The Sacred Sacral Chakra of Your Creations

How the Vitality and Health of your Sacral Chakra affects your ability to create your life.

I am surrounded by Life and it’s creations everywhere and I notice very clearly the Beauty that is around me. (That Is… If I’m paying attention to my moments in time!) There is constantly New Life and the everlasting breath of all living beings. In this way, you can notice that you also are very much Alive. Breathing, heart pumping, skin touching. As much as we take in all that is Alive, we are also proactively giving back to life. Giving away our energy, thoughts, love, experience, information, to create new life experiences.

Today we’re going to touch into the transformational energy of the Sacral Chakra and its related systems, elements, lessons, and emotions. They all have to do with the merging of duality, transformation, death, and rebirth, for the sake of new creations. Ultimately this affects how our thoughts contribute to what materializes into our reality over time.

How does our mindfulness and emotions play a part in what we create in our own life, through body, mind, and soul? For what purpose?

Please keep in mind while reading this post, that what blocks this chakra is fear. In particular the fear of death, and you should completely understand why by the end of this post. I write with the intention of self-love, community life, and the Highest Good. (I am not a witch, occult, mystic or encouraging any ideas, belief, or changes in life. I only aim to provide you evidence that you need to Heal Your Own Body Mind and Emotions.

Describing the Expansive Creation Lab of the Sacral Chakra

Let’s start with an understanding from a few sources as to what the Sacral Chakra is, and is not. First of all, I don’t believe it is the ‘sex’ chakra at all. Instead, I prefer to think of the Sacral Chakra as the Creative Womb. It is associated with our intestines and ovaries but the rest is more to do with what we create, manifest, digest, and “stew and stress” about until we make decisions, express, or create from this Sacral energy center.

The sacred name of the Sacral Chakra is Svidhishthana which means “where your being is created”.

“It holds a world of joy, freedom, and laughter, removed from the traumas and pain of life. It is a protected domain, where the creative force can flourish. Within the second chakra, babies grow, imaginative projects germinate, and the boundless creativity of the universe pours into each of us.

The second chakra extends from the top of the pelvic bone up the navel. It encompasses the small and large intestines – organs that take from food the nourishment that can create new cells and eliminate what cannot be used. This chakra also encompasses the organs involved in creating a baby – the womb, ovaries, and fallopian tubes. The womb is the second chakra’s emblem; sometimes oval, sometimes round., it actually looks like a womb, even in a man, and it is a safe womb, a world unto itself within which your core energies are free and unfettered.

The energy of the second chakra resembles the aura that surrounds the body… At its center is the protected place, the essential “me” that existed before the sounding – still pure, glorious, beautiful.”

– As described in Energy Medicine, by Donna Eden

If I can tell a short story about how I came to some most instinctual realizations when I started healing the Sacral chakra. I had been asking myself, openly pondering, and clearing out misconceptions I may have had about this. Suddenly one evening, I started seeing clear visions so I asked my husband to hold his thoughts and be quiet. I laid back and my mind’s eyes started diving through tunnel-like vision. I darted through and around squishy tunnels, left and right, I began to feel like I was on a roller coaster! I subconsciously held my hand to my stomach. I’m not easily woozy by nature, in fact, I kind of like the spins from alcohol. I started speaking this out loud and Bowden thought of fallopian tubes and testes. But I woke up and realized this was my intestines! Aha! Just before I came back and opened my eyes fully, I thought of the Labyrinth.

The story of the Labyrinth is rather dark and savors the mystery of going through life to the end.

A high number of Creation Stories all imply the separation of light and dark to create space for the unknown to exist. This existence of the unknown creates the mystery, the illusion, the question that sparks life into creation. In effect, the question is what provides the answer. Without separation, we would still live in a linear or point of existence where no movement, no creativity, no will, and no instinct would be enough. You must have ‘room’ within your life, your body, your mind, your emotions, to process and build your creation. Without the seed and the egg, we cannot create a new life. But without space or vessel or area for life to grow and develop, we would not be capable of the actual birth of the creation. What we’re talking about today, is the acceptance of the unknown space, journey, darkness, mystery, chaos so that we can allow our lives to create anything. Anything! Ever!

With further research into everything related to the Sacral Chakra, I have repeatedly found that this most mysterious chakra is beautiful, but is chaotic by nature. So we’ll try to take this apart and put it all back together again as best as we can.

