Protecting Spiritual Facebook Groups & Businesses from Censorship

I am writing this page for two reasons. The first reason is because I know several Spiritual Groups on Facebook that are concerned about being deleted. Mostly because of members posting flagged content or content that has been removed by “fact checkers”. And secondly, because many users of social media are being targeted, shadow banned, or removed from Facebook all together. This is mostly due to the Disinformation Campaigns that have dramatically affected us all, whether we realize it or not.

I do not intend fo this to be a triggering post, but an educational and thoughtful one. For both users, moderators, and members of Facebook.

In this post, I will defend the Spiritual Groups from such targeted removal by giving you ideas and tools to use to protect your group. I am encouraging moderators and group creators to update their page and description with accurate and relevant information. Finally, by making sure that you know exactly what the policy of the platform you are using is. So that you – as a creator and moderator or user – can actually moderate correctly for your members, and continue to add value to their lives for years to come.

I hope to give further understanding of censorship. Why it happens, and what you can do to keep yourself safe from disinformation. But above all, to further the understanding of Technology, Political Science, your rights of Free Speech, and Spiritual Freedoms.

What is Disinformation and who gets to decide what is “fact”?

First of all, we have to actually read, word for word, what Facebook’s Page, Group and Event Policy is!

This is the rules and grounds that we all agree to by using the service. This in particular is in regards to Facebook to Pages, Groups, and Events.

It is wise to note that Facebook actually uses a Third Party Fact Checker. When content is flagged for fact checking, or has been removed and a replacement message is posted. Or is blocking you from sharing non-fact information. Know that it is information that is checked by an actual program. Content is not fact checked by Facebook, and especially not by Facebook users. However, any user can Report/Flag a post. Certain keywords and hashtags are blocked if combined with other keywords. These are commonly adapted techniques that we should all be familiar with.

The Facts of the Information War

There are several government released PDF guides that clearly define what Disinformation is. What has occurred. How it occurs, and what is being done about it. Here are three:

I highly encourage you to read all of these (okay, just one is fine). So that you can grasp the reality of Disinformation and how it is affecting our countries and communities.

The harm is in the confusion, the chaos, and the division that it brings between people, family, and countries.

Twitter, Facebook and Google were called out for Bias Political Censorship in the Courtroom in October 2020.

Social Media CEOs – Busted for Censorship!

Finally! An issue large enough to draft the attention of the Senate Court for testimony! In regards to the Biden Family, in which Twitter and others blocked a NY Time’s post from being shared. But has not blocked blunt anarchists’ and terrorist leaders accounts. Twitter in particular, received harsh questioning for the lack of Democracy within it’s systems. By failure to allow for Free Speech and the pure lack of competency in dealing with actually terroristic and fatalistic accounts.

I was less surprised to find that Facebook has expanded it’s systems significantly to uphold the brand and policy (especially since 2015).

Facebook has always fought against Online Bullying, Hate Speech and Terror on their platform. It is nothing new to have brutal, terrifying and shocking content removed off of Facebook. (Thank you!) As this is a platform to share personal thoughts and family pictures. It is not, and never was, designed to be another News Channel.

In fact, Facebook’s business efforts in this arena have been proven useful in combatting disinformation campaigns and protecting us from these direct attacks. The present infiltration of disinformation on Facebook is from their users directly, that are misinformed on other platforms such as Reddit or Leaks. Then those account members have become believers of information they read on the internet and share it with others on other platforms without sources. What Facebook is fighting by censoring is fake accounts of elite groups who create shocking and terrifying ideas that tend to go viral extremely fast.

Conspiracy relates to the word “to Conspire against”. Keep this in mind as we read on.

Is Facebook right to delete your content?

Well, that isn’t accurate at all because what you post on Facebook is Facebook’s. So they can just as legitimately refuse business with anyone who does not follow their policy, just like any other business! Personally, I don’t think Facebook is out to get you ror me. They very much want to stay in this to escalate profits, yes. But I really believe this platform is the actively progressive in their brand and is very clear about what that is. Just like any busihness, you choose where you spend your time and money. If your not a fan, then get off FB.

But… Is it RIGHT to do so?

