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Reiki is an ancient traditional practice of using the existing universal life force energy to effect changes within the body. We live in a universal reality, in which everything is energy. We can attune to this energy, in and around us, and directly use it to manifest healing in the body, mind, emotions, and soul through the spirit.

Within a traditional session of Reiki Therapy, as described by Japanese Master Usui and Madam Takata, I use initiated techniques to begin at the top of the body and work my way down. Directly channeling energy through my hands, and then gently placing them on or near your body.

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It has been scientifically documented that Reiki Masters do actually conduct more energy into their hands which can be measured. They have demonstrated as well that Reiki is an effective adaptive, alternative, or cooperative treatment. It has been determined to demonstrate no harm and is a gentle form of loving caregiving that has ancestral, inherited, and one of the most natural methods of treatment that there is. Medical miracles by highly practiced monks have used group healing to effectively remove tumors and disease but are not well documented or studied enough to explain or reproduce without the willingness of the body to heal itself with the additional energy provided by those practitioners. At times it is necessary for the spirit to heal in another area before the physical disease can be addressed, and therefore science has not cracked the case wide open about the effects of Reiki over prolonged self-use or group healing. Medical centers across the world openly welcome Reiki Practitioners to offer treatments to patients in hospitals.

Available Sessions include:

  • In person, locals of Snohomish County Washington state – I come to your home upon agreement and within certain mileage
  • Remote, Distant Healing Sessions are available to anyone with the countries that are allowed/able to view this website page.

I have been studying Astrology for more than 15 years now, and have realized the need for such consultation by popular demand from those close to me.

  • Natal 3D Chart Interpretation offers a written document and a recorded video explanation of your chart from a universal perspective. Which means that it includes a variety of interpretations known to modern astrology researchers, such as tropical and sidereal considerations as well as numerical considerations.
  • Universal Astrology Consultation offers a 1:1 meeting in which you can delve deeper into your own chart, ask questions about dates and events for guidance, or get counsil on concerns within your chart in more detail than a general ‘natal chart’ can provide. This is done by a live streamed conference in which we use charts and online tools in real time together during our conference. Free tools and resources are provided at no extra cost. The fee is simply a ‘per hour’ as an “astrologic” researcher.
Divination Readings

I have specialized in Divination Methods for many nearly a decade and can adequately “read” or interpret using the following methods:

  • Natal Astrology
  • Galactic Soul Astrology
  • Akashic Records Reading & Past Lives
  • Numerology
  • Angelology
  • Tarot
  • Oracle Cards
  • Pendulum Readings
  • Earth Dowsing
  • Auric Field Scanning
  • Energy/Muscle Testing
Emotional Freedom Technique

This is technique has became popular by the term “tapping”. This is a method of creating an affirmation that addresses a particular issue, and then follows a tapping progression. Each tap connects through direct, positive communication signals while synchronizing your energy systems to effect positive changes. This can effectively reprogram limiting beliefs and issues and can be learned by anyone – including children.

This is possible because of the subconscious minds Law of Emotional Dominance. Additional considerations are made to design a custom Statement that is used in a Mantra/Affirmation to install a new habit, program, or belief. 

This is most effective for Emotions and Thoughts that are limiting to your day to day life. By conscious effort, and commitment to using EFT whenever the issue arises in your life. 

Relief is realized when the issue not longer creeps up, and the new program locks into place with the commitment the formation of a new habit. 

The process takes about 3 repetitions before you can memorize it fully. It’s not complicated and it’s peaceful. 

Each round takes about 1-2 minutes to utilize when you are practiced at it, and have memorized the points to tap. 

After one EFT Session, my goal is to provide you a written script that you can reuse in your own practice for different issues. And a full understanding of the Tapping/EFT process and it’s usefulness. I’ll also give you a list of resources, including books and courses so that you can follow up on further learning if you end up falling in love with it.

Cosmic Healing

There are many sources of esoteric spiritual theories that extend to ancient times that validate spiritual progression. I believe, among many others, that the spiritual human has a strong effect on the physical human. And therefore, if we are to find a serious illness in the body, we can assume there is a disease or imbalance also within the spiritual being.

The following methods of possible healing are considered spiritual:

  • Angelic Healing
  • Dragon Healing
  • Kundalini Healing
  • Past Life Record Clearing through the lesson halls and knowledge of the Akashic Records
  • Esoteric Clearing and/or the Forensic Energy Healing System Protocols (FHS)
Crystal Healing

Crystal Therapy is a metaphysical type of healing that may cause subtle affects to the body, mind, and spirit of a person. By correctly placing crystals on the body, or with the help or Reiki etheric crystals used with the spiritual body. A wide range of uncomfortable energy can be shifted, moved, or released with the help of crystals.

Etheric Crystals, Chi Balls, and Reiki are all energetic methods of sending energy remotely via the use of the planetary energy grid and your own will, thoughts, and field of energy.