Disclaimer of Tolerance, Implying Acceptance

Nondiscriminatory Acceptance of Beliefs

I have studied many, many paths, religions, dogmas, and teachings of all kinds. I have no fear of discovering new routes to navigate through life’s amazing experiences. With this universal care for all paths, I have a wide variety of knowledge, techniques, teachings, and guidance for many interests of faith. I believe in the end that our understanding of both science and spirituality has come to a universal awareness of our present clarity of purpose.

I promise not to impose, change, or disregard your past or present ideas, beliefs, philosophy, or faith.

I do wish to explore further the growth upon that path of faith, devotion, love and light.

Be that for regaining your power, intelligence, wisdom, or sovereignty. By further exploring the truth within the teachings, to fully embrace your own experience in this life.

Simply summarized:

  • I am tolerant of (nearly) any belief, philosophy, or tradition.
  • I reserve the right to spiritually protect myself before, during, or after sessions and always.
  • If our beliefs or vision is not compatible (and you have paid for a service by making an order already) I will offer a full refund within 1 week.

Clients are held responsible for their actions before, during, and after sessions. I aim to help build a more loving, caring, and joyous existence which may require forgiveness, acceptance, and release of old, harmful, or repetitive negative influences, habits, objects, vows/contracts, decisions, relationships, or spiritual practices. If they are causing harm to yourself or others around you. Be them real or imagined, you are in control of your life whether you realize it or not. My goal is to remove the negative and creative positive perceptions of yourself and the life around you. Sometimes the truth hurts, and I will not be afraid to walk through the dark to uncover your truth with you and I will hold you responsible for that truth once known.

Familiar To Me Religions or Belief Systems in which I have studied

  • Theosophy
  • Esoteric & Occult Sciences such as Alchemy and Hermetic Philosophies, Astrology, and Divination
  • Egyptology
  • Ancient Assyrian & Mesopotamia
  • Zoroastrianism
  • Judaism, especially Jewish Mystic Traditions
  • Christianity, especially Mystic Gnostic Traditions (non-Catholic)
  • Hermetic Alchemy
  • Buddhism
  • Hinduism
  • Islam
  • Daoism & Daoist Magic
  • Fae Shamanism & Mineral/Crystal Magic of Wisdom Traditions (Druid)

Religious Related Sciences and Medical Theory:

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
  • Ayurveda (India’s Science of Life) & Yoga
  • Reiki (Japanese tradition, recognized in Egypt also through out the world as laying hands and sound healing arts)
  • Reflexology and Acupressure (advanced TCM and Ayurveda)

Scientific Interests Include (in-depth):

  • Big History; origin of the universe, solar system, earth, and human evolution/s through linear time
  • Geology
  • Volcanology
  • Anatomy of the Human Body
  • Astrology
  • Archeoastronomy
  • Astronomy and Cosmology
  • Ancient History – especially Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia

Sacred Texts and Holy Books I have read and studied:

  • Holy Bible
  • Hebrew Torah
  • Kabbalah
  • Vedas
  • Quran
  • Avasta and Yashts of Zoraster
  • Anton Levay’s, Satanic Bible
  • Apocrapha including Enoch I, II
  • Lesser Key of Solomon
  • Nag Hammadi Library texts such as the Gospel of Thomas, etc.
  • Egyptian and Dead Sea Scrolls, such as the hermetic Book of the Dead, and writings of Thoth
  • Ancient Near East legends such as the Epic of Gilgamesh

Languages & Mathematical Systems I am familiar with, or study:

  • Hieroglyphs
  • Hebrew
  • Arabic
  • Gematria & Numerology
  • Kabbalah & Qabalah

A Path of Love and Light

I may converse and act through my higher self for my practice as I connect with the source, the creator, what I relate to as God.

I speak or pray directly to God. I also accept that I have spirit guides and soul connections that may offer guidance through clairaudience or Claircognizance. This is not something that I tune into but allow within myself to occur through the higher chakras and heart-brain coherence. It’s a bit different than general intuition when it occurs. I may make an intentional request of information through the Akashic Records or my own attunements such as Reiki to follow up on these occurrences. They are typically spontaneous experiences of claircognizance.

I take an effort to practice forensic healing, reiki, and energy medicine in my life regularly for my own benefit in my everyday life. I do so after having an existential crisis, a healing crisis, Dark Night of the Soul, or Spiritual Awakening. Whatever you want to call it. Many things occurred but mainly, I realized what it was that I wanted to do and I started studying and dedicating to the changes I needed to make in my inner and outer lives. I’m still doing that, and I always will be.

