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This is a page dedicated to my extensive research into chakra health as a place to collect all of the healing articles, products, resources and more in one place. I highly recommend checking out my Self Healing Database on Patreon to access for yourself, all of the complexities of energetic and emotional healing of the chakras. 

7 Primary Chakras

Chakra traditionally means wheel. Both spinning and polarizing and neutralizing the field, as well as the energetic organs and systems that they operate from. Each chakra has a plexus, which is like a working bunch of neurons, or brains. Associated with a gland that is what secretes the peptides and hormones, or emotions and chemicals that you feel and sense and use. They are intricately woven systems that operate similar to gears and circuits. The seven primary chakras are the largest and most complex of the chakras, or vortexes of your energetic intelligence.

If the glands, senses, or body is not using or blocked from its uses in some way. Then the chakra can fail, causing the organs or meridians to fail. The energetic self tries to calibrate the energy to balance the wholeness and trade energies, forcing further imbalance to survive.

When you do not consume, energize, or restore your energy and the primary chakras your entire energetic system fails. This means your aura, protective forces, magnetic attraction and photons at the atomic level are not in balance either. Forcing your body to regenerate cells that are repeating the same force of habit, lacking more and more energy to do so and thus, we age.

What we can do is learn to care for and attune to our energy centers, organs, glands, and energy body to awaken our senses and life more fully, more energetically, and more intuitively.

There is much to say about this topic, so the rest of this page is devoted to more study and application of the chakra systems. Additionally, there are at least 33 other mini chakras throughout the body, which are covered and important in acupuncture, mudras, meditation, healing, and reiki hand positions.

Mantra, Color, & FrequencyAssociated Glands & SystemsAssociated Rulers
Root Chakra
I Am Life
Red – 432 Hz
Sexual Glands
Reproductive System
Sacral Chakra
I Create
Orange – 480 Hz
Adrenal Glands
Lymphatic System
Solar Chakra
I Am Conscious
Yellow/Gold – 528 Hz
Pancreas Gland
Nervous System
Heart Chakra
I Am Love
Green – 400-600 Hz
Thymus Gland
Circulatory System & Respiratory System
Throat Chakra
I express my truth openly
Blue – 672 Hz
Thyroid Glands
Third Eye Chakra
I know who I am
Indigo – 333 Hz or 720 Hz
Pineal Gland
Skeletal System
Crown Chakra
I am one with all that is
Violet – 384 Hz or 768 Hz
Pituitary Gland
Autonomous Nervous System

Sacral Chakra

* Sacred Sacral Chakra of Creation
* Expansive Jupiter Rules the Sacral Chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra

* Soul Searching Mission | Solar Plexus Introduction
* Solar Plexus Alchemy of the Body
* Courageous Mars Rules the Solar Plexus Chakra

Expect to see many more detailed posts here this year.