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This page is a complete list of services available. Please visit a page directly for details, options, prices, and scheduling information. This page was last updated 9/16/2020

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Reiki Therapy

(Currently on hold for most Reiki Services as I move to a new location. I plan to continue service again after September 2020) – Updated 8/25/2020

Available Sessions in the Shop include:


Reiki is an ancient traditional practice of channeling universal life force energy to effect changes within the body. We live in a universal reality, everything is energy. We can attune to this energy and directly use it to manifest healing in the body, mind, emotions, and soul.

A traditional session, as described by Japanese Master Usui and Madam Takata, I use initiated techniques to begin at the top of the body and work my way down. Directly channeling energy through the hands. It has been scientifically proven, that Reiki Masters do actually conduct more energy in their hands that can be measured as well as performing effective treatments using Usui Reiki.

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Due to Covid and personal relocation, Reiki and other sessions are only available by remote, only appointments via Zoom or Facebook by available scheduling only.

Forensic Energy Healing Sessions

I have adapted an in-depth healing protocol from the Forensic Healing System that allows me the full use of Biofeedback to utilize all of my abilities, services, therapies, and practices in a way that helps clients identify the core of their issue. And to test for exactly which healing therapy or practice will fully resolve that issue completely.

It is currently under further development and practice. However it is a fully functional system that I can now use with Spirituality Coached clients. If your interested, then I hope to help others heal through this system.

Using general Keinthology, Energy Testing, or Muscle testing techniques anyone can test their subconscious body-mind (autonomic nervous system) to find the answers that result from direct interaction with it. The hard part is then, what questions to ask and when to ask them? That is what I am here for as a practitioner. To ask the questions, and translate the answers that your body and being are the only ones capable of knowing the answers to effectively heal naturally.

Forensic Healing System, Emotion Code, and Energy Medicine are the primary policies, prinicples and technique standards are outlined in great detail.

The Reason this protocol is developed to be powerfully accurate for finding individual results that identify the cause of core issues and how to resolve them. As we use energy methods to further test for the appropriate healing method.

That method could be a result of any of these services, with detailed protocols followed from the source as guided by the practitioner during the session with expressed permission to heal at that time. Allowing for the bulk of the healing session, to be accomplishing the healing of the body. Each method, therapy, or practice is detailed with step by step protocols to follow. Some of these methods can be ordered individually in the shop (such as Reiki), some are only available by testing result in a Energy Healing session in this way (such as FHS Soul Healing).

EFT/TFT Therapy – “Tapping”

EFT and TFT can be effecitve ways to manage your emotional and mental thoughts and redirect the energy and focus to apply positive changes. It is really effective for empaths and those who are sensative to energy.

Coming up with personal affirmations with known emotional or stressful triggers is key to applying the right Tapping Solutions to your daily life.

I can help you to come up with the right understanding and affirmations to use. This may come up as a solution in Forensic Healing or Coaching sessions.

Energy Medicine

As you should be well aware, I am a huge fan and follower, as well as practice and advocate for Dona Eden and Energy medicine. Because of her, much of the knowledge about energy can be accessed and practiced at any time by any body!

A few of the most common protocols that might come up are: Flushing and Tracing Meridians, Holding Points on the Meridian to unblock or free energy flow, tapping points, or doing the 5 Minute Energy Routine.

Emotional Release Therapies

There are several simple methods that can be used to release trapped emotions from the body, mind, and habits. Protocols designed by Emotion Code, Releasing Trapped Emotions with Essential Oils, and Healing Code can be very transformational (view recommended books to learn the protocols for yourself).

It is common for Energy Testing with Biofeedback is used to identify the emotion, unless it is the known issue or cause. We then find the opposite emotion and use specific statements to transmute and release the emotional charges. Each method uses a slightly different approach or addition such as essential oil, or magnet, or specific acupressure points.During the Energy Healing session, we will test to find out which method is best for you.

Astrology Services

Before considering any of these services or modalities, I suggest that we get to know each other with coaching first. However, I am fully capable of one-shot interactions that can be really transformational with the following listed services. However “alternative” they may seem, they are some of the most useful and important of them all!

If there is not a listing for the service in the Shop, it simply means that I am not prepared to offer this publically (yet), or it is reserved for Coaching Clients only at this time. They are all listed here to give you a complete overview of what I can offer as a service through Loving Life With Light.

Universal Astrology Services

Single Astrology Services:

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Current Sale!


Reveal a wealth of information about your natural condition, life path, health, and how you can improve your general purpose in this life and its lessons. Coupled with Astrology, you can learn a lot about how you can better fulfill your destiny, improve your wellness, and activate your full potential in life as a cosmic living being of perfect design and structure.

Your hands are your map. You’ve been updating and taking notes on every part of your journey so far. I know how to read that map.

Access to Wellness Database

I have access to the Self Healing Database, Universal Astrology, And Spiritual Guidance databases. This allows me a HUGE amount of information at my finger tips at all times to help resolve issues.

