Partners of Loving Life With Light

The following list is of persons who have businesses/pages that create content in alignment with our Mission Statement of LLWL. And who regularly compliment the growth of higher consciousness, unity, and compassion.

  • Partners are required to register as a member of the community and set up two-factor authentication for login after verifying their account via email (security is a priority here) to prove their identity and authenticity for sharing content and private regulation of community by the admin of the site.
  • Partners of LLWL are able to share their content and offers with members within Universal Light Community areas without moderation unless they break any community rules.
  • Partners are will be held liable for their own content creations and messages within community areas. not LLWL
  • Partners are required to join the Official Discord Server and be an active member/contributor to the community before becoming a Partner.
What are the requirements to become a partner?

What are the requirements to become a partner?

You must join and participate as a member of the community for at least 30 days.

Then follow the instructions found within the discord channel #enter
(Which has a guide about how to gain any of the roles/features within the Community actually).

You’ll then send a message to the Moderator to apply, and your site/content will be reviewed. Unless you are way out of alignment or are not participating, or new, then you should have no trouble being listed and getting involved here as a partner. I prefer to do this, than to run a bunch of stupid ads/passive distractions that feed our minds with negative impulses to spend. Instead, I would like to great a network of living beings who are offering services to others directly, and helping to spread solutions rather than sell more problems.

Is there a fee? NO! It’s free.
Although I’d really appreciate it if you would consider upgrading here so that you are “allowed” to post links within all areas versus just ‘partner offer’ areas. This helps us to boost the server with features as we grow. While keeping the playing field level for all people interested in being here. Thanks everyone!