The Red Dirt Road of the Root Chakra Energy Healing

When I first started my self-healing journey, I noted that my primal Root Chaka was closed, and upon finding out that this was the sexual energy powerhouse. Well, let’s just say I agreed that this energy base was weak if not inactive. To say I have made progress in this chakra now is an understatement. I not only have an active Root Chakra, but I have much more healthy energy throughout my entire body.

Today id like to share with you my own experience, reveal some of my own practice, thoughts, and resources on the Root Chakra and the Red Dirt Road of Self Healing.

(Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. Rather I prefer a “Student of Life”. In this way, some of what I say may contradict your instincts, and that’s for good reason. Please trust your own intuition and apply it to your own life. Let no one take your power of thought, not even me. With that said I’ve been reading about emotions, energy, and psychology, and astrology since I was a young girl.)

I will spare the details of my most troubling inner-worldly fantasies as a child here. This is what I’m comfortable telling today, as an opening to this post. I hope for those who may be struggling with their own mental health, that this is enlightening and revealing to the Truth.

After more than a year of being “stuck inside my world” between the age of 12-14, I was able to come out of these “mental” delusions, by choosing to live in reality. I came clean with my inner world and told my friends and family what I knew of myself, and my world. Instinctually, I used the color Red in my mind to push down this world. Out of ‘sight’ out of ‘mind’. In my own “mental defense”, every time I would think of these inner-worldly “thoughts”, or of its characters, I would think of the color Red and crush my hand into my forehead.

Over time, of my own mental power and free will, I was able to live more freely and started establishing Real relationships with others around me, just in time for High School. I lived a mostly normal teenage life. I don’t deter too much from this vibrant color of red, but I wouldn’t call it my favorite! I never got diagnosed or admitted for mental evaluation or anything, I simply choose to move on and live here in this life instead of the one in my mind. I’ll note also that I strayed far away from my Christian Roots and faith at this time completely, and kind of “detached” from reality on Reserve. (I’m an Aquarius, the Water Bearer, remember?)

Now that I’m older, and this world revealed itself again, I was not afraid but curious. And it has unfolded back into my path through my Root Chakra. I will now explain, as best as I can currently…

Introducing the Root Chakra

In Energy Medicine, the Root Chakra is described in this way:

“The root chakra sits at the base of the spine, and its energies move to the front of the body, spinning over the pelvis and the vagina in a woman, the penis and testes in a man. It exerts its influence both up the body, carrying the life force, and down the legs, providing support. This chakra is a channel for the primordial energies of the Earth…” 

I have been listening to a lot more music lately because it makes me feel great. But it can also be very triggering to me in helping to process my thoughts and emotions! The song “Love Letters to God” has been on replay in my life weekly lately, and one line stuck out in particular to me:

“Flipping through my chapter seven
I live with the snakes in the great deception
No court in this country for men
Who steal from their mother on paper with pen
And we’re tripping
Down a red dirt road
And we’re asking
Is this the way we should go?
Kissing, soft top feet of my goddess
We walk the earth, baby yeah we got this
Focus, and it’s redirected
Grateful, and I’m resurrected
Stubborn, But I know the way
You’re the skin of my drum
To your rhythm I will sway
Take my hand”

– Lyrics from the Song, “Love Letters to God” by Nahko and the Medicine for the People

I really started to wonder about that, and after some recent recovery of my old memories, including this inner world. Well, I remembered that Red was the color I used to “push down” my memories during those Traumatic days when I was young. After a little bit of research, I came across more of the native’s outlook on the wellness of being such as the White Bison!

Throughout the day I thought about this more and then suddenly – AA came to mind, along with deep thoughts about my father in law, who has been absolutely amazing with his recovery and addiction the last few years! I’ll take a moment to note that I am so, so proud of my state of Washington!

The struggle is real mammals!

The Heroin epidemic here has been extreme for many, many years. I’m so happy to say as a Witness to this disease, that there is INDEED HOPE FOR ALL.

