Soul Story

This page outlines with a few details, my own soul perspective and place in the Universe. I have gained such insight by the following methods through out my life; astrology interpretations (varied), spiritual initiations, reiki and light language or akasha. None of what is written here is to sway or convey a particular narrative. It is only to express myself more accurately on a soul level. And so that others that I work with, can more accurately find connections and truth through stories revealed from other dimensions and perspectives.

Life Story & Background | Education | Certifications


I am a Lyran starseed that has remembrances of Wars and explosive planetary events. I feel strongly that my earliest, and most ancient experiences are in forms of non-physical experiences. After the cataclysmic events of the earliest wars of this Universe, the Lyran Wars. This resulted in large number of my own peoples (family members) being torn from my life and the trauma I experienced as a “survivor” if you will changed and altered my soul. I “fell” from graces much like you would here stories of Nephilim. It’s possible that in my next soul phase, I would experience some of those timeline experiences as I also have ‘lost my wings’ somewhere along the way. Earth’s giant stories are an echo to me of another time and place far from here. I am from the avian Lyran lineages, that are sometimes referred to as Blue Avian or the Blue Winged Ones. I resonate more strongly with those flying and serpentine humanoid species in terms of galactic origins and soul expression of original coding held in the DNA.

White & Black

There was exceptionally large part of my early soul experience that switched from pure white to pure black forms of experiences (often back to back), to get to a neutral position in spiritual path work in various densities. I have memories of torture and pain, but the worse was being held captive in the Orion Empire under extreme oppression. It was these times that I felt my Orion-Lyran background triggered perceptions of how I see our modern world today.

It is some (not nearly all) of these same beings and lineages, that are attempting to retain their global control here in this time/space. They have done this in other places, and was for a long time stuck in a kind of feed-back loop in which my soul couldn’t “go home”. And yet, there was no home for me to go back to. On a soul level, these similar beings had destroyed my home planets, and taken over the stargates to the other worlds I was more familiar with. I was part of an Orion Resistance that formed over several lifetimes of effort, that resulted in the higher interactions with the Galactic Spiritual Ones in general. And eventually altered the soul life path of several million Orion’s towards Service to Others.

After the soul lessons and trials were completed/began in those timelines, my soul path turned to one of galactic travel, collection of data and information, and assisting struggling beings who had been captivate in similar ways. I also have a lot of soul interest in the rippled echo that happened to and within higher dimensions of Earth, such as Tara and Gaia that resulted from those wars.

I have noted that several of the persons in my life, that I have felt so strongly that I want to help or keep close to me (or protective of), are souls/groups that went through traumas in those ancient times, or have been victims of such entrapment by the negative groups I have experiences with. To do so, my most recent lives have been studies of magic into more man-humanoid forms of perception rather than avian-reptilian type of incarnations. This for me, probably “started” if there is such a word with experiencing water and aquan lives, and then to man and feline more recently to adapt further into this type of body/form/density/senses. Much of my innate capabilities, I can imagine and can kind of feel, struggles to adapt to different areas such as Pleiades and Earth/Sun and Sirius “territories” if you will, of this part of the Galaxy. If you have read much about the different consciousness and life forms of Andromeda, then you’ll understand that this place and form of existence is closer to home to my soul; therefore certain parts of life on Earth seem “new” to me as an “old” soul.

I have a tremendous amount of positive experiences with Being Draconic (positive), and having Dragon Riding lives. Of planets where many of the monstrous species (like bugs and reptiles) where peaceful, and the cute critters which are here small-are morbid horrors in those otherworlds. (For example, I have positive experiences as a dragon rider, in which saber like bear-cats where the most viscous and terrible of enemies, forcing life on land to be difficult.)


I helped to establish some of the species along the way. And helped to seed several of the life forms across the galaxy in my later (to me) forms of soul experiences. It is my pleasure to have access and witness to the largest of databases that carry all kinds of life forms. Ones that we can easily imagine, and others that are completely alien to our type of planetary life. Collecting, storing, and seeding life forms where they will perform the best. This is from Andromeda soul experiences (in another time-space than this). There are higher forms of being that can terraform; collisions such as the one that caused water on earth from a meteoroid. And even, the event that caused the Ring of Fire and our Earth’s plate tectonics. Are acts of the gods, that may seem substantially large and chaotic to us as individuals. But to the larger consciousnesses of manifestation, is part of their ‘every day experience’ of Creation.

It is my own understanding that; humanoid species (man, avian, feline, serpentine) are a blessed and sacred creation of life from the Multiverse. There is hope even for the most tormented beings alive in no-time, that transform to and from the grandest to the darkest, and from the worse to the most divine.

So as judgement passes away, from a purely neutral point, you can see that you are connected to all parts of the life cycle you participate with, and always have been. Your story is the same, no matter what “life” along a linear line you may explore. And at some point, you realize that you are what you hate. And yet, you are your own savior in the story through a different life experience you have/had/will have. What you love is what you are and always meant to express. That living things are connected by and through the essence that produces and sustains life. No matter what form that life takes on, what actions it takes, it is a creature that is alive through the same forces of power and creation as you are now experiencing.

