My Personal Self Care Habits & Routines

Healing deep emotional imbalances, blocks or traumas can be really important to our wellness right now. To be able to live in a more loving way, to feel more freedom in our lives. Let’s explore the importance of this today as I give you some guidance for really meaningful self care time.

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Using Crystals for Deeply Personal Self Care

Rose Quartz is really useful for your Heart Chakra, healing relationships and inner abundance and unconditional love for all
Clear Quartz is really a quality option for any healing, transmuting, or clearing. Coming in many forms such as raw Quarts, Clear Quartz wand, Clear Quartz Sphere, and more you can really vary the use of quartz for a lot of different ways. Ranging for meditation, environmental space, or even clearing rituals or routines.

Morning Self Care Routines

Any natural doctor or scientist will tell you how important it is to wake up and drink a glass of water. Natural or mystic coachs will often encourage you to take time to write down or ponder your dreams. Waking up slowly and quietly is important to your most energetically harmonious day.

I know when I have to wake up in hurry or force myself out of zombie mood, it’s really triggering for me into a bad or low energy state. Keeping me from feeling ready, willing, and excited to move into the rest of the day.

If your not a morning person (like me) then maybe you drink some water and go for some coffee and light morning reading or writing.

When I’m ready, I like to do any Vlogs or Recordings in the morning with a fresh new, alert mind. I find that I am most fair, unbais, and clear in the late morning.

I also take a moment to change over my daily Motivational cards and look over my collection of books and resources. Sometimes I take a moment ot myself to read something inspiring or choose a book to pick up later in the day. I might just pick a crystal to carry or simply hold one for a moment. I like to have a moment of gratitude at the beginning of the day. Thankful for another day to experience love, light, and hopefully some laughter. For my body, mind, and heart to know, think, and feel.

Afternoon Self Care Habits

I really find it most successful to stretch my body, muscles and limbs in the afternoon. I spend a lot of time sitting to work at the computer and by the afternoon, I’m really ready to move around fully. Stretching is something I take really seriously. Doing some extra Core Strength exercises is usually really successful too.

If I have had a stressful or heavy day, week, or month, I often find time to relief my stress in this part of the day. I tend to grab my essential oils for quick mental or emotional healing affirmations within.

Another glass of water is never a bad idea either.

Late Evening Self Care Habits

There are certain evenings of the week where either me or my husband have some individual self care time to do things without the other. It’s on these nights that I stay up late reading, studying, and learning new things. I have a lot of interests and open books.

Right now I’m still finishing original works by Carl Jung such as the Red Book and his book of Archetypes. As well as Thoth’s Tablets, and Hermetic teachings, and the Kyballon. There are tons of other things I have nearly finished studying for now as I have learned, practiced and adapted into my own understanding of self help and healing. It is these nights that I get so inspired to be ‘the scribe’ that I feel empowered to be a blogger in this age.

Self Care Days

I try to take it easy at least one day a week, doing the minimum requirements and sticking to self serving tasks or jobs. I take the day to clean my clothes, care for my desk and treasured items. I might listen to a lot of music or pick up the guitar for a while.

I usually take these days to catch up on videos I like on Youtube and catch up on the weeks’ Astrology News. Taking time to read the new science articles and changes in the world. I might spend too long surfing Facebook News, Groups, and Timelines.

I also try to call up at least one if not a few really close friends. There are loads of people in our life that are important to us as individuals. It’s those close family members and best friends we need to remember, cherish, and connect with often.

How Times Have Changed

A year ago I wouldn’t be writing this post because I would have been explaining how important it was for me to help everyone else. So much so that I didn’t have time, and didn’t need to have time, to myself. I knew back then that I wanted to. But I didn’t see the overall importance of it – for me.

That has dramatically changed as I have done more true healing in the last couple months than I would have ever known I need. It’s thanks to my husband, and my own inner forgiveness that I found this to be a personal requirement to my own inner happiness.

Now that I have developed a few daily and weekly habits to tune into and connect and inspire myself. I feel a lot better, more capable than before. To work and serve the world and those I love with more space for them. Not only do I know who and what is important to me. I can better serve myself, the people I love, and the world that I adore. It simply brings me joy to know that a little self love goes a lot way in loving the world too.

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