There are people out there Serving and Providing the resources and networks for True Recovery. And it comes with forgiveness, devotion, and self-worth. Every addict I’ve witness return to health is such a profoundly capable and productive person, such large hearts they have! Those friends you see lost in the addiction of any kind, they have hearts of gold, such as a Lion!

Alcoholics Anonymous 12 Step Program

I have attended both AA and NA meetings (Narcotics Anonymous) a huge number of times, supporting various friends or family by escorting them to their meetings (by request of course). I have full faith, hope, and admiration for these individuals who take upon themselves their recovery and their own healing. Their loyalty, honesty, and empathy to each other are always moving to my heart and soul. I take great care to have respect for the struggling addict and will be there in their lowest time of need for help – a way out.

The 12 Step Program, as well as the sacred native healing lessons, reads a lot like my post that I intuitively wrote about before discovering this song and its meaning.

My own experience from here leads me directly into some of my darkest Revelations during my own Healing Journey. Now that I have followed that Red Dirt Road, I am realizing how much I have learned about myself, my past, my experiences. My health in both emotional and mental areas has dramatically improved.

Another quote from Donna’s Energy Medicine book in her Chakra Chapter, to ponder for yourself (Note: This bubbly character can see and sense the energies of others.)

“Each chakra spirals down several layers into the body. The top layer, which sometimes feels more like debris than coherent energy, seems related to recent events that have not yet been integrated. As you go deeper, the energies get clearer and more consistent, and the chakra’s distinct influence becomes more obvious. The fourth level begins to pick up incidents from earlier in the person’s life. If I move into the filed deeply enough and reach the fourth, fifth, and sixth levels, I get images and stories. When I tell the stories, the person usually responds with a surprising confirmation… “

If you apply this to thinking dimensionally since our energies are all connected with our body-mind and emotional systems as well. Then what kind of story are you living that you are currently unaware of? Asking some of the deepest questions have been the most difficult but freeing thing for my mind and soul. My energy is much cleaner and I am becoming less worried and definitely much less fearful. As I know there is more to life on the inside, that I am recreating in my life in a healthier way now.

I can attribute much of this healing to the following list, that directly increased my Root Charka Energy

* Learning and practicing ‘Grounding’ – giving and receiving energy from the Earth/Gaia via physical contact. Mostly through naked feet or hands on the Earth’s ground, deep breathes of fresh air, or touching living plants (spiritually, giving and receiving life force from Source)

* Using Binaural Beats to Balance my Bodies Charkas, throughout – by taking 15 mins a few times a week, I brought energy into each chakra and then balanced them out, allowing energy to flow all the way through me, to the bottom to the top of the chakras, bringing life into my abundant primal energy from below in the Root Chakra

* Being more conscious of my Primal Instincts, needs for survival, and passionate responses and stimulus. And then further, How I was treating my more primal, natural, and instinctual behaviors (was I giving in or suppressing these needs and why). Simply noticing where I was over-regulating myself from my needs or wants, and how more or less constrictive I needed to be on myself. As well as noticing what ‘warmed’ me in these lower energetic areas throughout the day, was insightful into what I was feeling most passionate about, and what was making me excited about life. Taking note of what makes me feel Most Alive, or mental-spiritual speaking Most High.

* Prayer, meditation, and gratitude daily and often throughout the day, and forgiveness of self and others in a nonjudgement and way of unconditional love – giving and receiving openly. I hold no ties to Islam in this life but I can appreciate their dedication, as they pray to Allah up to 5 times a day and their morals are sound in their faith. If you ask me most men on this Earth have lost their way to the understanding spirit and the females have done nothing to remind themselves of their love for Life and Source. Think about Peace, and ask for it – we shall come to love all in time because of our gratitude.

* Learning to identify negative emotional energy and memories. Taking time to process them, accept them, learn, and then let go in completion and love of the lesson and elements and people involved. Only by understanding our feelings and thoughts can we use them to move into a more way of thinking.

These are probably not what you expect when you researched the Root Chakra to find this post. I’ll leave those posts describing crystals, and herbs, and mantras, and all the more common information for you to discover on your own. There is a lot to be learned about this energy powerhouse!

