Finding Joy In Folding Clothes This Weekend As I Learn to Tidy Up!

My motto is a, “A little bit every day is more in every way.” Or, at least, it was last year. As I progress through this white winter. After a major move late summer into early fall.

I’ve been struggling for years to find it within myself to be clean and organized. As I began my pregnancy a messy person, I had a new determination for change and to downsize what we had.

I did okay getting through all the stuff for the move, as we left a lot and threw out a ton. We still have loads left.

The difference now is, with the big house we rented with all the roommates… A lot of the stuff there wasn’t ours and so, it was easy to decide what was not important. But we were eventually in a rush… If we were unsure we kept it.

Move day (both times) we had to move every box at least twice if not a few more times. Gosh all this stuff!

For a kid who had nothing but a backpack when we met (Bowden), we sure have accumulated a lot of stuff in the last decade together! Like, wow!

Now it’s time to apply what I was missing then. A method to the maddness!

And… This is about to turn into a “Thank God for Netflix” moment.

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In this vlog episode, I give a short explanation about what’s going on and our struggles with “stuff”… I do show some pictures and background of where and what we’ve been dealing with. As well as talk about briefly what goals I’m working towards and why. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel!


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Thank Netflix, for the show “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”

Tidying Up is a show that had caught my eye a few weeks ago, but one I’ve been avoiding because I was too busy to stop and sit down, let alone to watch a show.

This weekend while Bowden was a way he had left me with some cash. So I picked up a “Breath” magazine about Mindfulness and planned to do some “me time”, self love style and just relax.

I worked through the first evening until I got dizzy and sat down. I read some of the mag though, (before I started getting dizzy by more words.) And it talked about choosing one area of your life to focus all your attention on. Something your not good at, or normally try to rush through.

I immediately thought about my clothes because, Bowden has brought to my attention how careless I dress and have no attachment to my clothes. I never have had a style. I’ve gone through some changes but most of the time through my life you’ll find me in a t-shirt and jeans.

I’m not an accessories kind of gal. My version of dressing up is choosing a skirt (I have a few I like now) and struggling to find a shirt that’s not a t-shirt to go along with it. And I never know where my shoes are so I borrow some from a girlfriend.

I realize that it’s a problem and have working on getting rid of clothes I have accumulated and left behind in our old house. Finally I’m down to a select bunch.

This is where I got dizzy and turned on Netflix…

This relentless, (beautiful), stubborn, controlling but lazy mom was swamped and gosh… Minus the two kids, that was me, like, two years ago. And I’ve still kept to, “I hate to cook”. I’ve been working on everything else. But that whole “can’t sit down” bit was actually “don’t want to get up” only a short time ago…

Life Changing Videos | Here’s my playlist where you can find the videos or trailers mentioned in this post! 

There was this ah-ha moment for me, when the host of the show Marie Kondo started revealing the “magic” of tidying. Basically, it is holding and thanking items, and choosing to keep only items that “spark joy” in you.

(And let me just say I LOVE the work JOY almost as much as LOVE. And that I LIKE the word “tidying” much more than… “cleaning” which makes me feel overwhelmed. I think I know why, but I’ll write another post on this some other time…)

As I watched the first episode of this show progress, they tackle their whole house and totally tidy up every little bit of it. And you can see their marriage start to matter again, the freedom of the kids start to refocus them. And their whole living environment changed!

The mother, totally did fess up and get to work when she started to see the difference it made in her life and her family, in just doing the clothes and kitchen. And I know that I can do that, this is the next step and now I have a system! A process to follow!

I’ll talk about each step as I go through it here on my blog, in the “Tidying Up Series”. I’ll probably be posting on social media and the vlog about it too, obviously @luvlifewlee / #luvlifewlee.

So I watched another episode or so and got some sleep… and then I got to work on my house!

The next morning, I decided to take the day off and get something done, or not. But I worked through Wednesday which I decided last weekend saw supposed to be a self care day… But skipped and worked through! Agh…

Bowden is gone until Sunday so I decided to take action from what I learned in that show and apply it to my life right away. Well, the first episode got me real bad. And I am one motivated mama!

I Found Joy In Folding My Clothes!

Who knew there would be a day that I, enjoyed folding clothes… Wow.

So, to use the method from Tidying Up with Marie Kondo (YouTube Video, found in my ‘Life Changing Videos You’ll Love’ playlist). I started with the clothes of ours: CJ’s, Bowden’s, and then Mine.

I dumped them all out and began to hold and thank each item, keeping the ones that brought me joy or “could” bring me joy, such as clothes that will fit CJ soon and be super cute!

And this helped me to know what it felt like to feel joy from holding Items. I knew that I would find more joy in CJ’s clothes than my own. Isn’t that funny?

I have meticulously folded all of our daily clothing items such as shirts, pants, skirts, and underwear for each of us.

I literally worked on this the rest of the day and into the late hours of the night, getting through all of my own clothes. But oh, my gosh does it feel so good!

Like I said, I’ll keep you updated here and there on the progress of me tidying up and living a more purposeful and mindful life. 

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