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Dear Readers, 

My ultimate goal is to provide you a large variety of resources and data so that you can find your own way to find healing, love, vitality, and abundance in your everyday life.

Throughout the blog, there are tons of Recommended Sources and Related Posts to discover. This page is a massive list of the most influential sources of information, both spiritual and scientific.

This Blog focuses through a lens of loving and living, towards to path of love and light. Through the thickest and most troublesome of trauma is a greater understanding of the purpose of your experiences.

Esoterically we might begin to better understand our world, culture, ancestry, DNA, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health as the micro-macro world of number, symbol, shape, and sound. We have but our senses to bring harmony and balance to our own reality.

You can not change the world in a moment but you can join it and live in it to help manifest and create the reality we all share as one collective upon this planet. In which you would then realize and become again a part of it fully, able to embrace the natural order of movement and cycles. This is part of what I wish to help you achieve because from here, you are well guided upon your own path more fully capable of taking care of yourself in your life with love and light to show the way forward.

The scientists of our modern-day, have proven the body-mind, emotional capacity, infinite intelligence, physical body, DNA, chemistry, electronic fields, and frequencies. Through so many various medical and spiritual practices that we know, we create the potential reality through the veil of perception. However, when we reach out to our spirit we begin to pierce the veil to our environment creates and relate to what we are as individuals. From here we can better associate ourselves wholely with being conscious and connected.

This is the other area in which I hope to help you, by providing the missing science links between what we see, read, hear, perceive and believe. This enables us to understand the truth about how far we have come, how much we have evolved, and what kind of reality we are entering in a new age, wave, and frequency that we can all so clearly sense in our life now.

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