Solar Cycle, Earth Changes & Space News Watch for 2020

Nearly every day I cover Daily Astrology for Personal Alchemy. In those posts, I also include some Space and Science News such as KP-Index, Solar Flares, and Schumman Resonance updates. Along with the Moon Phases and other Galactic Calendars.

However these are the small bits of information that come out about the current day.

It is much more interesting to follow along and note the effects in your own life if you know what is happening in this line of News and Science.

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I will update this page with news from 2020, with the most recent at the top so for those returning or visiting this page will see the most recent/relevant information first. There may be videos, posts, or articles listed in order by reference date. For example, if a video is posted by a channel on Saturday about something that happened on Wednesday, the source will be placed with the Wednesday videos on this page.

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6/23/2020 — ANOTHER M7.4 Earthquake strikes Pacific – Mexico – Buildings sway cracks form in ground
Earth Watch – updates and commentary for Schumann Resonance right now, frequencies have increased significantly. As well as showing and explaining the eclipse. He also noticies and points out anomalies, in which the comments of the video often can be helpful. Review of a few CMEs recently as well, in which you can see the data yourself.
Prep for the Eclipse, this video covers that and it’s path over Egypt, India, and China
A Solar Storm Nearly Clips Parker Solar Probe | Solar Storm Forecast 06.12.2020 – 11 mins

June 8, 2020 proved to be the biggest day of solar activity from what started around June 3rd with the Sun, venus, earth alignment on the 4th. The week riots in the states ramped up. The Schuman Resonance also saw spikes of higher energy throughout last week.

Big Flares & A Solar Storm Hits During SpaceX Astronaut Launch | Space Weather News 05.29.2020 by Tamitha Skov (YT)

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