A Glimpse of 2020 Astrology

Video Screencaps of Charts and Movements

This is a video of the Solar System transits through December 2019 – December 2020 to see from this perspective. I do talk in the background as I do so.

The value of this is in seeing the alignment to the Galactic Center that Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto have this year. And recognizing the motions and cycles from a Light perspective. This is extremely powerful and is further examined in the following video.

In this video, I voice over using an app, looking at the Year 2020 via Sidereal GeoCentric Charts. We track the Sun and Galactic Center as well as the North Node closely while voicing a number of comments throughout the year from a more Galactic standpoint for energy and healing hints.

This is a no-audio click through from the HelioCentric, Galactic Center Chart for 2020 slowly, and then quickly through the 2021 year. This video will be further explained in another post.

In short, this perspective is from our own Solar Sun as the Center of the chart, where traditional astrology is centered from Earth so Earth is not charted but the Sun is. The Sun is not charted when it is centered from the Helio/Sun perspective and Earth is in this chart from the HelioCentric View. Earth’s symbol can be seen as the circle with the cross within it. The zodiac used for the houses and signs is the Galactic Center Chart.

In these videos, we see how the Galactic and Solar Suns are playing Light Ping-Pong through its spheres in the system in which we live with Love and Purpose, for Growth with Consistency. Bringing the mind to matter and matter to form.

Some amazing geometric designs and numbers indicate a glimpse into what healing, life and love, we can expect to be challenged and embraced within all of us this year and the next. I will attempt to follow and interpret this influence on Sundays!

My primary goal for this daily astrology is to expand the conscious understanding of how the Bigger Life of All, that connects us to our Individual Life Experiences as a Soul, as Living Consciousness.

Through a love of science and spirit, I know how to help bridge the gap of misunderstanding into one of Knowledge and Wisdom for those who can begin to Remember their own Rights, Abilities, Voice, and Vision.

To physically heal we must realize our Mentality. That we effectively create our reality and wear the perspective we choose to experience. Once you begin to understand that, it can be extremely overwhelming and this is where chakra and meditation time can really help. Once we begin to learn and identify the energies more personally, we begin to sense them in the world. When we connect with the world energetically we are effectively living in a higher vibration of life and feel thus more capable, vital, Alive.

In this state, we strive, survive, grow, and heal through Regeneration. This all takes an intuitive understanding of our own spiritual nature through life. It is in this state that we realize our Spirit and Soul is destined for great potential and discovery of the life within our energetic vessels and emotional memory, coded in the DNA, held in blood and bones. Deep to the core, we are in various roles and programs to develop into great and greater versions and expressions of love and light.

Following the leading Scientists of our day Dr. Candace Pert, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and Dr. Gregg Braden we can Now understand the science of ourselves, our emotions, our mind, and our heart-centered life path and purpose. It is the use of Energy Medicine, Body-Mind, Emotional Intelligence, Cosmology, and Epigenetics that hold the keys to understanding our body, DNA, as well as mental and spiritual intentions within human life.

Personal Disclaimer: Additionally, I hold no motivation whatsoever to judge, change, assume, or deny any faith, religion, practice or bias. I attune to a very open-minded, far-reaching perspective on spiritual natures when it comes to the All, One-Creator-God, Spirit, Source, Force, or any other High Name we might attempt to apply. Certainly, He and She don’t seem to be quite right to me as the ultimate and are thus from the All of One, the Beginning and The End within all the Light and Dark of Every-One. I have a variety of interests in many studies and can be seen displayed openly together as common threads throughout ut this entire blog. If you must insist on a label for my devotion it would be to Theosophy. If you must insist on a single name of my ‘god’ it would be “1”, as in All, One, A Single Point, Primal Material of Sorce that is present Now. The Unnamable. As best expressed through sound, movement, numbers, shapes, symbols, writing, and the feeling senses through the wheels of energy as synchronicity, harmony, and balance to the pattern and natural laws of sustaining life and evolution.

In no way am I a doctor, or counselor. I am simply a Scribe for my own soul of Records. Believing that we are all connected somehow and that we influence each other. In the light of life, I believe we are the cause of our own effect, and that others can embrace themselves with love and truly heal in life.

How to Navigate the Year of Astrology As Alchemy

I write an astrology post nearly every day for self-healing alchemy application in your own life as a part of the collective life of consciousness. Under Daily Astrology in the main menu, you will find all the navigational links you may need.

Together we can understand each other, forgive one another, and work together to create a better life. One of communication, truth, respect, honor, loyalty, and peace.

If you are interested in Astrology then I suggest you learn the basics of planets, zodiac and angles/aspects with a general perspective and then quickly apply it to Cosmology and Astronomy. The study of the Elements and Alchemy at its basis is symbolic of primal material and the atomic structure of cellular life processes.

This post was made on December 27 2019 at 3:22 PM PST – At that time I was doing Astrology Daily in a week by week system, you can see a list of posts dated day-by-day here. This was before Universal Astrology was termed/manifested/formed here. – Note added 2/28/21

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