A Self Care Lesson In Time Travel

Dear Hugin & Munin,

I believe anyone can go back in time and review what has been done, or even fix it. Recently I have done some research on energetic cords between us all. What is it about us that wants so badly to connect? And what’s worse, what about us aches so badly that we must cut out these connections? What acts are so terrible to cause such a divide when such a beautiful connection between each other,  can be mended!

When I speak of time travel, I mean your own timeline of your life as it cascades behind you. When you think about a person, place or thing in a moment/memory of your past: You cause a ripple effect within your timeline of memory. If you are receptive to these ripples, you can access the memories of your timeline. When you interact, watch, or play these memories individually you can feel the way you feel within that memory. This allows you to transcend that into your current reality. When you imprint new thoughts and intentions (or the lesson you have learned from this memory in particular), then you send an energetic message to that memory in response. As this interaction takes place, you are immediately affected because of any changes in that timeline you made.

This can be done negatively of course, because this is proof in itself that the truth is what you make it. That by lying to yourself, you lie to the memory. Which in turn lies to you, and causes you to only delve deeper and farther away from the original memory. Which degrades it, and makes it clouded in thoughts and emotions from feeling this so many times. These kinds of repeatedly watched interactions within can cause traumatic energy to become bond up. And this is where posts like these come in, to explain what happens then. It’s no good guys. Trapping negative emotions is not what is “supposed” to happen.

Or is it?

At some point we feel this entangled mess of thought and memory, attached to this moment, person or place. We begin to feel such frustration, OR boredom, with it that we finally ache to understand WHY? So if we carefully unmask ourselves. Open our heart. And clear our mind. Letting the memory create that ripple effect. And observe the memory and ripples as it unfolds naturally, carefully, feeling and seeing each bit of this experience without judgment. Now. We can come to an understanding of it.

If it can not be fully understood, then there is simply more to learn still. (This happens a lot with people. You’ll hang on to someone only long enough to learn the lesson. Then, it is usually easy to cut ties/cord with anyone, especially strangers. So we’re good there.)

Goal Setting inside the bundle

How do you go back in time?

You simply visit your timeline in your mind. Allowing yourself to embrace what has happened to you in an effort to realize why it has happened. Everything has happened for a very specific reason and it’s not just because you were meant to have pain or get traumatized. It was because you needed to realize the opposing strength that it gave to you when you survived it. At some point, we all have to gain our power back and wake up to who we are because of what we have been through.

If there is something that deeply troubles you, then go back to that memory and change it. Lie to it enough, and your memory will change dramatically, for both the good and the bad. The thing is, lying to it reveals how you really feel as opposed to the lie you tell to the memory. In many cases for me, this actually helped me to remember the entirety of the memory because the fear of memory is revealed with the help of the lie. So in short, once you realize the fear of the outcome (of the trauma that occurred in your past). Then you can realize that it did or didn’t happen. This allows you to take your power back, and overcome the lie with the truth. The manifestation of the outcome will change forever.

Acceptance and thankfulness that you have fully learned this lesson, is gaining your power back. And once you have that, the lesson is final and complete. If you need to cut cords with people in this traumatic event, you should do so after you have learned from the experience.

This memory is now tied up to this lesson that you learned, the prize of this memory is now imprinted. When it ripples in your timeline, it now activates new memories that reveal other new interesting things to discover about your life.

This can even be done in such a way as Kate describes in her post “Improvement & Impatience: 3 years, 2 art works, 1 Kate”. In that she is an artist, she recently compared her old art to her new art and found great accomplishment in her improvements. I too have been looking back on my writing from when I was 12 years old, and this has greatly influenced the writing of this very post you are reading… Reflecting is part of the lesson of the self.

Child Self Compassion

A very powerful way to change your timeline is to comfort yourself as a child, during traumatic events. Think of yourself, when you felt alone and go curl up as your adult self. And explain exactly why this is happening and what you learn from it. This will instill that child in you, to have strength and power to survive and endure. You will find that these traumatic memories are much easier to tolerate after visiting your self in this way. Simply because you gave yourself the power as a child, to better tolerate, process, and learn from this as you experienced it. Changing your timeline in this way will forever imprint the lesson further into your timeline. Helping you to process, learn and endure other events that you might have experienced in a similar way.

With the inspiration of the birds by day, and their messages during nigh’. I have a strong desire to connect with both thought and memory, with the help of Odin’s Ravens. These posts are letters, turned into everyday lessons and messages of gratitude. This is just one of the many posts I write to enlighten those who seek to love life and it’s many, memories, and lessons.