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Photos & Graphics

Photos primarly from: and

Graphic art creations, primarily: Canva

Please refer to the meta data, tags, and credits within each photo, graphic, and post for original sources

Please refer to the Resource Library for commonly referenced sources, recommended reading, and other material of interests throughout the blog. I am VERY open about what I am getting information, both science, and sacred accounts alike.

Mobile Apps, Programs, and Featured Products Used

(in screen capture or video projects most commonly mentioned)

All Android Apps can be found on Google Play and have free versions available for use. Programs listed here are also currently free to download by searching for them. This is not all of the lists or programs I have in my possession, however, they are the ones used in some way to contribute to public awareness and scientific exploration of related topics. I highly recommend any and all of these products for your own use, and I am greatly thankful for their availability and use in our modern-day. Thank you. If you have a product to recommend, or feel I have broken any terms or agreements, please email me directly.

Astrology Android Apps

Solar Scope
Cosmic Watch
Astroid Alert
Daff Moon
Planetary Times
Disaster, Weather Apps

Connected Earth
Volcanoes & Earthquakes
Personal App Recommendations

The Pattern
Numerology and Biorhythms

Other Tools, Apps & Programs

Screen Cast O Matic
Mobile to PC
PC Programs

Solar System Scope
Google Earth
Google Chrome
Go to my Library for a list of Resources/Websites I Use


For further information please follow the links provided within the page and post for full sourced quotes, photos, infographics, and related reading materials that may have influenced the scientific discoveries mentioned within it.

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