Lessen the Load of Life With Lemon Essential Oil!

Lemon Essential Oil is probably the most diverse in it’s uses for healing. But is that a surprise, being the best cleaning agent we have? It’s no different for it’s clearing of both the micro and macro world, body, and soul! Today I want to give you some tips for how to use Lemon Essential Oil to lessen frustration and clean up your mood!

What is probably most common in my life (and generation) is being frustrated! Constantly frustrated! By the world, ourselves, our peers, and our culture. Something is always going wrong in this chaotic world!

I am in a better habit now of walking away, grabbing my Lemon Essential Oil though… By smelling it deeply and then getting outside for a breath of fresh air to clear my mind. I can’t even begin to explain how much better I feel. With the simple clarity and fresh feeling that Lemon provides so joyfully, I can quickly access my heart chakra and get back into a state of understanding and compassion.

Ever wonder why people find themselves obsessively cleaning? If your one of these people, the lemon scent may an extra benefit to ‘cleaning your mind’ while your cleaning the house. – Just a thought. Leave me a comment below! 

Lemon can be used to clear sadness, feeling stuck, suffocated, or regret.

As negative as those emotions sound, the transmuted effect of Lemon is feeling Full, Accomplished, Renewed!

Lemon is probably my Most Used Essential Oil because of it’s an instantly Transforming effect. It allows me to quickly clear my mind and ready my self. I feel it’s most energizing to my Solar Chakra and Third Eye Chakra. (That is my own experience of me sensing my energetic shifts and affects.)