The Sacral Chakra governs several organs in the human body, including the Stomach

The most obvious is the Large Intestines and Stomach because these organs are actually located in the Sacral area of the body. Additionally, these two meridians, as well as the Kidney Meridian and Triple Warmer Meridian also play a key role in the overall energetic functions of your Creative Drive, or Sacral Energy, as they pass through the sacral area of the body in their circuit. The Meridians and Radiant Circuits are how information transitions functionality throughout the entire body, and mind.

The function of our energy systems throughout our body in relation to emotions and thoughts, explains why when we are stressed about what our lives are like on the outside (environment), we tend to feel overwhelmed and have tummy aches (internal).

After a time, your stomach fails to fully do its job as an organ, the system fails to perform leave your other organs and systems to work harder. Your kidney, liver, intestines, and bowels begin to suffer from bad digestion because of the toxins in your stomach. You can probably assume in some cases this developing into eating habits, poor diet, lack of desire to eat, or self-confidence issues within the self.

The strange complex of duality resides within the Sacral Chakra and this can be looked at physically in the way our sexual/creation organs are located here (the ovaries or the tubes of the testes) in this area. Notice how far apart the ovaries are from each other, and how far the testes travel from the root chakra to the sacral chakra where they meet). The process of creation is always a chaotic combination of struggle, thought, idea, fact, vision, sense, will, and so much more. All of our life we are taking in new experiences, learning new things, and seeing new beauty. We crave to create what we want, and what we need, to survive and flourish. The drive to procreate, from the inside to the outside world, is instinctual and primal.

Identifying Your Own Forces of Creation

“The most concentrated or densely-vibrating energy is Jing. Of the Three Treasures (Jing, Qi, and Shen), Jing is the one associated most closely with our physical body. The home of Jing is the lower dantian, or the Kidney Organ System, and it includes the reproductive energy of the sperm and ova. Jing is considered to be the root of our creative Vitality, the physical substance out of which our life unfolds.”

The 3 Treasures

You may have noticed already that the Root Chakra, as well as this Sacral Chakra, are located lowly in the body, which is sometimes called the Lower Dantian. This is related to our creative power, survival, and the structure of the self and the body. Without life force (qi), a will to create (jing), or physical body, your life is in a spiral to transformation or death. This can be the death of your physical body… Or it could be a transformation of self with the death of your ego, your negative thoughts, poor habits, repetitive patterns. These are ultimately the causes of disease, deterioration, or failure to the organs, energy systems, related to the Root or Sacral Chakras.

The related teachings from the Tao, Buddhist, and Hindu, in regards to The 3 Treasures are primarily techniques of meditation and physical body movements that enhance and strengthen the body and mind. It makes sense to me that these physical movements and positions of hand and body align to strengthen these meridians mentioned: Stomach Meridian, Kidney Meridian, Large Intestines Meridian. (I don’t at this time recommend these spiritual practices, but I can attest to the use of yoga, mudras, mantras, and meditation in combination with energy healing.) I do find it interesting that Chinese Medicine (the original meridian and acupuncture medicine healers) seemed to have much more figured out than we have been able to link fully to psychology.

Other more ancient forms of Medicine included Alchemy and Astronomy is fundamentally the bases of ‘Big Pharma’.I would like to note before starting that Alchemy is the basis of Pharmacology. It’s the combination of our earth, cosmos, and chemistry. With our advancements in technology and medicine, what was once a practice of combining flowers and metals, now is much more complex. Our Global Society is heavily controlled by the Most Complex Modern Alchemists. (Do some people still practice spiritual alchemy? Yes, which often includes rituals, rites, and practice.) Thinking about this further leads to a startling realization that you are the Lab Rat of Modern Science and the Practice of Alchemy – every day. Not only that but Apothecaries are actually your General Drug Stores, which you visit every day. Take away the spirituality out of ‘alchemist and pagan practices’ and you are left with the reality of the science, your reality defined through time through the transformation of new creations, or drugs.

Maybe, just maybe, we can take back the control of our own lives, be our own scientists again with our access to information, resources and our own use of intelligence and intuition. To use our own understanding of our selves, our bodies, our beliefs, our environment with a little help from the ancients, basic alchemy, and maybe even the Universe via Astrology applied to Psychology and Emotional Awareness applied to Mindful Intentions.

Am I taking the power away from Pharmaceuticals or Drugs? NO! They are amazing! Saving lives, and are miraculous creations for our world! But they should not be taken without strongly considering YOUR state of mind, soul, body, and emotions from your experiences, memories, visions, and more.

