Disclaimer: I do not claim just one belief but am instead a student of both Gnostic and Modern belief systems. I have been a student of the world religions, especially in relation to that of the stars and earth.

This page focuses on the living entities that have thought to have produced a message from God that would affect the masses and the development of human thought. A central theme of all religions revolves around consciousness because this is what creates the world in which we live day to day and together over large amounts of time. New creative worlds and experiences can be formed, which we have done according to many of these prophets’ teachings throughout the world. What I have found most interesting is how closely “related” the world’s story is.

This is different than those entities that could be entiled as ‘gods’ but are actually large cities, nations, or religious groups of the time. Many times rival groups assumed them to be rival gods of their own area of land. In this way, I have found that ancient religions give power to their own god-land-nation and their rivals are perception of their beliefs being wrong/different than their own. Creating an epic war of all nations that continue as a war of the gods through human experiences.

These are some of the more ancient human beings that claimed to understand parts of that war of the gods and in most caseses, changed huge aspects of consciousness by speaking their message to a vast population of peoples.

Pre-Adam & Eve

The Wisdom of the World Snake (that eats itself)

The Cosmic Wheel and Eternal Life, depicted as any type of spiral, swirl, or swastica design.

The Void of Space and Stars as the Heavens, usually depicted as a Divine Femenine that birthed the Solar System (including the Planets).

Night and Day produced by the creation of the Moon by Earth.
Which occured due to the impact of Thaia in which it collided with protoearth and once completed had formed the Core of Earth (swallowed Thaia). The material blasted from this collision came mostly from Earth herself, and collected and formed our Moon to continues to orbit us today.


The earliest forms of “humans” are 3.4 million years old all found in Africa. We may or may not have had another civilization before the one we have today, as our earliest peoples suggest (pre-ice-age). As to suggest the theory of Atlantis (fire to land) and Mu (water to air) civilizations. Others have suggested that “spiritual matter/s” have incarnated here from Venus and Mars, and other constellations such as Sirius, Orion, Pleadieas, and Lyra.

Sources: (possible location: Temple of Solomon) (the South Wind whose legend states that

Noah, or Gilgamesh or Utnapishtim


Early Middle Assyrian cylinder seal impression dating between 1400 and 1200 BC, showing a man with bird wings and a scorpion tail firing an arrow at a griffin on a hillock. A scorpion man is among the creatures Gilgamesh encounters on his journey to the homeland of Utnapishtim. – Wiki on Gilgamesh


Terah, the ninth in descent from Noah, is the father of Abram, Nahor, and Haran. Haran is the father of Lot, who is Abram’s nephew; the entire family live in Ur of the Chaldees. Haran dies in his native city, Ur of the Chaldees. Abram marries Sarah (Sarai), who is barren, and on the death of Terah, Abram, Sarai, and Lot depart for Canaan, but settle in a place named Haran, where Terah died at the age of 205…

Wiki on Abraham

When reading about Adbraham we often depect him as a person, that created members of a family. But it is also very interesting to consider that this was actually a group of peoples, or a nation if you will that moved from one location and then joined another, Ur Kasdim to Canaan, and then to Haram.

  • Terah, the 9th decendant from Noah (his sons were Abram, Nahor and Haran)
  • After an encounter with God they moved from Ur (see Ziggurat of Ur from 21st century BC) to the land of Canaan
    (The name “Canaan” appears throughout the Bible, where it corresponds to “the Levant”, in particular to the areas of the Southern Levant that provide the main settings of the narratives of the Bible: the Land of Israel, Philistia and Phoenicia, among others.) In which a pre-existing community that overlapped with Egypt and other conscious developments.



570 CE

Thought to have been the messenger and light bringer of the litteral Word of God. Translated and then coppied by followers were memorized large portions which became the Quran. He also repaired and replaced the Black Stone.

Sources: (religion) (mystics of Islam) (sacred text) (fixed and replaced by Muhammad) (Great Mosque of Mecca, surrounds Kaaba of Suadi Arabia) (the box)


Notice: The Wings are not attached but appear to bow to him from behind. And that the ‘legs’ of the ring are serpentine in shape. (See gnostic symbols)

Religion of the Eternal Fire

1700–1100 BC ~

“Zoroastrianism exalts an uncreated and benevolent deity of wisdom known as Ahura Mazda (lit. ’Wise Lord’) as its supreme being.”

“The unique historical features of Zoroastrianism, such as its monotheism,[5] messianism, belief in judgement after death, conception of heaven and hell, angels and demons, free will among others may have influenced other religious and philosophical systems, including Abrahamic religions and Gnosticism,[6][7][8] Northern Buddhism,[7] and Greek philosophy.”

Sources: (primary sacred texts) (the 7 eminations)


  • Law Giver to Isreal and hornored among most Jews
  • Concevied secretly, and set off by mother downstream to Egypt where he was raised and then went to Mount Saini and received the 10 commandments which then broke before rewriting them, the Torah (first 5 books) among others.
  • Possibly linked to King Mesha of Moab with similar naratives

Sources: around 850 BCE, Mesha Stele found in Dibon (near Jordan, east of Dead Sea) (found east of Ur made by Lagash in 2125 BC ancient Girsu in Iraq, now in Paris France) or Tello was a city of Sumer, northwest of Lagash

It is possible the Moses is dended from the Jacob tribe.


Mani in Coa’an temple, China

Iran origin, founder of Manichaeism influenced by Gnosticism. Born near Babylonia which at the time was Parthian Empire.

April AD 216 – 2 March AD 274 or 26 Feb AD 277


Sources:,_brother_of_Jesus (James the Just) or,_son_of_Alphaeus (James the Lesser) (he led the original Nazarene Community in Jerusalem)