Otherside & In the Dark

I am not oblivious to the darker sides of life that includes dark forces, alien influeces, cosmic distortions, mass mind control, and human manipulation over the years. In some of my posts, it may be painfully obvious of my interest and research of these topics. Let it be known that I am of both the light and the dark. That it is the balance between these forces of power, that is our nature and essense of life in general.

For a long time I thought I was in the epic battle of Light and Dark, or God and Satan. For most of my years, I lived in this trap of fear and disbelief. I, like so many, walked with my eyes closed and ears soaked in lies from the media, school, and mislead humans all around.

Born of a generation of Scorpio, we have dug out by the nose, the lies and truth from every corner. The internet, math, and science being the leading edge of the new age that was to come in our life times – known and unknown, burried in time, stone, and lies. Much has been uncovered and revealed. However the conspiracty in the Age of Information has been a mess, and continues to be at the forefront of our consciiousness.

We know we are being lied to and controled. The trouble is knowing who to trust, faced with impossible decisions. As well as a fully cloaked effort to bury the technology, the solutions, and the answers that have been produced through out time.

To sum it up, our DNA, faith/devotion, evolution, and minds have been manipulated and programed by the dark forces for thousands of years. The Bible and it’s Christian roots have been manipulated, translated, and passed down with coded fear and yet the truth for those who study is clear.

I have spent many hours of many days myself, looking at the history and the symbols, the numbers and letters, meansings and references. I love linking associations together with the stars, the math, and the symbols ahve have been found all over the worlds greatest civilizations, cultures, leaders, and faiths. I will forever be amazed by the journey of humans on this Earth. I believe there is much more to human history here than our text books have been able to tell. There is still so much we DONT know or understand yet, we are not even close to solving the mystery of life.

Yet we are more capable than ever before, the time is always now.

If you ask me this is what I can tell you of my opinion, the truth I see through my eyes.

I believe the stars, galaxies, systems, and universe is all of one body, one mind, and one spirit. If I could call something a god, this might be these closests, largest, most massive understanding I can come up with. Because since the moment that this universe was created, everything was created and entangled. From that moment everything that came from everything, was once everything as one. It is this universal perspective of oneness that is Spirit.

When I speak of Spirituality, the Spirit, the Source, this essense of All, One, and Everything is what I mean. The highest, most purest, original, and most High of all. Who has lived and extended into eterneity through it’s cycles of perfection and harmony and expansion.

So then the Earth and it’s Human Children, Creatures, Planets, and Kingdom is where I am interested. If you spend any time looking at history, mystics, religion, and teachings from a perspective of them being from the One, and filtered through time and seperation and invidiualization. You can see the seed of a spiritual idea, becoming more and more through time. How it evolves, and plants new seeds and how it seems that many of the same seeds are planeted, all over the planet. Sometimes they are the same, sometimes a little later or sooner than others. However it is this One Story that I am so fasinated with.

When I get into the depth of Human Creation stories, I was met with Adam and Even, Gnostics, and Evolution. To each they have become distored and lost, misunderstood and yet never recovered. Evolution and Science have met in a place that includes Energy, DNA, and Geology in a way that we can’t explain Human Life even still, it is a mystery.

It is clear to scientists, conspiricy theoriests, and spiritual leaders that there are outside influences that have effected ‘Human Evolution’. As well as roots that seem to point to certain ancestrial root races.

It is also rather clear to me, that i f you follow the trail of money, power, and greed, you come to realize the coruption that has taken place not only in the government, but the churches, and systems all over the world. There are key places, peoples, lines, businesses, and tracks that have been exposed and will continue to be.

As the mass of our concious living creatures, ourselves, and our very Earth is influenced to raise up, work together, and rebuild our entire world. We are approaching a time of convergence.

The proof of our synchronistic connection to each other as One Human Race on Our One Planet, we can see how we work together and bring the answers, create the reality, and shape our vote through our art, music, and expressions.

If we look at the most famous movies and book series such as Star Wars, StarTrek, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter. Much of the time, these artists many not know how accurately they are describing the other worlds without the One Universe.

We do not have to “imagine” and “Channel” these stories so deliberately when we look at the stories that are being told naturally. The once that the mass collective understands within without thinking, but feeling.

The stories of Walt Disney ruled the influence of children, and adults and still do. Stories originating from classic authors and expressions. Made a new. But haven’t you noticed the effect that Waiting for Prince/Princess, Living Happily Ever After, and Love At First Sight – Are both terrible lies, and lovely truths. The trouble is, not the whole story is being told. At least not by disney…

What we are adapted to, is watching the movie and saying, “Aw”. But what we really need to do is Question Everything for Ourself, or you miss the point.

If you just read the bible, go to church, and do what you are told. You are no better off.

It isn’t until we immerse ourselves in our own lives, beliefs, opinions, and traps that we have fallen into, that we find out how wrongly we assumed the movie told the whole story as it was intended or oringially written.

This is what has happend to our faith, education, history, and human story. It has been re-written, editted, shortened, and manipulated to make us go “aw” or “ew”. In which many of us, still haven’t been interested in researching for themselves.


This in many ways has become the modern way of perceiving it:

We have been in a controled matrix of reality in which we have been programed to do and believe certain things as to inverse our understanding of ourselves to disconnected us and turn us into something – sleeping.

In a world that expands technology, and medicine, and quantum reality we are beginning to understand the nature of it’s holographic design. We interpret it by our bodies subtle systems and senses, we then digest the information with our consciousness/mind and we store the information as experiences. We produce patterns of repetition to produce what we deem as desired effects and often are disabled, or interrupted with life’s movement and changing circumstances. We all experience life’s set backs, seasons, and universal laws in a massive variety of ways, as if on a wheel of fortune in an ever changing expanse of living forces.

It is the desire to change with the nature of the universe that is aware of it-self in all things, including your own life. It is at this time in which we can begin to forget what we think we know, and allow ourselves to re-train our mental and emotional patterns to match the reality that is actually manifesting due to the projections of all living things.

When you realize you can not only heal your own body, soul and mind but that you could do so and help others by being an example, or a guide in some way. Then here we are, where we can realize our own mantality, our own misfortune is due in part to the role we play as a soul personality. And the attachements we have to idols, people, things, and beliefs that do not benefit others or ourselves and we have found motivation to change these things.

Some of this stated, may require some help. And that’s what I’m here for.