It's your health. Take charge of it.

Let’s move with an open mind and heart so that you can attain some insight into how YOU can do this without all the symptoms of wrongly prescribed, temporary bandies for your life long future creations – your children, your career, your relationships, your service to your community, and the world at large within the Universes.

Understanding the Emotional Condition of Your Sacral Organs

According to multiple sources listed bellow the post, here are the emotions that are associated with, found, resonate with and are located in the Sacral Chakra Energy Center in the Lower Dantian of the Human Body.

Emotions Resonate to the Stomach: Anxiety, Despair, Disgust, Nervousness, Worry, Helplessness, Hopelessness, Failure, Lack of Control, Low Self Esteem

The Stomach is a muscular organ located on the left side of the upper abdomen. The stomach receives food from the esophagus. As food reaches the end of the esophagus, it enters the stomach through a muscular valve called the lower esophageal sphincter. The stomach secretes acid and enzymes that digest food. (Stomach info from WebMD)

Emotions Resonate to the Kidneys and Bladder: Blame, Dread, Fear, Horror, Peeved, Conflict, Creative Insecurity, Terror, Unsupported, Wishy-Washy

The Kidney’s (Kidney info from WedMD) filter waste, blood, and other body fluids that aim serve to clear waste from the system. These bean-like organs are actually above the Sacral area, but consider that the Bladder is located just below the Sacral area. We can also see that the Kidney and Bladder Meridian passes through the Sacral Chakra. This encourages the flow and process of creation in a circular motion of thought, cleaning fluids, or in this case, emotions.

Eventually, the bladder and used fluids pass through us and exist our bodies! (Which again implies the importance of the Root Chakra and Grounding ourselves to Gaia.) Which with further reading, we will relate our own bodily waste removal from the cleansing of the Kidney to the death of that waste through our Bladder – for good cause, we must remove our bodily waste!

Our energy systems work in a much similar way.

Imagine that the Soup, within the creative pot of your “sacred space” – the Sacral energy womb, – must be stirred up to create the blend of light and dark. Or, the Sweet and Salty, Savor and Spice of different ingredients (experiences), contained within the chaos and mystery of the Melting Pot to create the soup! You don’t know what your recipe will taste like, even if you’ve made it before until you taste it with your Tonge! As we read on, keep in mind that your Creation is devalued if you are unable to Taste the Pleasures of your Effort.

In a similar sense that it is a blending of our thoughts and feelings that stirs us up inside and makes us react based on our wants and needs. Over time we hope to achieve a sense of purpose – enough of a sense (a taste) to think about what we are creating and what kind of reaction we will have. In meditation, we are encouraged to ‘combine our thoughts and feelings’ in the naval or sacral chakra within more Tantric and Buddhist Meditation techniques.

The Creative Solution to Your Stomach Aches and Intestinal Troubles

In short, you need to slow the woe to your own self-destruction of your inner world creations.

We all once were children who knew how to build block towers just for the Thrill of watching it Fall! Realize that sometimes this is the very thrill of our own creations. The transition into failure can be hard to deal with if destruction wasn’t your intention. If your brother was the one to knock down the tower you built, it doesn’t feel like Thrill, it feels like Shock. We have to realize too then, that the positive Thrill and the negative Shock are affectively similar experiences to the body as they both instigate different sides of the Creation that comes from Transformation!

One side of Creation is
building, growing and developing something into matter.
The other side of Creation is
the destruction of the old, making room for something better to begin to blossom instead.

The value of realizing (and feeling) the negative emotions associated with these particular organs and energies, indicate the causes of the symptoms you have physically.

You manifest your emotional thoughts into matter: as a result, your physical body and the environment around you are the effects of that matter coming into form.

To address any of the emotional or physical conditions you have, we can now claim understanding of them and their locations in your body, mind, and environment.

If we are dealing with an issue of self-worth or being unconfident, nervous or anxious then we can rightly assume it is centered in your Sacral Chakra Center and it’s related systems. Considering the nature of these related emotional reactions, we know that this is most likely affecting your Stomach sources at the bottom of this post).