I’m simply here to heal, for the benefit of myself and all others for the benefit of the higher good of the all in accordance with the divine plan, for us all. I don’t think I am the only one, and I aim to help guide others to a more direct route to their own: purpose, healing, path, wellness, compassion, divine law and virtue, etc.


If you had to have a religious label, what would it be?
A modern day Gnostic Mage or Divine Healer; a Theosophist is probably the most accurate. Essentially I believe that through each major (and minor) religion can be found paths that lead to the same enlightened truth of all that is. Through reflexology we can use only the hand, or just the feet, to address issues through out the entire body and system. And in this way, it matters not which religion you believe as long as you believe in it’s truth and form of teaching through compassion and harmony with nature you can be healthy, happy, and spiritually whole. I effectively believe that the higher heart of our universe is the Galactic Center Sun and that through this great Heart of Light, life flows through the stars, and our Sun and to the Earth, provides vital energy beneath our feet and above our heads, which channels the powerful forces of the universe directly through us.

Are you a Christian?
I was born and raised in a Christian church, and have attended mostly those churches worshiping Jesus as the Christ.

However, I have no experience, practice, or association with the Catholic Chruch. I disagree with much of the philosophy and world views carried by the modern orthodoxy. As well as many of their societies and charities/programs.

I have put many hours of prayer and study into the Holy Bible, as well as the Lost Books of Eden; the Nag Hammadi texts. In this way, I consider the Gnostic Christian Theosophy as well as Egyptian Sacred initations close and dear to my spiritual path. I have learned to include also the Herbrew language and some of the Jewish Mystical Traditions as well, as I find them personally reveling.

Are you a witch or wiccan?
If by witch you mean “woman of wisdom”, then possibly. But I actually have no practices that are wiccan; so no. However, I am respectful to those with this practice as those found today are usually very close to nature and have a deep connection within themselves.

Do you cast spells or perform secret rituals?
No. I don’t actually venerate or worship the many deities found through out times and in my study. Instead I honor their memories by learning about them, and becoming more aware of their symbolic meanings and lessons within myself and the world so that I may recognize them. I practice within, and have a wide variety of meditations, mantras, and exercises that I do. None of them include set rituals or ceremonies. Some practices require rituals in the form of a set way of doing things, but even this becomes more intuitive for me the more I do it.

Are you a medium or psychic?

The definition of a medium in pop culture is someone who speaks with the dead and to this, I affirm no.

However, I do believe there are an abundance of non-physical beings who live and work in lower and higher dimensional reality. When you use your psychic abilities to extend yourself to experiences beyond the normal, middle reality of the senses we can imagine and sense many difference flows of energy. Some of which can be interpreted as spirits and guides and to this I would with out a doubt say that yes, I receive messages and guidance from the otherworld’s. But I do not make it a habit to contact the dead, lost souls, or those of my family who have passed. I respect that those who are my ancestors and friends/family who have passed are felt close to me, and within me and I highly regard their memory as a blessing.

If you are looking for any further exploration of the listed above areas ( such as spellcasting, mediumship, or witchcraft practices), please ask me for a referral and I can assist you in finding someone that can help you in ways that I cannot! So to say that, just because these are not areas that I myself practice, does not mean that I do not accept and appreciate these as crafts and spiritual expressions that should remain accessible.

Here is my best friend and sister-business, who is a modern-day witch, regular tarot reader (a really good one!), and custom healing jewelry crafter. Check her out here: ManifestEnlightenment.com!

Protections & Right to Refuse Service

I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason that may cause harm to the client or myself in some way, be that physical, mental, or spiritual in nature. I will disclose the truthful reason for such refusal.

I require spiritual permission for the divine to provide services to clients. If I fail to acquire this permission before or after our initial consultation, I may indicate this as the primary reason. For whatever reason, I may not be the right option for you at this time.

I will NOTE tolerate: Cultish influences, disinformation, dark force or satanic attack or behavior, harmful or disrespectful occurrences of any kind, magic or spells used upon others without permission or experience in such matters, attacks of psychic, spiritual, verbal or physical abuse, the use of spells magic or the accessing of records or materials from sessions for your own business (don’t copy me, learn with me), the barter of unlawful action, or contracts or vows to do something in trade for karmic resolutions to a problem including healing.

If anything you have read on this page does not feel right, then I am not the right practitioner for you in this space at this time.

Otherwise, I appreciate your honest consideration and I pray for many blessings upon you the moment you read these words.