The Energetic Rhythms of the Body-Mind

When I first read Energy Medicine by Donna Eden I didn’t take the 5 energy Rhythms seriously enough my first read-through. It wasn’t until this month, as the seasons here in Washington are so dramatically different, that I started to notice the energetic effects of the Seasons. It’s the Autumn season that always hit’s the hardest for me, and brings about the most dramatic changes to a soon-to-end year, the solstice cycle.

“Your body, your movements, and your disposition were formed within the energy of one of the seasons of nature, and they are imbued with a rhythm that blends that season’s rhthm with the rhythms of the seasons preceding and following it. Beyond the rhythm that is embedded in your character, you move through all five rhthms many times during the cycles that comprimise a lifetime. Both your core rythm and the rhythm through which you are passing at any given moment profoundly influence the way you respond to the world.”

– Energy Medicine – Donna Eden

The 5 Rhythms of the Season

RhythmElementYang MeridianYin Meridian
Solstice/EquinoxEarthStomach Spleen
AutumnMetalLarge Intestine Lung
WinterWaterBladder Kidney
SpringWoodGallbladder Liver
SummerFireSmall Intestine,
Triple Warmer
Sex or Circulation
Five Elements Seasons Wheel

Within each “Season” of the year, there is also the Zodiac cycle. These are smaller rhythms within the larger season of Mother Earth. We can assume that we are influenced in a moment-to-moment basis because of the rhythms that we go through each day as well, as each Meridian has a Rhythm that it follows as well!

  • 7-9 AM the Stomach Meridian | Yang Earth
  • 9-11 AM the Spleen Meridian | Yin Earth
  • 11-1 PM Heart Meridian | Yin Fire
  • 1-3 PM Small Intestine Meridian | Yang Fire
  • 3-5 PM Bladder Meridian | Yang Water
  • 5-7 PM Kidney Meridian | Yin Water
  • 7-9 PM Sex/Circulation/Protector Meridian | Yin Fire
  • 9-11 PM Triple Warmer Meridian | Yang Fire
  • 11-1 AM Gallbladder Meridian | Yang Wood
  • 1-3 AM the Liver Meridian | Yin Wood
  • 3-5 AM the Lung Meridian | Yin Metal
  • 5-7 AM the Large Intestine Meridian | Yang Metal

What’s more interesting is to also take into consideration the Time that each Meridian takes to operate throughout the day. Interestingly, they feed into one another. In this way, if one meridian is lower energy because of weakness or illness, then the meridian function that comes after will have to work extra hard to operate, and then feed into the following meridian. Throughout the day, we can feel more or less energized depending upon the energetic flow of our meridians as they function throughout the day.

I really want to take this to the next level into our mental/emotional life and make this all relevant to understanding your own rhythm. If you do, you might be able to understand why you are more or less active, influential, or derailed.

  • Summer of Fire | Panic < Excitement
  • Equinox of Earth | Dependancy < Empathy
  • Autumn of Metal | Grief < Joy
  • Winter of Water | Fear < Confidence
  • Spring, Wood | Anger < Happiness

Each meridian has a line that you can easily trace backward, and then forwards to remove and then receive energy back into them. When one energy system completes it’s “job” it begins to cycle backward so that other energies can cycle through. But if you have cycles that are not flowing, are blocked, or already drained of energy. We can see how we might be dysfunctional throughout the day.

I’m really guilty of not having a good sleep schedule. Nearly all my life I’ve been a night owl, I still am. I skip breakfast and by 11 PM after dinner, I’m ready for second-dinner. This is something I’m trying to correct because I have noticed over and over, that the Gallbladder Meridian is off an over-active and instable. Something I am now aware of and can interact with consciously when I feel the need to.

You can easily good search to find any of these meridians, and simply trace them with your hands to interact with them.

I want to list the Meridians and affirmations for each as well as the Negative Emotion that each tends to be associated with each season. You will notice in my Self Healing Database that you can access here, that these negative emotions have positive healing phrases and oils associated with them. These may have a particular organ or Alarm Point that is linked to it. Can you see how your emotions? Energy? Thoughts? Rhythms? They are all interwoven together and you manage them all within your reality physically, mentally, and emotionally. What you don’t know, you can’t help.

  1. Central Meridian | I center myself in spirit
  2. Governing Meridian | I ground myself in gratitude
  3. Stomach Meridian | I trust the mystery of life
  4. Spleen Meridian | I nourish myself with love
  5. Heart Meridian | I love myself deeply, I accept myself completely
  6. Small Intestine Meridian | I know what I want, I am decisive
  7. Bladder Meridian | I feel hopeful, vibrant, and fully alive
  8. Kidney Meridian | I step forward with courage
  9. Circulation Meridian | I take great care of my heart, soul, mind, and body
  10. Triple Warmer Meridian | I honor my inner warrior, I am safe
  11. Gallbladder Meridian | I assert myself peacefully and release easily
  12. Liver Meridian | I am kind to myself

With a little bit of scrolling back and forth, I’m sure you can put together some pieces about yourself, and your own rhythms that you have. Parts and pieces that feel out of sync, probably ARE. And are the clues you need to make adjustments. It really is as easy as knowing your feelings, listening to your body, and making the right adjustments that better your life in a positive direction.

Closing Thoughts and Tips for Working With Your Meridians

What time of day are you most or least energized? Focused? Capable?
What elements affect you the most or the least?

What time of year are you the best? The worst? How does this relate to your everyday life habits and cycles?
What emotions are you struggling with right now? Do they relate to the season or time of day you are experiencing them?
What organs are weak, ill, or causing pain? What meridian are they aligned to?
What chakras are over-compensating for weak energies?

As someone born in Winter, you are going to feel most empowered at this time of the year, but also this time of day! It’s the season before and after that might give you some trouble. And it’s the same all the way around the wheel for anyone.

This may be true of your relationships too. Note that going the “wrong way” in these cycles is dysfunctional to the whole. You may be damaging yourself or others by interacting against the forces of the natural cycle of life. Your life follows your lead, I’m just suggesting you find the right time to make the best effects in your life. Find that flow in your natural path of self-preservation and wellbeing.

Are you making negative or positive efforts to those types of people in your life?

Please feel free to comment below! I encourage you to look up the meridians and try tracing them in the order above as they syncronize well in that order. When you get good at it it takes about 2 minutes, see the video below to see it in action. Easy right?

Prune Harris walks us through how to trace our meridians. Once practiced, this takes about 2 minutes to complete.

Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is intended for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for advice, diagnosis or treatment by a licensed physician. You should seek prompt medical care for any health issues and consult your doctor before using alternative medicine or making a change to your regimen

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