Let Go of What You Think You Know

What do you think you know but don’t actually know from your own experience?  What I’m going to discuss with you today is a bit of the battle between our human existence in a physical place that has laws, rules, systems, and policies. It’s truly up to your mind to decide what is real to you, and what is lost to subconscious interactions that are forgotten over time.

Time Is Not A Universal Law – Or is it?

An unknown truth is that the universe, god, the world, whatever you call the higher power, it does not lead a purely physical existence. Which means that it is not bound by our physical rules, laws, and emotional reactions. If you indeed had consciousness, will, and empathy as a nonphysical entity such as a god, that means that: they don’t experience time as “we do” now.

Time, a  “mad made” idea is a measurable reaction to the Cycles of Life.

Time is word we came up with to measure these Cycles of Life so that we can track our own events to relate to our memories, improving our cognition and intelligence significantly.

But this still is not a law of the universe. Whether we “experience” time slowly or quickly, depends upon what movements we are experiencing in a moment. It is only a conscious tool that we use to navigate our Own Cycles and that which is happening to us, around us, and ahead of us. Haven’t you noticed that ‘time’ gets ‘lost’ in the past? Or pondered why you can’t ‘see’ the future of time before you arrive?

It’s important for us to understand that time is not a law because the universe does not care, read, or respect our idea of time. To think of life linear does not make sense to me anymore.

Let’s move on to what else does not alter the universe in the ways we “think” it does. What else is not a law?

This is important because time is not linear. We think of the “past” and the “future” as if it’s in back and in front of us, like a time line. However, this isn’t really how time is. In truth, time is more like a blanket that we move through. More in this in other posts.

The 3D Battle Between Good & Bad

The idea of bad, and good. Or yes and no. These alternate and opposing ideas of duality are believed to be a law. They are not. Many of us have grown up too with the idea of “good deeds” versus “sinful deeds”. And unfortunately, to our physical consciousness, this idea can be extremely damaging to us, if we allow it to be. Most of us don’t even understand what ‘karma’ is.

I know this to be true in my own life, as I have attempted to manifest, create with intention, and change my life with my thoughts. And oh, have I changed it all…

If I think of the life that I want to live and how I’m going to get there, it’s very human of me to have my mind wander for answers and to try to make decisions. It’s natural for me to want to create a better life, to imagine it for myself. The problem is, if I don’t believe it’s possible, it remains only an idea, a dream of reality. It is not totally possible for me to manifest that which I don’t believe in.

The REAL trouble now is, it’s not always in your consciousness to believe in just one thing. Think about it.

You have multiple thoughts a minute, but your brain is actually processing thousands of stimulus every second. This is where you will find mindful exercises like yoga, meditation, and brain dumping come into play so successfully. Processing the thoughts that you want to stick around. Revisiting them often, and setting plans to achieve those ideas and make them real. Do you do this intentionally or is life simply passing you by?

When you give something enough thought, it starts to snowball. And pretty soon your whole life has changed and you are surrounded by “too much” of everything you are thinking about.

Let Go of What You Think You Know,
But Don’t Actually Know From Your Own Experience

Remember, earlier I talked about how I let go of what “I thought that I knew”.


Throughout life, we are influenced constantly by our environment, social figures, friends and family, and finally my own experiences. The trouble is unless you know from experience that it is true, you do not know for yourself. Even if you believe a story from someone else, unless you experienced it for yourself, you do NOT KNOW it. You must seek out the experience in which you think you believe to be true, and test it for yourself to know it for yourself!

It took much thought, but soon I was able to break the barriers I made, fabricated with the help of other’s ideas, stories, lessons, and experiences. Instead, I challenged myself to learn, experience, and touch that which I believed to be true for myself. Once I made this decision for myself, my life and my inner person was free. Free to roam the world as nothing by my own ideas, creations, and beliefs.

I was no longer captive by the fear of sin (from my Christian upbringing), or captive by what happened to others (that I felt guilty about or resented). I found too that the pain and suffering from my own traumas were dramatically lessened without everyone else’s troubles and fears wrapped up with my own (past relationships that ended badly, or the knowledge that someone did something terrible, any abuse that I endured). When I was left with just my own experiences to work with, I was able to find the ANSWERS for myself. Things that troubled me, no longer brought me down every day.

I’m not saying that the pain from my experiences was gone.

The scars remain, but what is left from the experiences is only what I learned from them to be true. And I know that truth because it is my own truth.

I stated earlier that, “Everything else about your own human experience, is because you brought it into your life.”

Take a deep breath because this is going to be hard to swallow as we move on. But I promise if you hang in there and accept these things as options in your own life. Then you can begin to “test it out” for yourself, in your own thought processes. It just starts with being aware that you can bring thoughts into consciousness with your will power. And that you do indeed have the most influence over others with the power of empathy.

Oh and not to rock the boat too much or anything but Newton and Gravity seem to be losing weight in the scientific world now too. What does this mean? We all need to radically rethink WHAT WE “THINK WE KNOW”. And start to discover for ourselves what is “true”.

Food for thought: I basically just asked you to be your own scientist and test out every bit of information you read, intake, or digest that could be true to you. 

Comment below? How does that make you feel?

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