To see Certificates from these click here. For those interested in working with me, or becoming a client for Reiki Therapy. The purpose of this page is to list the continued education and courses I have taken through self study.

Religious Studies & Ancient History

Ordained as Minister of the Universal Life ChurchImage2/1/2020
Prediction X: Omens, Oracles & PropheciesHarvard11/7/2020
Religious Literacy: Traditions and ScripturesHarvard6/8/2021
Christianity Through Its ScripturesHarvard7/10/2021
Introduction to Ancient Egypt and Its CivilizationUniversity of Pennsylvania via Coursera7/25/2021
Wonders of Ancient EgyptUniversity of Pennsylvania6/14/2022
Zoroastrianism: An Introduction by Ruben NikoghosyanRuben Nikoghosyan6/2/2022
Organizing an Empire: The Assyrian WayLudwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU) via CourseraEnrolled
Magic in the Middle AgesCourseraEnrolled


TopicCourse Completed
Big HistoryCoursera2020-2021
Backyard Meteorology: The Science of WeatherHarvard X6/8/2021
Physics: Kinematics & Motion (audited)Rice University via Coursera3/2022
Physics – Motion, Speed, and TimeAllison9/11/2020

Health & Wellness

TitleMaster TeacherCompletedCertificate
Acupressure & Yoga for Hormonal ImbalanceAnish Jacob2/9/2021Udemy
EFT/TFT Tapping Therapists Certificate (Emotional Freedom Technique and Thought Field Therapy)Graham Nicholls of the Priority Academy4/2021See Certs
Acupressure Massage for Pain ReliefMark Perren-JonesUdemy
Acupressure 101 & Quick FixesAnish Jacob6/2/2021
Everyday Chinese MedicineThe Chinese University of Hong Kong via CourseraStarted 2021 – 6/14/2022Coursera Achievements
Solar Power Healing TherapyShakti Devpriya Anand NathPending
Mudra TherapistDr. Himani SharmaPracticing
Spirit of AyurvedaEnrolled
Anatomy of the Abdomen & Pelvis (Basic to Clinical)University Leiden & Leiden University Medical Center via CourseraEnrolled 6/2022

Reiki Therapy

TypeMaster TeacherCompleted
Usui Ryoho Reiki Shinpiden
Master Teacher Certificate (Levels I, II, III)
Lisa Powers
(included Attunement) *
See Certs for Reiki
Rainbow ReikiN. Baralos *2/29/2020
Atlantean Reiki & Lemurian Light N. Baralos *3/6/2020 
Karuni Ki ReikiAimee Phlegar *4/2020
Usui Ryoho Master (Level IV, V, VI)Love Inspiration3/2022
Kundalini Reiki (Level I-III)Love Inspiration3/13/2022 
Violet Flame Reiki (Ivy Moore lineage)B. Nardella *3/30/2022
Pleiadian Crystal ReikiC. Spears *3/24/2022
Pleiadian Reiki & Orion Violet RayN. Baralos *4/6/2022
Egyptian ReikiN. Baralos *6/5/2022
Sekhmet Reiki
(Egyptian Art of Healing, Practitioner Level I)
Geehan RakhaPracticing

Spiritual & Energetic Healing

Angelic Healing Practitioner (I, II)Tania Magdalene of Academy of Ancient Magick *3/19/2020See Certs
Forensic Healing Essentials Energy HealingMarisa Russo via Udemy3/10/2020Udemy
PalmistryDr. K. Wells4/23/2020See Certs
Law of Attraction Life CoachTransformation Academy5/12/2020See Certs
Connecting to Akashic RecordsSoul Tribe Academy11/20/2020See Certs
Spirit Release Therapy and Spiritual Entity HealingMark2/9/2021Udemy
Crystal Healing Practitioner (Introductory)Sasha Miller7/28/2021See Certs
Crystal Healing IAcademy of Ancient Magick *3/26/2022See Certs
Fairy Crystal Healing PractitionerAcademy of Ancient Magick *3/30/2022See Certs
Multidimensional Dragon HealingCarly Jane *4/3/2022Udemy
Angelic Healing TeacherAcademy of Ancient Magick *4/2/2022See Certs
Advanced Angelic TeacherAcademy of Ancient Magick *4/5/2022See Certs
Earth AngelAcademy of Ancient Magick *6/10/2022See Certs
Egyptian ShamanismMark KeaneEnrolled
Dragon Yoga: Shamanic Kundalini Yoga & the 7 Celtic CentersMark KeanePending
Quantum Healing, Qigong & Womb HealingDr. Himani SharmaPending

Astrology & Archeoastronomy

ArcheoastronomyPoliteecnico Di Milano via CourseraEnrolled
Galactic Soul AstrologyJulia BalazEnrolled