Email contact is initiated when you make an order through the site for a service.

Through email contact we will schedule services and decide the best means of contact personally such as phone or a messenger app. You will need to verify your email before I will initiate any personal contact for client security.

Contact me or join our Universal Light Community on Discord,
to learn more click the button or look me up:

My phone number will only be provided to clients who schedule an order with private contact required for completion of service. For business offers, or to address a concern, please send an email to my gmail starting with: lovinglifewithlee

Below are a few other, more uncommon or less used places you can find me online:

Site, Link and @UsernameProjectPurpose
Youtube Channel for Universal AstrologyULAAstrology Live Videos
@AstrologyLive_ TwitterUALFor astrology, astronomy, and space weather
Do NOT contact me on twitter, is it only used for notifications such as NASA or SDO or other official info

A useful account if you like to follow earth’s events such as quakes and volcanos, Schumann resonances, etc.
Caylene’s LinkedinFor hire/education and professional inquiry