This is still a legitimate question that I think we all need to be asking and I am thankful for the attention of the legal courts in regards to this issue. Because obviously, there is a rage against the removal of content for bias reason.

Such as Twitter Democrat’s blocking links that would make Biden look bad weeks before an election. When we all know how much dirt is on every political party, not just one or the other. It is NOT the job of social media to censor the side they don’t believe in, and spotlight content they agree with. This is the kind of censorship that needs to be stopped!

At the end of the day we have to remind ourselves of the Law of the Land in which we live. It is against the law to vandalize public property or abuse business policies. It is against the law to terrorize, initiate horror, or inflict harm upon others in this country. Pure anarchy, without valid cause or proof, is illegal. To uphold this, while protecting our Rights of Free Speech is always going to be a fine line. But a line, there is indeed.

And let us be very clear. Sharing and voicing ones opinion is a valid use of ones rights to Free Speech. Blocking and removing content that one does not agree with because of their own opinion, is wrong.

Spreading information without context or sources has never been, and never should be, an acceptable writing practice online. I am a blog writer, and I have to provide sources for my posts that I write. This should be a requirement for all news and media outlines that hire journalists or content writers. Simply stating that it is fact, without a source of evidence is grounds for being un-factual.

A fact is, “the truth about events as opposed to interpretation” and some thing that can be “proven by providing evidence”. This can be as simple as a video recording of what someone said. It is a fact that they said something, and can be quoted. However the statement may not be true in itself.

This line of logic needs to be followed if we are to understand Fact from Fiction. Fiction is “literature in the form of prose, especially short stories and novels, that describes imaginary events and people”. This can be easily used against creative writers or spiritual content. If written content does not contain a source of information or known discovery.

Claiming your opinion as your own is extremely valid. However, you must state openly in every post that it is Your Opinion and should not be considered a fact. Businesses are legally required to do this about their products, services and costs. It’s only fair that we begin to remember what it means to create and how reality can be manipulated if we allow our minds to be.

An example that is good to use on Facebook is to try to post something terrible about Bill Gates. Such as he is manipulating vaccines (a common conspiracy that has been alive for a long time), and your post will immediately be blocked and removed. However if you were to post, “I believe Bill Gates is a bad man” these are very different posts.

One would be removed, and the other is allowed.

Note that defending the evidence that you lack is not justifiable means for salvaging disinformation from being spread by your own belief. Now is a time to question our selves, just as much as we do the media. Why do you believe what you do? Is that a fear based belief? Or is this a soul based belief?What evidence in your own life experience has presendt itself as truth over creative concepts?

Protecting Your Spiritual Groups and Businesses

The most obvious things you can do is to read the policy of the platform you use. Any creator and moderators should be required to do so, before moderating the group.

Create Group Rules that reflect your standards clearly.

If you are open to discussion to off-topic be specific about how off-topic. If you are a strict group that moderates all posts, detail that in your rules and description. Set the expectation for your members, and those who might target your group for removal (because they disagree with you).

Transparent Spiritual Descriptions

There are a few traditional religions that are fully integrated as spiritual rights and liberty. However, New Age and Metaphysical Beliefs are still very new to most people (generally speaking).

We must use the same grounding for Spiritual Liberty by being transparent with our sources, belief, and rights to express those concepts within the group/page.

If you are a Minister or have a career that relates to your group as a profession, I encourage you to mention this as well. For Members in your group, or those who investigate it, are then fully informed that is is being operated by a knowledgeable person in that field of interest.

Spiritual Sources to Use

In your description, choose sources that will prevent “fact checkers” from dismantling your spiritual rights by presenting them with the information.

Ascension, Starseed and Cosmic Spiritual communities should search the bible and sacred texts for quotes that document your belief!

“Can you direct the movement of the stars— binding the cluster of the Pleiades or loosening the cords of Orion?” – Job 38:31

Or perhaps quote from a Law of Attraction book, the Lemuria Scrolls, or Hindu texts. Visit Sacred-Texts for a load of spiritual resources from every topic.

What this does is cement the FACT that you are a believer of a source of spiritual content that has a voice, other than your own.

