Library of Light

This page holds the pages of resources for you to consider. There are a wide variety of topics here, so take your time and bookmark this page for use later.

The Universal Life & Spiritual Living

Spiritual Sources & Sacred Texts

7 Esoteric Rays of the Divine

World History, Religion & Paths

Historic World Religions

Ancient Mesopotamian Gods


Energetic Wellness

Energy Medicine Resources

Chakra Resources

Energetic Rhythms of the Body-Mind

The Meridians & Energy of the Hands & Feet

Reiki & Light

Learn More About Reiki: 

Universal Astrology & The Light of the Galaxies

Universal Astrology Resources

Solar Health Related Sources

Solar Health | Effects of Space Weather (on us)

Basic Astrology

Associates of Universal Astrology & Alchemy

Local Space Astrology

Planetary Charka Rulers & The Elemental Energies They Serve

Science Meet’s Spirit-Energy – Exploring the God-Code & the Matrix

Becker-Hagens: Planetary Grid System Coordinates

Connecting All Life: Humans, Creatures & Earth as One Field