Types of Reiki & Rays of Light

Dr. Usui, Founder of Usui Reiki Therapy in Japan

There are many variations of Reiki that have been discovered. This page will give you an introduction to each type that I am attuned to, and have worked with. This will give you an idea of which type of Reiki Therapy may be right for you. Whether you are interested in receiving in person, distance, or self healing. For more about the process of applying Reiki to yourself or others, you can read this post about what to expect from Reiki Therapy.

Reiki Method

Reiki Method Introduction

From the top to the bottom, the therapist lays hands in specific positions on the body for several minutes at a time.

The recipient should be laying, relaxed, and open to receiving energy from a loving and compassionate heart and place of mindful intention towards healing.

Reiki will have a greater benefit if the recipient believes in spontaneous healing, or miracles. And has a compassionate, regular, inner-personal spiritual practice or connection with their Divine Creator (or, Christ, God, etc.) as it is this Universal Life Force this is channeled towards the recipient with great power and potential in each session.

Traditional Reiki Therapy

Usui Ryoho Reiki (Traditional, Physical)

Usui Ryoho Reiki

There are three levels of attunement that open and enhance our ability to heal ourselves, and others. By way of allowing the flow of the Universal Life Force, to go to where it is needed in the body to heal and restore it’s own vitality.

Usui Reiki flows through the physical body and reaches the spiritual being of the person in my experiences this energy is light and fulfilling. It addresses issues by restoring vital energy, and balancing duality within the body in a variety of different ways. This is the core “energy bundle” of the ability to be a conduit of energy flow.

In Reiki, you are not using your own energy, nor are you “directing” it. You are holding an intention of high vibration, with compassion, and focus on healing.

The energy and symbols, in my inner sight are always bright white light which can instantly be and flow anywhere and everywhere as needed. It does not appear to be to ‘come from’ anywhere, but to appear divinely and flows gracefully sheading light and leaving love wherever it touches. At times it can warm and become like a golden glow, or shine and shimmer.

Each type of Reiki has unique vibrations and seem to me to manifest in different colors and vibrancy while channeled. The pictures found on the right are meant to give you an imprint of their energetic frequency or baseline. You can use this to intuitively assist in selecting the type of Reiki that you may want to receive.

Karuna Ki Reiki (Traditional, Heart-Mind)

Karuna Ki Reiki

A lineage that expanding on the teachings of Usui and included approaches that were focused on Compassion and Deep Healing of the emotional and mental types. This can go deeply into issues of loss, grief, and trauma for the present, past, or even past lives.

  • Heart Healing
  • Relationship Healing
  • Event/Past Trauma Release
  • Deep Subtle Body Healing
  • Aura and Color Healing

This energy has a pink and orange hue to it but can also be quite like the rainbow. There is a wide range of color associated with much of our own chakra systems, and so it’s possible that many different shapes, forms, and colors can be seen with use of this Reiki. Often I can find meaning in the forms and colors of the aura and chakra when using this form of Reiki.

Attunement Notes:

after attunement, became much more sensitive to my own needs and less attractive to negative energy from others. It helped me to begin to understand my own inner power, by profound healing achieved through the lessons and healing of Karuna Ki. I was able to more easily clear emotional blocks through out the body, and tune into the Feeling Body (or, the shadow self) to further heal trauma from this life and others.

Karuna energy usually manifests to me in gentle, clearing mist of link pink and orange hues. The mist, is so gentle and tiny that it deeply penetrates layers of the subtle bodies.

Violet Flame Reiki

Violet Flame Reiki

Lessons on Compassion continued as I worked through a long energetic transition to attune to this lineage from Ivy Moore, from Kwan Yin. I had experience working with the Violet Flame through meditation and mantra already, but was amazed at the number of symbols and variety of ways that the energy manifested it’s own teachings by studying them in this form of Reiki with over 40 unique symbols to address dis-ease.

Of course the color and ray of this every is violet, the Reiki variation of this can be very Ruby or Golden in color. I do believe that working with Zadkiel and the Angels while using this form of Reiki can be extra beneficial. Great transmutation of a variety of issues can be reached through this type of Reiki, and in my experience are usually highly spiritual. VF can lend to the most serious of diseases and afflictions. It was originally provided with symbols to use to address cancer, and other more serious human conditions we experience.

Kundalini Reiki

Kundalini Reiki

There are multiple levels of Kundalini Reiki which include: Diamond, Crystalline, DNA, Birth Trauma, Location, and Past Life Reiki. Any of which can be used with other forms of reiki also, but this is specific to the kundalini fire of the spinal fluid, column, signals, and functionality. Different forms and interpretations have created various kundalini yoga, breath, and other practices.

