Self Care Healing Tips for Calming Relief from Stress & Anxiety

Emotional Stress is the downfall to most of our bad habits and it results in us being very out of balance! Bringing our yin and yang, masculine and feminine, creativity and reason, into harmony is important to our overall health. I have some crystals and oils that can help dramatically in your everyday life. As well as some energetic tips and tricks for managing your energy systems throughout your body. 

You can’t have power without both negative and positive charges to energize that power. The best way to find inner balance is to find your Center and begin to align your energy physically and mentally.



Self Care Healing Options for Calming the Stresses of Life

Stree-Free Bracelet $49 from Energy Muse
Breathe • Surrender • Let Go | The Stress Free Bracelet was designed to help soothe your overactive mind and facilitate the release of stress and anxiety. Blue Lace Agate and Quartz Crystal are two of the most powerful crystals for anxiety and stress relief. Wear the Stress Free Bracelet when you feel overwhelmed, anxious, or stressed out. Let its energy soothe your soul and relax your body so you can release any stress you are holding onto. Whatever the cause of your stress may be.

Calm Emotions and encourage emotional healing with Ammonite or Agate. Ammonite is great for manifesting love, personal truth, and peace. Agate has a huge range of confidence-boosting effects for emotional healing. It can ease the effects of bitterness, or life being too bittersweet with lowering feelings of resentment or attachment.

Blue Calcite is also a good option for calming down, relaxation, and settling your nerves. Bringing tranquility and peace, inner clarity and intuition. It can also enhance memory and communication which can be great for a chaotic environment where you must stay centered on your tasks, job, or responsibility in a stressful place. Sitting with some Calcite on your break should bring some much needed inner peace and soothing focus with intention.


Essential Oils That Can Help Relieve Stress & Anxiety

There is a good number of Essential Oils that help with Stress & Anxiety so I’ll list several here so that you can easily recognize which oils you may or may not already have you can use!

  • Eucalyptus Radiata or Eucalyptus Essential Oil (common) best when used for Physical Stress
  • Clarity (from Young Living) best when used for Emotional Stress
  • Harmony (from Young Living) best used for Mental Stress
  • Stress Away (from Young Living)
  • Grapefruit Essential Oil (common)
  • Xiang Mao (from Young Living)
  • Joy (from Young Living) best used for Anxiety relief
  • Envision (from Young Living) best used for feeling Overwhelmed
  • Use a Sage Smudge Stick or Palo Santo to cleanse and clear your environment and transmute negative to positive energy around you

If your new to using essential oils then take a look at this Amrita Aromatherapy page for their essential oils for stress and anxiety. They have some great recommendations and suggestions for you as well!

Physical stress and pain can cause us a lot of disharmony in our emotional and mental wellbeing! If you struggle with aches and pains, (and it’s legal for you to use) I would highly recommend medical hemp products such as Pure Hemp Relief Cream from a trusted source such as PureRelief. I personally have used hemp cream for soothing shoulder, neck, and backaches as well as muscle cramps. There is a lot of medical benefits that science is finally revealing worldwide and it’s about time. I personally have used marijuana for anxiety for about ten years now. I don’t know who I would be if I had led a life of pharmaceutical drugs for anxiety or add – but I’m really happy with who I am today because of responsible cannabis uses during my most troublesome years of life.

Doing yoga is always a super beneficial practice for finding balance, alignment, and of course calming the stress of life in the body, mind, and soul. Here’s a class from YogaDownloads for less than $10 that is for Stress Relief called “Stress Less, Shine More”!


Bringing Balance to Your Bodie’s Energies Consciously & Easily!

Twist your arms and hands together and interlock your fingers. Bring your arm-pretzel into our chest and heart area. This weaves all of your energetic systems together and lets them cross over to each other, communicating the energies throughout. From the left and right sides of your body, as well as the lower and higher energies. You may feel tingling sensations as your body energy systems weave together!

Sometimes we might see our children twist their hands up to their chest in this way while trying to listen or focus. You can re-learn a lot from your children’s instincts!

Crossing our legs is also an attempt to control our energy unconsciously, to shift from thinking logically or creatively. We tend to overwork one side or the other, also affecting our chemistry to either be lacking dopamine or serotonin, depending on if we are warm or cold brained.

If you notice (like I did at the beginning of my healing journey) that one side of your body is dominating the other, making a conscious decision to ‘switch sides’ can help a lot! Do you always cross your right over your left leg? Switch when you notice this dominance and simply cross your leftover your right to re-balance.


Try This Excersize before Meditating! 

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BALANCE PROTECTION CALMING STRESS RELIEF BRACELET | An incredible combination for eliminating anxiety and fear, protecting you from negative people and soul-sucking energies. Howlite and Onyx give you major protection from negative energy while calming your mind. | From RockYourWorth

Sit and be still. Finding your physical state of balance to gravity by being aware of your body at that moment. Find the perfect state of feeling centered from top to bottom. This steadies and slows your energy systems and brings them into your conscious control. 

If you cannot come to this perfect stillness then try rocking back and forth, forward and backward for a moment until you find that center in this way. Then, gently rock side to side until you find that center of self here. Gently bring yourself into center and stillness, relaxing when you find this perfectly centered spot. 

This is a great way to start any meditation. This process naturally calms your mind, giving it something calming but focused to do. Breathing and centering are primary keys to successful meditations of inner peace.



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