Mission Statement

Loving Life With Light is a business and website dedicated to providing others insight and awareness to the Universal Life, Wellness, and Unconditional Love.

It is my goal to provide you resources, guides, and opportunities for Healing, Discovery, and Remembrance.

Core Values of Loving Life With Light

The core values of compassion, free will, wisdom, intelligence, harmony, knowledge, devotion, and power are for each of us to explore by our own right in life within ourselves. It is our mission, to assist in attaining these core values within.

Without judgement, denial, or resistance, we operate here under that of Unconditional Love and Acceptance for All. Following the Eternal and Infinite Laws of our Universe, we are One.

In this way we will practice Tolerance, Embracing, and Allowing, Our Life to Be As it is meant to be. Lived out, each in his own unique way of Being.

What this means to us is that of liberation and service to others through the written word, personal touch, and energetic transference. By creative expression through every interaction.

With every post, page, message, and every logos we are able to send out to you, is meant to be received with love, hope, and healing instantly and timelessly with ease and grace by the will of creation of all that is.

Affirmation of Light & Love

I am the Light. The Light I am.
I am the Love. The Love I am.
Am I the Light? The Light I am
Am I Love? I am Love

Welcome Letter of Love and Light,

That which is focused upon us brought to you. For this reason, I ask you to adhere to this decree upon reading this now and whenever you find yourself drawn to what is here:

I widen my consciousness and open my mind and heart to all that is and all that I am.

I explore my being and employ by bodies to become more of all that it really is to me.

I ask now to receive all meaning, healing, and energy that is meant for me in divine timing throughout my life.

Provided by this site, sources, insight, inspiration… with Love that may guide you here.

I affirm that I am ready to know the truth behind the words, symbols, meaning, lessons, synchronicity, and connection that is available to me, is available to me in every moment.

May the spirit, soul, and even science begin to blend and to unify in my conscious understanding and unconditional compassion for ALL life.

May those that need to hear and live in this knowing be attracted to the answers that are placed there for them synchronistically, and simply.

May I care for the seeds, codes, and inner knowing as triggers to quantum and cosmic life and the path of compassion for all with lives within me here and now, and ever after.

Primary Services from Lee

Universal Astrology & Alternative Services

I have been studying the stars since I was a young girl, obsessed with books and psychology, philosophy, and the sky. I have spent many years, quietly studying my personal alignments and events in detail. As an adult, I have a more mature, broad approach to consider what I now know about Cosmology, Geology, and Theology.

I offer Astrology Services such as natal interpretations, written astrology reports, videos, and even palmistry as Alternative Services.

Reiki Therapy

I have a huge passion for self healing, and found Reiki a natural and well grounded healing practice. I am so happy to be able to do what I always thought was possible, which is sending healing to others with direct intention. Learning how to send Reiki is a huge blessing, and is one of the primary Name Your Price services. Which means, you can choose the price of the session. This may not last forever, but you can schedule your sessions and recieve therapy from your home. There are a few options for types of Reiki to best suit your needs.

It is a Japanes Healing Method that directs the Universal Life Force with Intention, through the practicioners body through the hands, and to the recepiants body directly. Starting at the crown, and working the way down the body is specific hand positions, source energy is provided to the client.

You can learn more on any Reiki service page.

Personal Life Coaching

A new avanue is about to be unlocked for personal Law of Attraction Coaching. This is a more targeted, focused coaching experience.

I am currently offering one hour Spirituality Coaching Consultations for anyone that needs to express themselves and explore their spiritual self, path, vision, or experiences.

Alternative Healing & Wellness

Sometimes there is more to it than setting an intention and we need to experience healing. Miraculous moments, mystical experiences, spontaneous transformation can occur when you allow it to surface. Offering Divine Intervention and Spiritual Healing Alternatives for those who are attracted to them.

As well as revealing all of the Recommended Books and Resources that I use myself, I read myself, and that I hope to further educate others in. The personal services I offer simply cover my costs of business, which is writing, and providing information and interpretation for those of common interest and alignment.

I understand that “my way” is not “your way”, in fact I truly admire this aspect of our shared experience. My purpose is to identify those special parts of you that are unique, that shine, and encourage you to become who you want to be. And learn about how possible it is for you to recreate your reality to a life that you love living.

It means loving yourself more in every moment and expressing that love out into your environment. And it takes patience and tolerance to accept and allow your body, mind, and soul to relax into itself enough to let go. Enough that you can begin to take back your momentum, and choose a new direction for yourself. By understanding how things work, we can better comprehend our experience and manifest what we want instead of what we don’t want.

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