Here is what I have uncovered within my OWN experiences with working with my Root Chakra Center.

I have a number of “past life” remembrances that have occurred as vivid, dreamy visions while in conscience meditation. Some are of wars, animals, planes or locations, or open universal space. Some would say these are spiritual dimensions and I would agree, in an All One, Highest of Creations, King of Kings, Pure, knows and all plans all, the Source of all Universes.

Sidenote: There’s a lot out there regarding our expanding human consciousness, too much to source here so I’d recommend someone like Aaron Doughty to help better explain some basics – he’s all about “Expand Your Consciousness” and does new Youtube videos daily.

These visions greatly helped me to understand those memories I had tried so hard to forget with the color red (a reference to the intro to this post). Through a bit of a DKOTS experience recently, I was able to make out some incredibly difficult, but important lessons about unconditional love from loss, and the story of Lilith’s horror to many includes myself.

How do I know what they were, you ask?

Trust me when I say I’ve never been more positive about this. I am but a vessel of the divine at all times, and it is in due time that we all collect our deeds into a remembrance of what your teachers have said, and there are many.

As well as the fact that things have been repeatedly noticed by close friends, as well as mapped in my Astrology since birth, at least. Take it a step further and this matches for me in Palmistry as well. Add all the odd pieces to come to the same conclusion? It’s no longer coincidence anymore. Just one of these mystical explanations wouldn’t cause for personal proof, but after some extreme evaluation of the road I’ve traveled so far, and I’m now more aware of where I’m going. (I’ve always been pretty terrible at navigation, maybe this will soon change for the better!) The Truth isn’t in just one location, it’s simply revealed to you in due time.

Would you question your dreams if you had them consciously, while you are Awake? While you are Alive? Would you question your death if you knew what life you’d step into (or dare i say start over?).

No, I don’t think you’d question your own soul if you saw what brilliance you are at the core of your crystalline being. In this way, I pray that you remember yourself as a child, at One Before All Other “Things”, or Matters.

What did you think before you were taught to think?

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There is something to be said too, about all of the world’s knowledge and teachings being collectively utilized in their appropriate regard to spiritual guidance in your personal relationship with the source.

In other words, you were given your own spiritual puzzle pieces throughout your entire life. Did you pick up those pieces or did you throw them out? I think I’ve done myself some good in holding on to the right pieces of my puzzle, as I slowly build my very own Big Picture. There’s something to say about discernment because I bet there is a lot of pieces that DONT fit too. When it comes to healing, this lesson is important in the long run. What do you want to keep and why? Your Big Picture Puzzle is Perfect.

Personal Alignment through Perfect Practices

Kundalini Yoga and the yogi’s lessons are something I have just recently dipped my toes into. I have enough practice with using hand mudras and a few basic yoga positions because of my interest in our Bodies Energy Fields. There are some extremely powerful energy shifts inside when Yoga is practiced in Balance and towards Perfection for Source in Service. Personally been a little caught up with the Primal Kundalini energy, that is much more related to my “Dragon” side, or dare I say, Dragon Roots! Pun intended!

Read More on Yogi Fundamentals

Since my experience that day folding laundry Perfectly, I have put forth more effort into things like yoga, studying, reading, writing, and even being more precise about my expression out loud. Aiming for perfect balance in every moment that I am fully Awake. Impossible? Only mostly.

Here is an example of my own mindful meditation, use only at your own regard in peaceful, loving energy and awareness.

In my own practice I have found that this combination works wonders for my root chakra, please only experiment with your own discernment and intuitive will. Do not invoke any Spirit Animals that DO NOT resonate with you! If your inclined to Unicorns or Lions or something, that’s cool too, use them instead!