Metaphysical Spiritual Concepts

You may have an easier time justifying spiritual practices that have long been hidden from the general public, but have always been there. Such as Mediumship or Tarot Reading.

You are susceptible to misconduct on Facebook’s policy if you present yourself in a way that encourages others to send you money in trade for personal information.

You must find ways to do your spiritual work in a more ethical manner, or you risk being flagged for Consumer Abuse. It doesn’t have to do with the “spiritual practice” it has to do with Common Ethic Guidelines that Professionals must adhere to when doing Business. (Anyone who is making money from others).

To ensure you are properly complying, you should have a business website, business licenses, and activated Business Google Page. Then, make sure to write out your Policy and Disclaimer. Add those links to your Facebook Page! This way Facebook, and your clients, have a proper legal basis to buy from you over other, unqualified persons. (Meaning, anyone who is not operating their work with a business license or credentials to do so.)

Reiki Therapy, Energy Medicine, using Crystals and Herbs – These are all well documented Medical fields that are valid discussions of topics. It should not be hard to bypass concern in this field unless you are abusing the rights of your customers. It does not hurt to find a science article that supports the field, and post it somehwere extremely easy to find such as the description.or

Debunking Fact Checkers and Defending Quantum Spiritual Concepts As Fact

These are a few of the examples of how psychological spiritual practices such as Mediumship, Remote Viewing, and Spiritual Entities have been validated and used, by the Government. These are Facts and thus, can be used to defend our right to practice such spiritual abilities as a basic human right. Especially, Defense Against the Dark Arts…

What To Do If You Experience Content Removal or Shadow Ban

Get ready to back your stuff up at least once a year or so. Take screen shots occasionally of positive content that you have developed in your business and groups.

Directly email the platform and ask for DIRECT REASONING for the content ban and policty guideline that you broke.

Explain your spiritual belief clearly.

Send your Business Policy website link and offer proof of Business Legitimacy.

Send the links listed here, or other that are more relevant to your topic. Make sure they are NOT blog links or news articles. You need to find a valid source such as a government document, written law, or spiritual book or professional resources. The bible is enough, but you must find a way to prove your spiritual right to discuss the interests you have regarding your account uses.

Explain clearly, the steps you have taken to provide Ethical and Moral business strategies.

Request to know how your content was flagged and what you can do to avoid it in the future. If there are bots, ask for them to be removed.

Check your settings often and update them to your liking. You have the ability to turn off MANY of the extra BS to protect your privacy but you must disable them. If it was because of someone reporting you, ask to be blocked from that persons account. If available, request an active rebutle to that account to make sure they are not spamming other spiritual pages and groups you are associated with.

Have understanding and compassion with this. You are a spiritual person with rights and access just like the rest. Just because we don’t have science data to prove our belief doesn’t mean we don’t have justifiable and ethical rights to Freedom of Religion. Be that aliens, god, or the quantum universe – we all have a right to think and believe for ourselves. It is our job to ensure that we have ourselves and others best interest in mind when posting content.

You have to double check yourself! Be sure that you are speaking truth from your heart, not just what you read online that triggered you. Disinformation is real, and spreading misinformation is not compassionate towards others. If you read something that has you spinning, then do your research to find quality sources that are finding solutions.

Do business just as professionally as any other field, with all of the same ethical codes and conditions as all other businesses practice. This ensures your business continues to grow on Facebook, Twitter, and Google. If you are running a group that is full of spiritually misdirected individuals, it is your duty to set the example today. Give resources, and protect your group as a whole.

It’s time to get serious about your message and the spiritual importance. The priority of spreading love, truth, and above all – Love.

Please share this post directly with any Spiritual Group or Business that could benefit from it.

Please comment if you have a source, verses, or examples you would like to add to this article.

Below is a post that is a good example of how some keywords can trigger certain concepts from Q. But this is not at all what this post is about. Far from it, I am an Astrologer and the fact that disinformation used Esoteric knowledge to amplify conspiracy theories is notable. This is a good example post, because through out I have sources and quotes. It is a post that expresses my view of the time and happenings in a spiritual perspective that is uniquely my own. I include valuable sources for the reader to consider for themselves.