Statement Regarding Covid 19 for Clients of LLWL

Medical Disclaimer:

You should consult your own doctor regarding your health; before, and after alternative health therapies .

All clients are required to fill out a medical history questionnaire before sessions with LLWL to ensure that you are a good fit for alternative therapies and to ensure your health is being adequately addressed by doctors. I am not able to treat diseases or injuries. Nor may I counsel those with mental diagnoses. The therapies offered by LLWL are considered “complimentary therapies” and would experience the best results with assistance from both traditional and alternative professionals.

You should consider official sources for Covid 19 updates and recommendations.

Disclaimer of Tolerance & Acceptance

I will not refuse sessions to clients with or without ‘vaccinations’ for Sars-Cv-2.

Policy Regarding Covid Positive Results and Recent Vaccination

  • I may not see you for sessions for at last 10 days after a vaccination date.
  • I may not see you for sessions in person for at least 14 days after exposure/experiencing strong covid symptoms, or a positive test result.

I am able to schedule remote sessions for most services including Reiki that do not require the above limitations. In other words:
You May Receive Remote Reiki Therapy (for Covid Symptoms and Viral load) While You Are Ill.

Information and Opinion

This site (LLWL) does not discuss these topics: covid 19, pandemic. However, they may be mentioned/researched in other projects/sites by this author, such as Universal Astrology, and Light and Cites. To be more informed about the stance I should visit those sites and read their terms.

Therefore, clients of LLWL will not be questioned, prompted, or any attempt to change, modify, or negate their own stance of the topics. They will not be considered during sessions, or for the health of the individual unless directly instigated/intended by the client themselves. In other words, it’s up to you to ask/direct conversations in regard to your experiences with covid, or during the pandemic, and how they have impacted your wellness. All other opinions and discussion about such topics should be held outside of sessions/business relations of LLWL.