How to Honor Yourself With Healing and Understanding

We are living in a time of great change and chaos. My best advice to anyone right now is this: Honor Yourself

What does that really mean? It means to find your inner voice and purpose and then listen to it. Taking action before you even know what you are going to do is only blowing air onto the flame that is already much too big!

Before we get all worked up and ready for war, we would be wise to take a minute to think and listen to our inner wisdom. To take action before you are ready can be the death of you and your opportunities to help the world change in new ways. It starts with the self-love and acknowledgment of what you truly want to accomplish in this life.

Much of our negative thoughts and emotions are programmed by our culture, media, and influences from the outer world we’ve grown up in out of fear yes. But the Shadow Self doesn’t much care about all that, it wants to push you and pull you down. Only to make you realize how wrong you are to Not Do what you Want To do from within.


No Blame Games Guys

If you are blaming your parents for your uprising then you are only blaming yourself for being influenced into a certain pattern of learning. You are angry with yourself for knowing this, but living within that pattern anyways. This goes for anything that you might resent within, for holding you back. The good news is this: You can at any moment change those bad habits and self-made programs. If you’re “too stuck” to look within yourself for what you already know… Then why do you think you are living out this life? Are you not meant to change the pattern? Don’t you want to?

Yes, you definitely do want to be different, a better version of yourself. But fear has you locked up with your shadow self, who will do nothing but bother you until you do what you want to do. Pushing you to make the difference to Honor Your Calling to Duty. That duty is most likely NOT to destroy, NOT to go to war, NOT to be part of the problem. The magic happens when you stop fighting in the wrong war within and you start living out your desires and purpose.


Stop doing what you hate and start doing the things you love.


What Happens When You Make the Change to Honor Yourself

What happens when you are in a state of love and happiness? Do you think that the shadow self has anything bad to say to you? Nope! Your good to go!

Beating your shadow self up and shutting those voices out doesn’t make you sane, it makes you insane to your own game. If you go about life doing the same things in the same destructive patterns that you’ve created for yourself. Expecting different results? Yea? Because that’s the definition of insanity. Don’t the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

If you ask me, listening to your inner voices, both the shadow self and the higher wise self will allow you the freedom of life happening before you. Taking action to follow that path will bring you closer to understand those inner voices, even more, allowing yourself to trust… yourself! This is what it would mean to truly Honor Yourself.

Losing Control is a feeling that resonates to the Stomach. I talk about this in more detail in the Sacred Sacral Chakra post.


How to Heal and Honor Your Emotions

I have put together a guide of 9 different Self Honor healing emotions, phrases, and essential oils that will help transmute and change your perception of self. Allowing you to release the negative emotional attachments, learn the lessons, and transcend to a centered state of Self Respect, and Self Confidence.


Earth’s Minerals to Help Heal Yourself In Honor & Courage

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  • Use Hematite to boost self-confidence as well as many other healing properties
  • Yellow Tigers Eye can greatly bolster your solar plexus as a confidence booster
  • Obsidian can help ground you, stabilize and protect you. My go-to stone for protection and grounding on any bad day or troubled time.


Meditation: Planting a Seed Within Your Heart

I was in meditation with the Pleiadian energy of the 7 Sisters of the Pleiades Constellation.

I envisioned a small seed being planted within the center of my heart and letting it grow. I felt as though the energy of this Heart Seed Grew and Blossomed. I took some time in this meditation to imagine the waters and fluids of emotions to water this seed. I saw the first little spud and green leaf sprout up and my own energy body lit up with excitement and joy within. I couldn’t help but smile with self-confidence and pride.

Since this meditation, I touch my heart center and imagine that little seed has grown and blossomed a little every day. I take a moment to love myself and my life. Gratitude is an amazing way to boost your feeling of abundance from within. My own tree of life has been realized in a way.

I encourage you to take a moment to do this visualization in your Active Imagination and see how it feels to Water Your Heart with positive emotions of self-love and intimate care of your heart space.

Note that most mediation and active imagination is done in the mental realm. By opening yourself up to the ideas of the archetypes, myths, constellations, energy, and memory complexes you are truly able to join a collective realm of Atlantian fantasy, in which the Pleiadians are very welcoming, comforting, and willing to assist. Particularly in the sensitivities of emotions and feminine magnetic energy systems, which each human has (both male and females carry electric and magnetic energy).

Source: Plaiades Astrology |