Complete Business Website Overhaul

Officially open as Loving Life With Light on 4/4/2020 by the State of Washington, I am now open to providing products and services for self-care, wellness, and spirituality! In this post I will describe in as much detail as possible, all of the updates and features that have been updated, added, or integrated as of 3/17/2020 at!

Update to date Hosting, Security & WordPress Requirements

I am proud to say that this site meets all of the WordPress Requirements listed here. I am the sole developer and creator of this website and this new business. It was a big step up to go from blog to business!

There is an active SLL encryption system making the website, payments, and shopping safe for us to use on this site. Additional security plugins are operational!

Shop Open for Healing Services, Reiki Therapy & Recommended Products

  • Services include but are not limited to Reiki Therapy, Astrology, Energy Healing, and Spiritual Healing
  • Digital Products including special access to my databases, ebooks, and self-healing guides
  • Free Downloadables for Subscribers!
  • Recommended Amazon Products such as my favorite Books, Oils, and Inspirations for Spirituality, Wellness, and Awareness!

Advanced Site Integrations

A number of advanced protocols in development have taken place with the following trusted partners to make your experience (and mine) easy, quick, and affordable for everyone. Let’s thank:

  • WordPress (Secure Host)
  • Ionos (Development)
  • WooCommerce (Store)
  • PayPal (Secure Payments)
  • Amazon Affiliates ( Secure Payments, Products)
  • SendInBlue (Email Provider)
  • HubSpot (Support)

Brand New Theme, Brand, and SEO

If you’ve never built your own website then you don’t know how much effort, research, and time it takes to create a brand, find a theme, and apply it in a way that suits your needs.

I am blessed to have found this beautiful theme! As well as the amazing photos, which are all credited here!

Rest assured, Site Engine Optimization is not the most fun but is one of the most important aspects of website functionality. I hope the effort provides clear previews, search, and response to your needs from this website.

Legal Business Terms & Agreements

All new terms, conditions, policies, and client agreements have been uploaded to reflect the business Loving Life With Light with love and respect to your privacy, as well as the ease of use of production of services.

I have made it easy to access all of these by providing links in the footer of every page, as well as automated attachments to client services for ease of access.

Account Bonus Features & Content Downloads!

Referral Relationships has always been an important topic for me when it comes to small local businesses and online marketing. For this reason, it was important to me that I was able to find ways to thank my clients and subscribers.

  • Subscribers Content Area – Provides all confirmed email subscribers a master password that can be used to instantly access certain restricted pages, libraries and coupon codes usable for Free for Subscriber Content and special offers.
  • You can create an account here for making purchases. When you do, you will have access to a Referral Link. When you use this link to refer your friends, you earn 1 credit. When you have enough credits (20) you receive a $20 Off Any Product! (You can stack this coupon!)
  • You can create an account here for making purchases. When you make orders/purchases on the store, you earn credits. When you earn enough credits, you receive a coupon automatically for $20!


I am absolutely ready to step out into the world and begin providing Reiki, and all the rest mentioned here. I feel absolutely blessed to be where I am. How I’ve gotten here is nothing short of amazing.

For those of you who have watched me struggle with my dream about being my own business owner, helping others, and anxiety. I thank you for loving me and believing in me. The day has come for me, it is NOW.

Ready or not world, here I come! ?