Effects of Reiki During & After Therapy

The effects during a Reiki session may include, but are not limited to:

  • tingling sensations in the chakra centers or throughout the body
  • entering a peaceful, loving state of meditation, or sleep
  • colorful visions of color, light, or
  • clarity of inner visions, connection with inner guides and the higher self
  • an emotional release or sudden understanding or clarity about the issues you attended the session for
  • the resolve of old stuck energy, mental blocks, or false beliefs
  • sudden, quickened healing of illness, injury, or disease

Effects after a Reiki session may include, but are not limited to:

  • subtle changes in all layers and bodies may be noticed including a shift in
  • self-confidence,
  • awareness,
  • mindful attention,
  • increased focus
  • The physical body may be better able to naturally self-heal after a Chakra Reiki Session
  • Chakra blocks may be lifted completely as a result of continued Reiki practice

How YOU Can Enhance Your Reiki Therapy Sessions

The Key to a successful Reiki session is clear Intention.

Come prepared to clearly define the reason for Reiki currently. Then, state your intention for Reiki before the session begins, or after prayer. Something such as “I intend to receive Reiki to completely heal and transform my weakness in this area of life, body, and mind on all levels for the greater good of all.”

Before beginning a Reiki session, I will always clear my own self, and create a sacred space for us. Then, I too state my intention to channel Reiki, a direct positive statement regarding the transformation you seek.

Do you want to learn Reiki?! Good!

Interest in practicing Reiki for yourself is highly anticipated and exciting! This is something that everyone should know how to do, and be able to utilize in their lives regularly.

It is every true Reiki Master’s dream, to pass the information to as many as possible.

We all have a natural ability to heal ourselves. It is my belief now, that Reiki has the potential to encourage anyone’s body to remember that it can rejuvenate itself with intention.

In the future, I will offer classes to teach Reiki. It is simple to learn the basics, and I will be more than happy to inform you of how you can self-practice before or after any session upon request to enter Reiki I.

There are 3 levels to Reiki, each requiring an attunement to maximize the use of your body as a channel for pure Reiki energy, or to attune others.

I will Launch Reiki Classes in July!