Inner Child Healing for the Inner Masculine

This is not just for the masculines of the world, because we all carry both negative and positive charges of energy. Yin and Yang. Yang is electric, masculine energy that takes action to go-towards other energy. The yin is feminine, and that of magnetic energy that attracts energy to it.

The Inner Child

The inner child doesn’t know or understand anything about the world that you know as an adult. It is the 1-5 year old you who is completely taken care of by someone else, whether that some one is very willing or not attentive to that care provided. This has effects on our inner person that we remember and in many ways, base our life from. While we develop a sense of self, we also identify the qualities of life and caring at the same time.

My Inner Child Hates Money

To those that know me, and those that don’t, my child’s story of my life at 10 years old from the voice was this: My parents are getting divorced and I have to move. They are getting divorced over money and don’t value love enough. I choose Love over money!

From that choice, I based many decisions whether or not I voiced that to anyone was irrelevant to me. So into my adult life, there was still this inner child thowing a tantrum anytime I touched, gained, or thought about money. I avoided bills, jobs, and resulted in a sense of lack and undeserving quality because of my insecurity with money.

The truth is, that my parents divorce wasn’t about money at all and that they loved each other but didn’t agree. I now have learned that some relations are NOT ‘meant to be’. And that that is perfectly okay, and that everyone has free will. I also understand them both now as indiviudals.

Consoling the Tantrum of Your Own Inner Child

Whether your story is terrible, or somewhat trivial like my own. Understanding the persepctive of your own story and consoling yourself is truly where you can begin to understand youself. Personally, you are the only one that can do this.

You simply have to explain to yourself, what you know and how it turns out. You can view this as a “visit yourself in the past and tell yourself the future” way within your own mind and heart.

In meditation, you would start by sitting comfortably and relaxing your body completely. Then you use your mind to scan the body to fully relax every muscle. Then, tell the mind to quietly tune into your heart and inner child voice.

For some respond very quickly, and the Child You will begin to spin memories, voices, giggles, favorite toys, and shows. For others, the inner voice has been silenced and is shy. This is common for introverts to expereince, in this case you may have to prompt yourself to be childish.

When you know within that you can understand that Inner part of you, the Child. Then begin to address and explain what you know now and how you live your life now. The child will listen intently, and begin to understand why the trauma is occuring.

If you are visual and can do this with yourself, and give yourself a hug then major bonus points.

Emotional Effects of Doing This with Your Inner Child

Sometimes this releases deep feelings and emotions, I recommend you let them all out. Cry as that child, for that child. And when you are ready and feel the emotions have been completely healed from the Emotional Body-Mental Layer. This affirms the change and shift in energy about this in a very physical way. Allowing the moment of transformation to be effective in your belief that you have healed this trauma, this voice, this inner tantrum.

If you don’t emotionally drain immediately, you may feel emotional later on and just allow that to ‘bubble up and out’ naturally. Give yourself some time alone and then move on from it. Don’t linger, just allow the emotions to be there and to be transmuted through experience. Some of us really need to physically process this as if it was an illness or something, and that’s actually pretty normal with emotional traumas and healing. It manifests this way for you, so that you can look back on this time of transformation, this emotional trasmutation to effectively ‘see the difference’ in ‘how you feel now’.

Reality Checks and Living With The Happy Inner Child

The older you get, the younger you begin to feel inside as if you are not actually aging at all. That just your body seems to lag into this state of aging, and the effects of reality begin to dawn on you. The point is, we don’t actually age within and so the Inner Child is always the Child. The mature person is the same person they were as a child. And even so, the future self is still the same individual expression. Regardless of ‘how much’ they have experienced.

So once you have made this resolution available to your inner child, and it now knows how it all goes and what you know. It becomes curious and playful, and free to experience with you and through you.

You become more playful in general. Again, you feel more curious about things. When your inner child is happy, it wants touch and play, it wants adventure and toys.

When New Challenges Arise Within

Once you do just one of these excersizes about just one topic or age in your storyline. You may feel later on, like your not having fun anymore and that you are done being adventurous.

Simply ask youself, that child, if there’s something they are upset about. The thing about the inner child is it’s quick to respond emotionally and mentally be confused. So as you experience confusion, you may attune this to “yes I’m the confused inner child and this is how I feel.”

Now you can take those signals, and try to understand the difference in them and how you life your life now. Something about your life currently is upsetting and is likely to be because of being uncomfortable, insecure, or undervalued. Starving for attention, or distraction from activities that are better suited for you.

Address these issues in your life directly if, in many cases, the inner child is ‘right!’ This happens quite often, where the inner child wants attention and this is exactly what the adult person wants and needs as well!

Whether this is something you do actually want to change in your life, or whehter you haev just decided upon a new life for yourself. Close your eyes, get calm, talk to your inner child and console them. They need someone to care for them, and don’t we all know how much we did for ourselves as well?

We learned how to walk, talk, sing, dance, and so much more. I would just like to say that that is REALLY awesome. You’ve learned a lot more since then huh?