Earth Incarnations

My incarnations on Earth have been rather few in comparison to other Earth souls, I feel. I had the most incarnations around the times of Lemuria, where forms of life where somewhat non-physical in that we were in light body manifestations of our higher selves, and the veil of magic wasn’t there. Later I returned to experience Atlantis, for a variety of reasons but essentially these were positive experiences. Even though when it occurred, the fall of Lemuria, was expected to those connected to higher spiritual awareness. There were aspects of that time that were rather terrifying, and triggering for my soul group/s. I played a kind of leader/caretaker role in those times and was involved somewhat in the Schools at that time. These Schools become what is now similar to what Earth calls their Mystery School Traditions. Most cults, religions, and societies that stem from the ether of mystery are often kept in secret what is divine. Cue a red flag. The kicker is; this was to hide it from others for nefarious purposes.

The divine, when expressing itself through a collective of beings that is accepting and loving, has no reason to mystify itself to them. This begs to question, so what happened to us and our connection to that source of love and power? Surely, it exists in forms of life still, even now.

I didn’t return until “I had to” to begin to help Earthlings transition to higher forms of light, and out of the dark. I feel strongly that this was a request that I couldn’t ignore, and that I waited for precisily the right time and people to come here. The happenings here is something I have a lot of experience in. But in the case of soul stories, there is a lot at stake in the DNA of humanoids here. For many hundreds of years, the density of darkness of most of this side of our Galaxy was centralized to this Solar System. Now that the Sun has reached certain levels of awareness, and can communicate more effectively with the Galactic Central Sun. We all can expect great changes to occur here. It is a matter of time, and the forces of Light and Love are highly involved and always have been, in the integration of this Sun and it’s Children to the larger Family of Light. For this place, Planetary Liberation is on it’s way.

At certain points of the beginning evolution processes, most religions discuss the curse of mankind out of “eden” or “heaven” and essentially we lost our connection to the divine. There are many myths and legend around this, but to me it comes down to a spiritual war of envy; those beings who were created with purpose and those that were created through experimentation. The earth’s species, I believe, was created with divine intent to heal the trauma of this Universe by producing bodies that could unify polarity, transition through different densities and time/space, and of course live and breathe on their planet who was formed to sustain life.

This for me, started with Waring solar systems over dying lands. Those same beings brought their problems with them, and made larger groups to organize themselves against each other. What began as one became the many. And it is these many, that seed so many varieties of perspective that we have experienced on earth. It is the damage that has been done to this planet, through the destruction done upon the sun’s that have resulted in the life producing individual experiences we craft ourselves to experience what has occured.

While some souls were created, trapped, and then released. Others were created while trapped, and never released and have in some way, never tasted true freedom. While others know mostly liberated higher dimension of reality, in which accidents and mistakes are few but can be widely devastating to lower dimensions. As above, so below, is true even in the higher dimensions. And when the gods are at war, so are their peoples.

At times in life, we go through our ups and downs. Some transition those hard times more easily than others, and with more grace and ease. However, at some point we all have demons to face and low points in which we must do things we wish we didn’t have to endure. This is one of those choke points in my soul life, that I know has to happen and I must be here to observe and witness. There are beings here that I wish to help, words that must be spoken at the appointed times. Ultimately, for me, it is not only healing and helping myself in learning and healing my own karmas. Because when we do that, we also assist the planet and each other; we help heal the planet and the sun too. We (us and the suns and planets) experienced all of this together afterall.

We have collectively made huge impacts in the life of the Galaxy which we are stationed in. And that, effectively stimulates positive changes in the whole of this Universe, which is a part (I believe) in the Multiverse of Creation. It is that One Creator of All There Is that I call the Great Divine God. And it is that Divine essence that has created all that we call good and evil, all that we see hear and believe are aspects of it. And the avatar deities we identify through religion, science, and imagination are all emanations of the connected web of energy that is shared between all life forms. ALL life forms (not just some over others).

When we observe stories that relate to the Underworld, or read about Lower versus Higher Worlds. We just need to realize that most of the Earthly collective is a hybrid of soul types that are stuck on, rather than visiting this Earth. People have yet to pass the class, essentially.

To me, Earth is a kind of Transition School in which there are contrasting ideas without a large variety of species. This is different than that other planets, which may have a huge variety of intelligence and some are waring where others are harmonious. This planet has yet to choose it’s fate, and there is much hope that this planet and its beings will someday be a kind of technological paradise which retains much of it’s natural planetary beauty. I may or may not be around for that, but I surely do see a time when the next time I check in on Earth it is no longer controlled by central nefarious tyrants and rather is a Galactic Hub of Healing and Species Rehabilitation Advancement as Caretakers. Rather than being experimented on or being experimenters, we will be healing and guiding various beings into the Path of Light through Service to All Others.

Many on the starseed journey have been “warned” that Earth is a perpetual trap and that the veil of forgetfulness, let alone the tricks and technology being used here. One wonders, why then, take the “risk” of coming to Earth? That is for each of us to ask ourselves. But for me, it was a decision I feel I made with and for others, not just for my own soul lessons but because of my soul mission and path. It feels only like one of the many steps that I will climb and that there are Classes going on right now on Earth, that I didn’t want to miss. There is experiences here and now, that are only possible at this time with these people, in this station of this Galaxy.

Cay le ne Michael
Blue Avian Lyran-Orion Violet Ray,
Amethyst Order Starseed and Guardian Aspect of the Blue Flame