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Through email contact we will schedule services and decide the best means of contact personally such as phone or a messenger app. You will need to verify your email before I will initiate any personal contact for client security.

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An Alternative Social Network of spiritual seekers of truth and independent research including fringe science, global events, astrology, numerology and gematria

Universal Astrology

Near Daily Updates on Astrology and Space Weather effects

Monthly reports are updated on the site at using the daily updates from telegram.

Things that come to mind. When they may help your thoughts to shine brighter

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Join the Universal Astrology Group to explore the spiritual side of Universal Astrology. Where I include more about the numbers and meanings of this as it interests me.

I also cover a more spiritual meaning and interpretation of the solar activity and space weather as it relates to us.

Below are a few other, more uncommon or less used places you can find me online:

Site, Link and @UsernameProjectPurpose
Youtube Channel for Universal AstrologyULAAstrology Live Videos
@AstrologyLive_ TwitterUALFor astrology, astronomy, and space weather
Do NOT contact me on twitter, is it only used for notifications such as NASA or SDO or other official info

A useful account if you like to follow earth’s events such as quakes and volcanos, Schumann resonances, etc.
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