Mission Statement

Loving Life With Light is a business and website dedicated to providing others insight and awareness to the Universal Life, Wellness, and Unconditional Love.

It is my goal to provide you: moments/space to heal our-self, resources for growth and development, spiritual guides/guidance in accordance to universal spiritual laws, and open opportunities to create positive changes in our life and in the lives of others.

Remembrance, Discovery, Healing.
Understanding, Acceptance, Growth.

Development, Self Care, Integration to the Universal Life.

Compassion & Unconditional Love. Light. Purpose
& Peace

Core Values of Loving Life With Light

The core values of compassion, free will, wisdom, intelligence, harmony, knowledge, devotion, and power are for each of us to explore by our own right in life within ourselves. It is our mission, to assist in attaining these core values within.

Without judgement, denial, or resistance, we operate here under that of Unconditional Love and Acceptance for All. Following the Eternal and Infinite Laws of our Universe, we are One.

In this way we will practice Tolerance, Embracing, and Allowing, Our Life to Be As it is meant to be. Grounded in the now moment and planet. Lived out, each in his own unique way of Being Present to all that is.

This leads us to liberation and service to others through the written and spoken words, personal touch, and energetic transference via quantum fields and interaction between all living things. By creative expression through every interaction.

With every post, page, message, and every logos I am able to send out to you, is intended to be received with love, hope, and healing instantly and timelessly with ease and grace by the will of creation of all that is.

Affirmation of Light & Love

I am the Light. The Light I am.
I am the Love. The Love I am.
Am I the Light? The Light I am
Am I Love? I am Love

Inspired by Matt Khan

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