Sitting comfortably on the floor. With the best back posture possible while remaining comfortable. Take quiet calm breaths with your hands carefully cradled together in a cupped position (Using Dhyana Mudra, click for this and 6 others), arms down and hands in the root chakra area or resting on your legs. When ready to clear energy of the root chakra, Breathe both in through your Nose and Mouth slowly, as balanced as possible. Breathe out the mouth more quickly, emptying your lungs completely – every last little bit of breath in your gut exhaled, and this will take a minute. Personally, I do this 2-3 times and feel lighter and clear of mind.

I often greet my inner Dragon (or Snake) with care and respect, as I finish these deep breaths and welcome the warm fire, the purplish flames. I welcome Metatron for healing guidance in my energy body and emotional integrations at this time. And I imagine my own body’s geometric Merkaba spinning slowly, and all my chakras more rapidly spinning – as I imagine that energy cycling from my base meridians, chakras and accu-points in wide circles and arcs around and through me. Eventually, I can feel my energies all very strong and am able to mentally shift out and away from my physical body. Then, I am much more aware of my auric field and consciousness and connectedness energetically.

Sound silly? Good, cuz it kind of is, but the jokes on you because it works for me. And I’m a lot healthier because of it. Sometimes ‘being silly’ means staying sane!

To some respect to my own intuition, I attune to the Dragon Energy for Purity and Abundance, read more about the positivity of “dragon training” in a sense as a Spirit Guide. If you relate to dragons in stories such as Eregon, How to Train Your Dragon, Game of Thrones, Skyrim, and countless others then you are probably on a similar energy frequency. This is where I admit that I think Spirit Animals carry heavy emotional lessons, that guide us through these things. In more posts, I may refer to other animals, known to help us navigate through our emotional wellness. Some will read this and be fearful because of the fantasy dragons of lies, deception, and denial. Sound familiar? Lilith’s story is also twisted as she refused to be looked down upon and desired equality of perception. In this regard, our universe in many ways is also out of balance energetically. When we are influenced by the environment’s energy and that of Gaia herself in regards to emotions by the quality of water. I think the Sea Animals such as the Fish, Turtles, Octopus, Water Reptiles, and Sea Dragons are desperate for their home. I’d like to nod to those who are doing work to heal and bring awareness to our quality of water globally. What can drinking Purified Water do for your body energetically?

More about this in more scientific terms tomorrow!

Final Lessons from walking the Red Dirt Road Through My Root Chakra

The lessons from walking down my own Red Road are vastly helpful in Remembrance and “Redemption” — in my own experience anyways…

My own inner world has many voices but recently, I’ve become rather friendly to my spirit guides within. If nothing else, my inner ghosts have become friends and in this way – I am a much more mentally healthy person as of late.

Note, psychologically we all fit into multiple, if not all Archetypes in some way. I believe that those personal Archetypes are also influenced very much by the Stars and Planets. Using Astrology you might see yourself in god’s eye and understand yourself in this way. Think of how we must use our telescope to even dare to see this darkness of night and our mind wonders at the world both the good and the bad. What do you create within your life?

To relate this to your own life, I hope you take the following into consideration if you have reason to believe that your Root Chakra is in need of awakening:

This primal source of energy is extremely important to your survival in this physical place. Without this lower vibration, it is difficult to create, love, express, and expand your mental and emotional wellbeing.

This is why I advise anyone who might read this to look within themselves and Awaken this Energy Center of Brass at the Base of your Spine.

You can most easily feel this energy rather instantly by thinking about one of the following: Your Favorite Wild Animal, The Lover That Got Away, The Passion Behind Your Last Heated Argument, A Heightened Sexual Experience, Giving Birth, An Admired Teacher/Elder. Family History, Love for your Hero, Father, or Mother, Your Children, and Loving Partner

As always, please do not take any of this advice without thoroughly considering your own well-being and have good intentions, clear thought, and lots of self-love. I recommend you kneel for prayer and forgive yourself for these emotional memories if this was a triggering post for you at all. If “prayer” isn’t your thing, then a simple loving meditation with Yourself, forgiving yourself is the key to beginning the process.

If forgiveness isn’t possible, then I imagine a good Tree Hug will help you release negative energy. Namaste!

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Root Chakra and the Red Dirt Road of Self Healing

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