by step protocols to follow. Some of these methods can be ordered individually in the shop (such as Reiki), some are only available by testing result in a Energy Healing session in this way (such as FHS Soul Healing).

Spirituality & Divination Services

Typically requires a short consultation, client intake forms, and an indication of needed spiritual clearing from dark forces, dark thought forms, or psychic attacks/blocks that are so far, unable to be cleared by will alone.

Esoteric Spiritual Clearing

This is a private practice by the use of Advanced Dowsing and Spiritual Evaluation Techniques. They are based on Christian Mystic Teachings and are accomplished by expressed permission and open dialoge with higher selves. On a case by case basis the following my be overcome:

  • Removal of spiritual blocks or negative entities
  • Clearing of dark vows, contracts, or intention
  • Release from self-created depression, fallen imprints, or ET biological invasion
  • Spiritual alignment to the divine plan

It requires a Live Consultation BEFORE the Evaluation which is done privately and remotely. We may meet again to discuss the evaluation and what Clearing may be necessary. I will send you a written report of the Evaluation Results. You can then choose to follow the instructions provided on your own without additional cost. Or you can choose to go through with the full clearing at a discounted rate.

Client Clarity: No clearing is done without your review and permission. This service includes only 3 after the evaluation and permissions. Any others may require the Full Clearing service option after the Evaluation process. The costs differences is due to the time it requires to provide this service. Due to high demand and calling for such clearing, not all requests for this service will be deemed appropriate. In such cases, or if higher permissions are closed, I will refund you for your order. However, once you order, fill out the client intake, and provide higher permissions upon Opening the Evaluation no other refunds will be provided. 

See my privacy and practice policies before ordering a service.


Tarot and Oracle Readings, from a more traditional sense of using the cards to interpret their meaning and telling the client about the spread and how they answer the question they have. 

Readings are based upon the inquiry of the client. Typically I read for others by request such as: “Why am I feeling stuck in work right now?” or “Should I pursue this interesting person or should I wait a bit?” or “What is spirit trying to remind me that I cant seem to figure out on my own”. Often others come to me with some signs or symbols they have been picking up on, and need someone to help interpret them. Often the cards can help guide the thoughts to the right conclusions when they are explored in the art of the card. 

Being proficient in astrology, palmistry, numerology, reflexology, as well as spiritual omens and religious meaning. I am fairly confident in my ability to explain cards, concepts, and symbols. For this reason, I don’t think “tarot reading” covers the right sense of what I do with cards accurately.

Decks I Use 

My preferred deck is Shadowscapes Tarot. I also own several of those in the recommended cards shop here. I use the Moon Phase, Astrology, Sacred Earth a lot as well. As they all are hand chosen for my uses and interests in Astrology.  


Currently this service is not yet available as I practice and perfect this. You can watch my FB Page for free readings, as this is one way I can get good feedback before charging for a service. 

Palmistry & Reflexology

I am newer to palmistry and reflexology, especially acupressure. I am newly practiced at this but have always had a strong interests in it. It wasn’t until I could integrate with the Hindu concepts through Vedic Astrology that I really began to understand the connection between Astrology and our Energy Systems in the body, as something that could be interpreted. 

I typically offer palm readings by viewing photos send to my clients. I then review their lines and communicate my interpretation, via written or verbal audio response with 3 business days. 

Reflexology and Acupressure is something I am practicing but can really just offer suggestions about how to do so yourself. Similar to EFT or Tapping solutions, this is something that anyone can learn how to do themselves with practice and patience. Which is often guided by someone who knows and does this themselves, to get started and give your first instructions. (I am currently enrolled in the certification course for these, updated 11/19/20)


Currently this service is not yet available as I practice and perfect this service.

Akashic Records

I still developing my skills in this area. I have taken a number of intensive courses to become certified in hypnosis, Akashic records readings, and spirit release therapies. I feel this requires more study on my behalf, as well as experience in Life Coaching before openly offering this service. 

However, it may come up in an Energy Healing session such as Forensic Healing or an Esoteric Evaluation. As working within the akasha is something I am doing to accomplish these methods. Direct readings will come later, as I become more familiar with the dimensional shifts with time. 

If you are a client or personal friend of mine, I may be inclined to work with you to do a simple reading. Readings will involved coming up with 1-5 highly specific questions directed towards your own Akashic records. Through specific prayer, request, practice, and patience answers can be received in this way. I find it very revealing and uplifting to connect with the higher realms and come closer to being my higher self in every day life. I can attest that I is note for everyone, and in most cases is blocked. 

I will always express specific request before opening another records and I highly suggest anyone to only ever access your own unless you have such permissions. Otherwise the content derived from the records are false, and derived from the astral presence of the lower planes of the participants. In other words, your own shadows create a story one believes is real and creates a difficult challenge for all involved. For this reason, I am not publicly offering this service directly at this time. Other Akashic readers whom do this professionally and daily would be better suited for such inquiry. I mostly access records to gain information I need personally, or to access the dimensions within Akashic to see clearly during divination and esoteric studies. 

I have learned through time and experience, that it is most likely access to the Akashic realms and alternate dimensions in which one receives claircognizant information which I have frequently experienced in my life but never trusted. Now that I am developing these centers in my brain and consciousness, it has become easier to discern my thoughts between Akashic data that comes through. 

Digital Products

I have a few digital products available for Newsletter Subscribers. I am currently writing a book for Universal Astrology that will probably take most of 2021. If you want to encourage more of these, join me on Patreon! 

Trusted Products

There is an entire Trusted Products section of my Shop that are actually commonly referenced affiliate products. 

I constantly am recommending oils, crystals, and natural substances to friends, facebook groups, and readers. So I finally decided to simply offer them in the store as affiliate links. Any button or link will direct you to the trusted shop I use for my own needs. You can learn more about my Trusted Affiliates & Partners here

I do NOT run ads on my website (if you can’t tell) from Google AdSense or anything. 

To combat this side income, I have decided to partner up with online small businesses that I trust. The same affiliates you see in the shops your likely to see in a banner or sidebar. 

If you would like to become a partner or advertise on the site in this or a similar way email/message me directly. Or become a Sponsor of LLWL via Patreon.

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