“Time; From Amit (Sanskrit), which means endless or immeasurable. Also comes from Tammuz, which gives Thomas (see disciples) and Thames, etc,. The Thames river in England is also known as the Isis, (the Nile was seen as a personification of that goddess).

The word chimes comes from Time. “Ch” often replaced the hard “T.” When the great cults decided to join together, the prime symbols and even concepts of each had to be represented in the new gestalt. In subsequent consensus, it was decided that:

  • The year would represent the Solar Cult’s idea of time and periodicity, being calibrated upon the movement of their archetype, the sun.
  • The month would be calibrated along lines that would suit the Lunar Cult, featuring their cardinal numbers, while
  • The week would conform to the paradigms of the Stellar Cult, featuring their sacred number 7

Many other idioms of our age come from this activity, being placations to and commemorations of the power cults of antiquity. The symbols that are found on paper money, for instance, reflect just these historical events.”

Source: Astro-Theology Etymology and Sidereal Mythology Tarot Astronomy