Universal Laws

Law of Change

The only things that do not change are the higher Laws, which are natural principles. Everything else echagnes; nothing stays the same. Anyone who clings to the past will be spiritual damaged.

Law of Cause and Effect

Every effect has a cause, but not every cause will produce an effect. Therefore every ill result in your life, there are causes that can be traced as the reason.

The Law of Grace operates within the law of Cause and Effect, not resisting it.

Law of Correspondence

As above, so below. What a man desires in his spiritual life will reflect upon his lower life.

The Law of Rhythm

Everything has it’s season. Resisting the laws of rhythm causes energy loss.

Law of Mentalism

The mind of man has the ability to create angels or demons, and to feed such creations through emotions. The use of will, emotion, and thought creates geometric patters of cosmic dust molecules; that can heal or destroy. Thoughts can pull you to hells or heavens. Thoughts are things.

Law of Vibration

Everything is composed of cosmic dust molecules in varying waveforms at varying vibratory frequencies. By changing the directional focus, the waveform, and/or the vibratory frequency of an object or thoughtform, matter can be changed.

Law of Use

If a trait is not used, it is likely to disapate.

Law of Synergy

Two interlocking powers are stronger when united than the sum total of their powers when seperated.

Laws of Creative Powers & Dissonance

Only a person with focus on the Now, and with the correct balance/alignemtn, who has control over thoughts and emotions, is able to generate spiritual power. A focus on the past or future pulls one’s spiritual eyes away from the ever-lasting Now moment.

Law of Divisions

To win a battle, the warriors must let their enemies destroy themselves. If there is division, then there can be no victory.

Law of Order

Evil is chaotic and harmful, and therefore it is good to create order and peace.