12 Steps I Took to Self Diagnosis for Improved Personal Health & Well Being

I am here to share with you the 12 steps I took to self diagnose my overall personal health. I have deeply reflected on my past, present, and future to enhance my health and wellness. It has been so difficult to face my physical pain, emotional and mental chaos, and relationship faults and failures. I know within that I can heal myself, that I have the power to let go and forgive myself for things that I have done (in the past). So that I can learn from it, and MOVE ON to my true purpose in a life of love and happiness and well, prosperity! Loving life with integrity and purpose, choosing a path of unconditional love and respect for myself and every fellow human out there. And it starts with me. It starts with you, first, my dear reader. I hope you find these 12 steps helpful if you are truly looking to change your life and help heal yourself!

See, as much as I’m doing all this change to my environment (such as my ongoing “Honey, I’m Tidying” posts). It’s for myself, my daughter, and my husband. We are the ones who are affected by the same immediate environment. My family, they are also the ones that are emotional targets when I am upset, unhappy and unstable in some ways. In my mind, body, and soul.

If fact, to be honest, Bowden has been the one telling me that I’m unhappy! I’ve been all, “No, really baby I’m fine.” Insisting that I’m not, to be honest, was downright frustrating! Until…. I realized I wasn’t.

Do I have multiple personalities? Am I depressed, what? Wait, why am I forgetting everything? My sex drive is wacky. Like, what. 

So I finally was able to look within and did a full Self Diagnosis. Straight up, wrote up my symptoms, did online tests, ruled things out and looked things up. Hardcore, dug deep!

Disclaimer I am not a professional, student, or teacher. This is simply my own experience and attempts to heal myself of physical, emotional and mental pain by genuine self care, awareness, and love. I am a self-taught passionate person with life experience to offer and open to discuss openly with others.

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12 Steps to Self Diagnosis for Personal Health & Wellbeing

  1.  Become aware and having a true Realization that there is a problem (and a willingness to accept it, and heal!)
  2. Being aware of the pain in the body and in the mind (and a willingness to accept it, and heal!)
  3. Tests of the Body, Mind, and Soul in search of clues or answers to what could be the root cause of the pain
  4. General diagnosis, a true admittance of symptoms, pains, and emotions
  5. Due process of elimination and communicating with your partner, people you live with, or friends you spend a lot of time with to express the feelings and emotions of this difficult process within (also, they will notice your shifts in consciousness and be curious)
  6. Search for answers and start trying new things to begin the healing process  (and a willingness to accept it, and heal!)
  7. Create a full self diagnosis and implement a new routine, a set of guidelines to follow, as well as a way to consciously track your progress
  8. New changes in habits begin to make an impact, thoughts begin to rise and fall and intuition begins to bring forth the underlying issues in your health
  9. Full awareness of the body and the area of pain, visualizing it clearly and consciously seeing the physical healing happen within yourself, enjoying the little bits of ease that come with continued effort
  10. Address environmental factors and create a place that allows full recovery, including family or friends that may be toxic to your wellbeing, as well as the stresses of everyday life – Simplify life and de-stress
  11. Continued awareness and acceptance through meditation and deep thought – ultimately reaching a place of forgiveness, and then release of trapped emotions
  12. True devotion to yourself and your health, a positive and friendly relationship within, and a belief in the power of your ability to heal completely 
  13. THE willingness to accept it, release it and heal!

Note: I am not a professional, these are simply the steps that I chose to take based on my previous experience of being a self-taught student in several of these areas mentioned and a controlled state of mind and a generally healthy sense of wellbeing in general. If you are dealing with a strong addition, debilitating mental or physical condition, or a worsening disease:

 I would encourage you to seek out professional help in the following areas: Naturalpathic Healer, Energy Healing, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, and Spiritual Awakening. Some other forms of help could be found in Meditation, Yoga, Massage, and Nutritionist.

Additionally, I strongly warn you: DO NOT to just visit your General Hospital as the ONLY source of answers. DO NOT take their diagnosis seriously until you have several opinions about your “diagnosis” from others. I do believe that the above “Self Diagnosis” is extremely HELPFUL to ANYONE with a more serious condition of pain or disease. Coupled with professional help, I strongly believe there is a cure for anything, including cancer. 