I know it doesn’t sound like a lot, but trust me it’s a VAST amount of information to have available for self-healing purpose and general access to this knowledge. I use this will coaching clients to help identify issues and close in on the cause of their illusion, block, difficulty, or stress that is related to spiritual health and wellness of being and feeling alive and well.

Available Databases:

Spiritual Science Clearning, Spiritual Healing, Therapies, Readings and Divine Intervention

These services are not for everybody, and that’s perfectly okay. However, they are some of the most transformation to explore and consider. They are definitely NOT necessary, but it should be known that these are areas in which I practice in healing myself, and others when interest and need is found.

Some of the healings and modalities used to treat individual issues in the Forensic Healing Sessions are lead to listed alternative modalities. Some of which are available for single sessions, some are reserved for specific use as tested and accepted by the individual during the FHS only.

Please always view the Shop for Available Services. If services are not listed in the show, then they are not available as individual services at this time.

Spiritual Science Clearing

This is a private practice by the use of Advanced Dowsing and Spiritual Evaluation Techniques. They are based on Christian Mystic Teachings and are accomplished by expressed permission and open dialoge with higher selves. On a case by case basis the following my be overcome:

  • Removal of spiritual blocks or negative entities
  • Clearing of dark vows, contracts, or intention
  • Release from self-created depression, fallen imprints, or ET biological invasion
  • Spiritual alignment to the divine plan

It requires a Live Consultation before the Evaluation which is done privately and remotely, after the consultation. We meet again to discuss the evaluation and what Clearing is required. You can then choose to follow the instructions provided on your own without additional cost. Or you can choose to go through with the full clearing at a discounted rate. (See Service Show for details)

Divine Intervention

Because of the nature of this work, at times there may be a case of personal crisis, desperate calling, or spiritual emergency in which we make contact that is unscheduled or happens suddenly during a session, day, or healing.

“Divine Intervention Protocols” are anything that has been provided by spiritual or divine teachings and lessons that can be openly practiced, used, or applied to anyone as a spiritual resolution, activity, or prayer.

The are in fact, mostly divine prayers, psalms, or invocations used by spiritual teachers and divine leaders of our moder, and ancient, sacred teachings.

This include but are not limited to:

  • Protection Prayer
  • I AM Affirmations
  • Violet Flame Incantations
  • Mantras, Mudras, and Affirmations

Angelic Healing

These never require any special medical permission, just an open belief in angles and beings of light.

Available to any as a Name Your Price, open healing session for anyone that needs it. It takes about 30 minutes.

Akashic Records Reading

Choose 3-5 questions that you wish to ask your records and recieve responses to them. useful for clients in coaching sessions to provide self directed guidance, understanidng, and awareness to certain issues that are blocking your path to your future.

I will never open records for anyone without express permission to do so. It is not a way to tell the future or find information on someone. It is a way to reconcile, reveal, disclosure, or understand your life circumstances to help guide you back to your Point of Attraction.

Point of Attraction concepts is taught in both Law of Attraction and Spirituality Coaching sessions. This makes a great opening for the use of accessing the Records and thus may come up as an option for coaching clients who have an interest in this.

Card Readings

Occasionally, you will see me offer personal card readings. I have used Tarot and various other Oracle Card Decks to help me make decisions. I have done many, many readings for others with great results and guidance. I have expanded far past these most basic ways of inter-communicating with spirit. However, it is a timeless and personal experience that I hope to share with others. When I feel called to do so, I will open readings to others, or it may come up in coaching sessions for those who prefer this way of directing their attention and using art to realize their manifestations and circumstances. It’s not for everyone, however it’s an amazing way to connect with spirit guides, and learn more about each other.

The cards I have available are the ones listed in the Recommedned Prodcuts. If your on this pag to learn more, then I suggest you look over the cards and continue with the order of your reading.

Most reading opportunities are limited and time-sensitive. Please act quickly if you are considering getting a reading from an ad or page that led you here. 🙂 Yay!

Spirit Release Therapy

If you believe in angels, then you probably believe in spirits too. I don’t wish to persue this with others unless necissary and obvious. However, I have had to remembve several spirits and atachements and I am aware of how to do so for others. This will only be done in which it is obvious and qualifited for removal of another spirit that is attached to the vessel of another. There is only supposed to be one spirit per vessel, al other shoudl not be attached. True Spirit Guides, and Higher Selves are effectively part of your Soul. However, ghosts, spirit entities, dark force implants, mind control devices, ET spyware, and NAA are real effects that people are suffering from in the spiritual realms of existance. Now that I have discovered what was necisary for me, I know how to help others as well. I resever the right to refuse treatement with anyone who has been previously diagnosed professionally, however qualified spirituality coached clients may need to consider this option at some point in their journey if it is happening to them and affecting their life consciousness and soul path.

I would not worry about this, as we work through Spiritual Coaching sessions, you will become more Guided by your Higher Self, True Being, and Spirit Guides. Your awareness of your needs will e guided more clearly, and if it leads you here then we can talk about it. However, know that it is available. But unless your guy and spirit guides are highly confirming these needs. We will avoid assuming this therapy is ever needed.

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