The Collective’s Family Tree

This page is meant to display the non-coincidental synchronicities of history, lineage, lore, and mystery so that more of us can understand our origins and come to understand the mysteries of age and evolution through our universal expansion of consciousness.

Below is a gallery of family trees and tribes of human history on Earth from many backgrounds, ages, and origins. My goal in this exploration is to identify the similarities and dislodge the hidden secrets we have stuck back in time. Helping to move along in the process of expansion to include that which we know, and that which we have not known before as a collective consciousness.

Family Tree of the Egyptian Gods
Family Tree of the Egyptians by_wdvincoii on diviantart
Hindu Tree
Olympian Tree

The following tables are more modern, more spread throughout the current culture and structure. Note the relevance to acknowledging the above trees are necessary to grasping the following trees.

Tribe of Isreal
Looking closer at the associates found in the Bible about the Tribes and the 12

What we are seeing here is a historical account of gods, consciousness, family lines, and ancients that we are descendants of in some way. To expand this influence further into a modern account of choice and evolution we can look to our history in the spread of Language and Religion because this is what was taught in all accounts of learning and schooling of humans. Be that through educational study, mass media, or ancestral history passed down through the generations and DNA.

Family of Languages

To me this is all reflected and embraced within our lineage by DNA coding, of with 99% we are still trying to understand and it’s not junk. Watching this video to understand how sounds and spirit are directly linked to activating and loosening the strands of DNA of light. Science talks when you apply it to the spiritual lessons available throughout human history.

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