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Traditional Ancient Healing Methods: such Chinese Medicine, Indian Medicine, and now Western Energy Medicine. Have always been in practice in one way or another. 

It takes a bit of learning to consider the chakras, meridians, internal organs, elements, and energies that flow through your vessel, your body. And connect and interpret and integrate things like our consciousness, your experiences, your senses/input, and your soul’s inner pulls. Through thoughts and feelings, and through body movements and breathing. One takes in and gives out energy constantly and consistently, while passing through moving particles in space. 

This page intends to be a resourceful place for information, resources, and materials to introduce you to several forms, types, and terms associated with Energy Medicine. 

Introduction to Energy Medicine

Tradiction Chinese Medicine, image

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Stomach Meridian 

Spleen Meridian associated with Cancer and the Third Eye Chakra. When dealing with emotions of overwhelm try “I nourish yourself with love”.

Heart Meridian of Leo and MarsThe Heart & Solar Plexus Chakras. 

“I love myself deeply and accept myself completely”.

Small Intestines of Virgo and Mars. Influencing the Solar Plexus chakra.

Bladder Meridian of Libra, Scorpio and Mercury. Of the Winter Water of Snow. The Throat Chakra stating, 

“I feel hopeful, vibrant and fully alive.”

Kidney Meridian with Scorpio and Libra. Instead ruling the Sacral Chakra. 

“I step forward with courage.”

Triple Warmer or Pericardium Meridian

Gallbladder Meridian

Liver Meridian

Lung Meridian

Large Intestine Meridian

Images are from TMC World, or the Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation.

Visit TMC World Image: Five Seasons Medicine

Western Energy Medicine

When it comes to Energy Medicine of today we can look to Donna Eden and her husband David for their application of science, eastern and western medicine and her personal gift to see and sense energy fields and interact with other’s energy systems.

The following books resources can be used as references throughout this blog and the entire field of Energy Medicine Practice by Donna Eden and/or David Feinstein Ph D:

There is a lot to be said about the fields of energy and medical science so the bridge here is built between multiple fields, people, and practices. What and who I name here are those that have personally influenced my writing and study of Energy Medicine for the purpose of self-healing, wellness, joy, love, and abundance in everyday life.

For a more ‘complete’ list of references for the blog please visit the Resource Library Here.

Other Energy Medicine Resources

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Gentle Energy Healing Methods

The methods mentioned and practiced by Loving Life With Light are gentle and meant to be done with ones full intention and responsibility of ones self. Included but not limited to ones will power, mentality and sustainability in the present moment of reading this page. Please take a moment to review my Practice Policy here.

There are a ton of hoaxs and mixed mediums out there for spiritual healing and I am here to offer only the most gentale and subtle options in a remote fashion by both preference, and by the obvious present limitations. Therefore, certain services are not available at this time

The truth is that most of what I offer here is a way to guide you through a process of your body healing itself. By knowing what questions to ask, where to press, what to hold. Teaching you how to communicate with the body through true energy testing we can fine out details and rise them up into your consciousness to deal with. 

Much of the time here in the US, we stuff things down, stating we’ll “Deal with them someday or not at all.” Our bodies store that energy, those emotions, and that trauma into an area of your body or chakra for example. You then carry that with you, and your body replays it until it finds a way to be released, sometimes violently. 

Several of the methods I offer are simply offering different ways to accomplish the same goal. 

To find out what exactly is causing you pain, or suffering. Then we find out the cause, the issue, why and what happened. Bringing it up and discussing it until we know exactly what age, time, and place of an event or emotion that is related. Now we just need to figure out what method is best suited to heal. Which is usually a form of release, mixed with intentional forgiveness, prayer, or willed affirmation of transformation. 

Energy Healing Services I Offer