Revealing My Self-Diagnosed Test Results

Balance Your Brain, Balance Your Life – 28 Days to Feeling Better Than You Ever Have (2003) by Dr. Jay Lombard, Dr. Christian Renna, Armin A. Brott

  • I have extremely low, or poor dopamine production, and indeed have a cup more than half empty. Which causes my serotonin levels to be overcompensating and sending me into overdrive. Which causes me stress, never getting enough dopamine.

In other words, I’m running too cold. And I need to warm my soul, and my heart to be happy. And create that warmth within, and even to stay at a comfortable, warm temperature. Sun is best of course, vitamins D and all. Which I’m also very low on, and plan to supplement soon.

Regular Chiropractic Appointments and Full Spinal Analysis

  • My posture is a serious issue. I have been visiting my Chiropractor often now, and we reviewed x-rays which confirmed my assumptions and pain awareness but added greatly to my mind’s picture of the state of my spine so that I can more clearly visualize my spine healing and being in alignment
  • In the middle of my spine, I have a visual curve and lean to the right (I am bending with my right shoulder, down and towards my left knee, mostly because of poor sitting positions at a desk and probably co-sleeping with the baby, gravitating to sleep on my left side which was “safer” during pregnancy and remained a default position throughout cosleeping)
  • Of highest concern is the very top of my spine and neck, which is supposed to have a strong curve. Mine, has not only straightened but is beginning to actually curve the opposite way and is the biggest concern for my Chiropractic Doctor because this is the first signs of bone degeneration (not good at all to say the least and could cause me a lot of pain in the coming years)

I have everything good to say about my Chiropractor, who I visit semi-regularly throughout my adult life mostly due to back pain (mostly from sitting in front of a desktop computer so much for work and play). I also had regular visits during pregnancy and after birth. My daughter was also adjusted several times in her first few months of life and now, after every growth spurt. Spinal health is extremely important to everyone and I truly believe in the healing that can occur with spinal re-alignment.

Additionally, they have given me a free copy of my x-rays and are currently putting together a collection of exercises, custom to my spinal re-alignment as part of a treatment plan

Chakra Test Online

Found here: https://www.eclecticenergies.com/chakras/chakratest

  • I did a Chakra test and with my lack of self-care, there is also a lack of love from within. And I know I’m not spiritually awake and haven’t been for a while. It revealed that 3 of 7 Chakras are indeed closed. Both my third eye and crown, as well as my root Chakra are closed or extremely low in activity. To my content, all of my centering Chakras are active and open, none overtaking the rest but all averaging about 50 of 100.

What that means is that I’m disconnected from my life force energy traveling through me completely. I imagine my physical misalignment does not help this. And the fact that I’ve been so out of tune with myself is honestly, something I have neglected long enough that it’s not surprising that these areas are struggling.

I could tell within when I was doing the test that this was going to be the case. After all, it’s just a questionnaire online test here. (One that I’ve taken probably more than 20 times throughout my life now, and feel is accurate for me.)

Emotional Awareness of Remaining Feelings & Desires to Grow

Throughout this process, I have been very much aware that there were feelings and emotions that were extremely troubling. In an attempt to clear my mind of things that do not bring me joy, many memories surfaced. Through the process of forgiveness and acceptance, many of these negative feelings were easily expressed and released with thought and meditation or communicating to those I hurt verbally. Some, stronger emotions and memories, were extremely painful and I began to be extremely aware of how badly I felt.

  • Feelings of guilt and betrayal remain from a period of time in my life when I was lying, cheating, and sometimes even stealing from friends. I lost nearly everyone I called a best friend. In the end, Bowden remained with me through this but I have spent the last 5 years proving to myself and to him, that I can be trusted. Now that I have become a trustworthy person with genuine intentions and solid conviction. It is time for true forgiveness, acceptance for what has happened and what I’ve done. And a resolve or release of the negative feelings I have that make me feel so badly. And hopefully, through communication and effort, we can come to a place of peace with our past.

What have I done with all this information about myself?

I am beginning to create a self-diagnosed treatment plan for myself. I have been trying and doing many things to address my mind, body, and soul to get to the root of the issues and make a positive change in my day to day life that allows healing and enjoyment of life! Don’t worry, I’ll keep you informed!

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