Simply by accepting that reality you can help yourself by addressing and correcting your diet, your fluid intake, and balance your nutrients for the benefit of your stomach immediately. Where a little effort goes a long way, is realizing that calming this organ physically will help your body rebalance it’s Stomach Meridian and all related energy systems and sustain the organs being affected the most by your emotional thoughts about your life. Note that most ‘tummy issues’ are unresolved decisions, results of prolonged procrastination, ignoring your own needs for space, and feelings of guilt from unfinished creations, projects, or financial delays, debts, or unset appointments or assignments from school. These all are examples of halting the progress of creation in your life. Consider your tummy aches first as a sign to get some time to yourself, a long bath, or extra sleep. (If your a mom, put down the coffee and call the sitter in.)
The next step is to take time alone to think, meditate. or use your active imagination To intentionally combine these emotions and thoughts by allowing them to join with your own knowledge and understanding of yourself. Think and feel what you really want as a result of your effort. Address yourself with love and concern for your life by accepting the factors of your environment that are making you feel nervous and unworthy. Is it a relationship? A past event? A personality conflict or moral that you are avoiding? Does your job suppress you or demote your educational experience?

When you can identify the Real Reason you Feel the way you do, then your Thoughts can begin to come up with solutions to ease your anxiety over the feeling of being unworthy. If it’s a relationship, career change, or an event then you can take the steps you need to heal yourself. Once you know you can understand, and once you understand then you can act.

Once you have made the changes within yourself, your life, your environment – then you can truly feel the difference of what it means to have your Confidence and Wits about you. Leaving behind your nervous anxiety, your stomach aches, bowel blocks, and gut pains will cease. Whatever organs and systems were running on overdrive for your Stomach issues, will also return to a more harmonious state.

This all circles right back to the beginning of this post.. which talked about the Mystery of this Sacral Chakra is a blend of opposites, duality, creation but also destruction.

The Light of Death: Death is as much about Rebirth through Transformation as it is about an Ending of Something

For every ending, there is a new beginning. Energy can never truly be created nor destroyed, in this way we are incapable of anything more than a continuous cycle of transformation by death and birth. This is true of our bodies, our thoughts, and our emotions. With a mindful effort to heal we can transform our lives into a happier life of love and vitality.

My Own Higher Sacral Voices Within Explain: Death is the greatest illusion to our minds and blocks this chakra by fear of Itself Changing. If death is feared and is yet an illusion, then when you step through the understanding of this concept then you realize you are only afraid of changing your mind about who you are, are going to become, or will create after you ‘die’. Fear of losing sight of oneself as it is for fear of forgetting what it wants to be. I have noticed from my own experiences with loss and grief, that after a time you realize you carry the memory of souls you love, their reputation, their stories, their essence within you because of your personal connection. In this way, love is always in your heart and this in itself, proves that death does not matter. Matter is the physical expression of thought brought into the outside world through combinations of expression and action. You have to bring life, form, and structure for matter to exist. Considering the concept of ‘death’ is an elusive ending, we must realize that it is impossible. — The complexity of this psychology, theology, and philosophical inquiry spawns from the Sacral area – just to further prove my point of the importance of the unknown mysteries of self, through the process of life, and the creations of the soul by spirit.

If only we are open to that which we want to create in the world without self-doubt, self-criticism and stuck energy. You and I could be living a life of hope, and dream, and all that is alive right now.

Recommended watching this video about how easy it is and what the process is, to identify and release trapped emotions from the body. Super easy!

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Final thoughts for your mind this week:

If death is an illusion, then what am I afraid of if not myself?

I beg to offer that it is connected to how you have presented yourself to others in the form of your reputation as a lasting memory. I encourage you to go about the next week of your life as if Your Life Depended On It (to overcome death).

! This is why we have all those emotions listed in the middle of this post! Go look!

The best advice I have for anyone who read this post and is very afraid of Death:

Live your next week as if you could live forever knowing you will forever have love, laughter, and community under the condition that you remain Grateful to Each Living Creature You Come In Contact With.

The value of either of these personal exercises will be the same.

A Secret to Sacred Healing of the Sacral Womb is Understanding Transmutation
Releasing the fear of failure is as valuable as releasing the need to succeed.
For you to be able to create what you want you will need to sacrifice some of what you have.
Once you have achieved everything that you want you must question everything that has not transformed into a need.
When you have only what you need left, then you should consider what you have that you don’t want and transform it…
The beauty is when you have what you truly want at no sacrifice to what you need – this is but one purpose of your soul’s creation.

We can further extend our discussion on Matter through Science, the Elements and Alchemy, as well as more Spiritual Guidance, Stories, and our own bodies in the next post: COMING LATER THIS WEEK

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Sacred Sacral Chakra of Your Creations

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