Essentially this reiki rekindles and aligns the vital forces within the body, and activates them to rise in a natural flow upwards. Encouraging the upwards and downwards flow of fluids; spinal, blood, water content, and air. All of which circulate the body, but can often get stuck and diminish over time our energy levels and awareness.

Trauma that goes unhealed, is stored and crystallizes in the body. These small crystal deposits can later cause pain, or manifest symptoms. This form of reiki can penetrate the levels of crystallized DNA and deposits to release them and burn them away with kundalini fire.

Egyptian Reiki

Sekhmet & Egyptian Reiki for the Soul

  • Kundalini Healing and ease in awakening as to who you truly are
  • Integration of the soul parts (7)
  • Awakening of multidimensional layers of the charkas, to manifest the Merkaba (vehicle of the soul)
  • Manifest healing of the pineal and perpetuary glands; through the higher self (sahu) of the client for clarity and inner vision
  • Tuning and toning of the sound of your soul; by using the notes and names as sounds of the universe we can remember our unique vibration as divine
Atlantean Reiki

Atlantis Reiki & Lemurian Light

Focus on healing the spirit and the soul, through integration of the physical to the spiritual bodies. Leading to soul remembrance and personal revelations.

This can be helpful to reveal your full potential, life purpose, and soul mission.

For who:

Many people have important starseed blueprints for our true potential to heal, guide, and nurture the world and ourselves.

  • Starseed activations
  • For those who feel called to past lives of Atlantis or Lemuria
  • For those who are called to receive healing related to the pyramids through out the world
Pleiadian Reiki

Pleiadian Reiki and Orion Light

  • Finding and reconnecting with your own inner spark of light and source of life force
  • Destiny of the original soul spark substance and genetic blueprint of your own spiritual design by the creator
  • Healing for Devotion and Faith; Open to Ascension and Compassion towards Others
  • Healing from galactic soul trauma or negative imprints from past lives; especially from Lyran/Orion events
  • Ignites potential organic spiritual DNA you possess; only that which is best for you and within levels of expression you can currently handle (gradual)
  • Synthesis of inner personal human, divine, and elemental powers; unlock hidden knowledge, wisdom, strength, and will from within; may unlock renewed perceptions of higher dimensions (usually results after a successful integration phase from the participation of own higher self)
  • Further union and enlightenment for the heart and mind, and the body-mind, with the soul fire being of your DNA addressed directly for healing and transformation by light and love

Pleiadian Crystal Reiki

This is an etheric crystal reiki session that connects with the Pleiadian healing energies, combines with Reiki, and the frequencies of the crystals in this unique healing session.

Sessions are usually 30 minutes, two days in a row.

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Celestine Reiki

This is a 15 minute Celestine Reiki Healing that is done instantly upon receiving the request. It can be received upon request the following day at any time by simply commanding the healing energies to take place when you are ready. (You should lay down comfortably and state that you are “ready to receive the Celestine Reiki Healing now”, and relax for about 15 minutes.)

The intention of this Reiki session is simply to:

  • Remove “stale” and unused material/matter from the aura and spiritual bodies to aid the energetic physical and mental systems
  • Cutaway negative attachments and then wash away impurities
  • Fill the aura container with renewed and restored energy; love, light, and harmony

You can definitely aid this session (or perform it yourself with practice and guidance/instruction) to think of yourself getting a “shower of light and love to wash away all spiritual dirt that can accumulate over time through emotional and mental attachment through resonance”.

Cosmic Rays

I have significant study of religions, including Theosophy, and the Kabbalah (see education). I also have a high interest in Galactic Starseed theories and the Law of One material. These interests have greatly expanded my awareness through Quantum practices, Akashic record readings, and consistent use of the Reiki types listed above since 2019. I have attuned to each ray via Rainbow Reiki and Angelic Healing (over 1000 study hours). As well as continued expansion through Love Inspiration’s: Unified Pathway (40+ months).

You can learn more about the primary 7 Rays here. These are different from chakras and each have unique associations and spiritual functions as active forces of the divine cosmic life force, which extends past this galaxy. Working with these energies comes from expansion through spiritual initiation, and/or attunements such as those provided as part of Reiki training.

Blue Ray

Divine Will, Creation


Yellow Golden Ray

Divine Truth, Illumination of Pure Light

Pink Ray

Divine Love, Compassion

White Ray

Divinity, Devotion

Emerald Ray

Divine Intelligence, Abundance

Purple Ruby Ray

Divine Law, Harmony

Violet Ray

Sovereignty, Transmutation,

“I AM”

Golden Ray

Angelic Golden Healing Ray