To see Certificates from these click here. For those interested in working with me, or becoming a client for Reiki Therapy. The purpose of this page is to list the continued education and courses I have taken through self study.


Ancient History & Mythology
Focus: Methods of Divination, Magic & Healing in Ancient History

TopicCourse Completed
Prediction X: Omens, Oracles & PropheciesHarvardX11/7/2020
Introduction to Ancient Egypt and Its CivilizationUniversity of Pennsylvania via Coursera7/25/2021
Wonders of Ancient EgyptUniversity of Pennsylvania6/14/2022
Magic in the Middle AgesUniversity of Barcelona7/3/2022
Organizing an Empire: The Assyrian WayLudwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU)Enrolled
World Religions

Religions, Pantheons, Language and Esoteric Mystical Practices
Focus: Ancient Mesopotamia (Aryan, Persian, and Iran) and Zoroastrianism, India’s Hindu and Jain, Omism and Theosophy of the West-East, and Gnostic & Mystical Christian and Catholic studies, Cathars, Celtic & Norse traditions, Native Tribes of the world such as Peru (Inca) and Americas (Maya), and of course Egypt

Ordained as Minister of the Universal Life ChurchImage2/1/2020
Religious Literacy: Traditions and ScripturesHarvardX6/8/2021
Christianity Through Its ScripturesHarvardX7/10/2021
Zoroastrianism: An Introduction by Ruben NikoghosyanRuben Nikoghosyan6/2/2022
New Testament in AramaicM. Koplitz7/3/2022
Christian MysticismFree Udemy Course
Norse Pantheon & Mythology

Home Care Aid

Foundations for Assisting in Home Care
Nutrition & Eating for HealthDr. Harriet HolmeEnrolled

Health & Wellness

TitleMaster TeacherCompletedCertificate
Acupressure & Yoga for Hormonal ImbalanceAnish Jacob2/9/2021Udemy
EFT/TFT Tapping Therapists Certificate (Emotional Freedom Technique and Thought Field Therapy)Graham Nicholls of the Priority Academy4/2021See Certs
Acupressure Massage for Pain ReliefMark Perren-JonesUdemy
Acupressure 101 & Quick FixesAnish Jacob6/2/2021
DermatologyNovosibirsk State University via CourseraEnrolled 2021
Everyday Chinese MedicineThe Chinese University of Hong Kong via CourseraStarted 2021 – 6/14/2022Coursera Achievements
Solar Power Healing TherapyShakti Devpriya Anand NathPending
Mudra TherapistDr. Himani SharmaPracticing
Spirit of AyurvedaEnrolled
Quantum HealingEnrolled

Reiki Therapy

TypeMaster TeacherCompleted
Usui Ryoho Reiki Shinpiden
Master Teacher Certificate (Levels I, II, III)
Lisa Powers
(included Attunement) *
See Certs for Reiki
Rainbow ReikiN. Baralos *2/29/2020
Atlantean Reiki & Lemurian Light N. Baralos *3/6/2020 
Karuni Ki ReikiAimee Phlegar *4/2020
Usui Ryoho Master (Level IV, V, VI)Love Inspiration3/2022
Kundalini Reiki (Level I-III)Love Inspiration3/13/2022 
Violet Flame Reiki (Ivy Moore lineage)B. Nardella *3/30/2022
Pleiadian Crystal ReikiC. Spears *3/24/2022
Pleiadian Reiki & Orion Violet Ray IN. Baralos *4/6/2022
Egyptian ReikiN. Baralos *6/5/2022
Sekhmet Reiki
(Egyptian Art of Healing, Practitioner Level I)
Geehan Rakha6/10/2022
Pleiadian Reiki & Orion Violet Ray IIN. Baralos *8/6/2022
Dragon ReikiN. Baralos *Pending attunement
Andromedin Reiki & Perseus LightN. Baralos *Pending attunement
Moon ReikiN. Baralos *Pending attunement
Spiritual Practitioner

Spiritual & Energetic Healing: Angelic Golden Lyran Healing, Celestial Dragon & Elemental Healing, Akashic Records & Past Life, Universal Spiritual Laws

Angelic Healing Practitioner (I, II)Tania Magdalene of Academy of Ancient Magick *3/19/2020See Certs
Forensic Healing Essentials Energy HealingMarisa Russo via Udemy3/10/2020Udemy
PalmistryDr. K. Wells4/23/2020See Certs
Law of Attraction Life CoachTransformation Academy5/12/2020See Certs
Connecting to Akashic RecordsSoul Tribe Academy11/20/2020See Certs
Spirit Release Therapy and Spiritual Entity HealingMark2/9/2021Udemy
Crystal Healing Practitioner (Introductory)Sasha Miller7/28/2021See Certs
Crystal Healing IAcademy of Ancient Magick *3/26/2022See Certs
Fairy Crystal Healing PractitionerAcademy of Ancient Magick *3/30/2022See Certs
Multidimensional Dragon HealingCarly Jane *4/3/2022Udemy
Angelic Healing TeacherAcademy of Ancient Magick *4/2/2022See Certs
Advanced Angelic TeacherAcademy of Ancient Magick *4/5/2022See Certs
Earth AngelAcademy of Ancient Magick *6/10/2022See Certs
Professional Certificate in Akashic RecordsProf. Krishna N. Sharma, Ph. D (Accredited)8/1/2022See Certs
Quantum Healing, Qigong & Womb HealingDr. Himani SharmaPending
Feng Shui DiplomaAcademy of Ancient MagickEnrolled
Spiritual Healing & Universal Laws of KarmaAcademy of Ancient Magick
Remembering Light Lanugage


Egyptian ShamanismMark KeaneEnrolled
Dragon Yoga: Shamanic Kundalini Yoga & the 7 Celtic CentersMark KeaneEnrolled
Faery ShamanismSharon RamelEnrolled
Munay Ki Shamanic Healing InitiationSharon RamelEnrolled
Norse Shamanism (Awaken Your Inner Viking Shaman I)Enrolled


TopicCourse Completed
Big HistoryCoursera2020-2021
Backyard Meteorology: The Science of WeatherHarvard X6/8/2021
Physics: Kinematics & Motion (audited)Rice University via Coursera3/2022
Physics – Motion, Speed, and TimeAllison9/11/2020
OsteoarchaeologyUniversiteit Leiden via CourseraEnrolled

Astrology & Archeoastronomy

ArcheoastronomyPoliteecnico Di Milano via CourseraEnrolled
Galactic Soul AstrologyJulia BalazEnrolled
Jewish AstrologyDevin Egber6/29/2022