“Sinister; Made from the words sin and ster. The latter means star, while the former is the most ancient name for the moon, even more used than Min. All Lunar Cult peoples referred to their goddess as Sin.

This is where we derive the word Sinai, which is a mountain mentioned in the Old Testament. This region and the mountain, like all mountains, was sacred to the astronomers and star-gazers, who would always have stations and altars on the tops of hills and mounts. We still see the word, mount, (moon), before certain place names. Later, in the time of the patriarchal (see Patriarch )religions, all scions of the Lunar cult were rebuked and vilified. Thus we have the words sinner and lunatic as derogatory terms. The former is so loaded with religious intonations that we cannot see its real origins.

It comes from the bigoted solar cult. The remonstration in the Bible- “go ye and sin no more,” is not really a call for contrition, as we are told today. It really meant, Go and worship SIN no more, that is the
moon, worship the sun instead.

Sinners were not wayward Christians. They were the converted and enslaved members of previous Feminine cults. The word harlot and prostitute also referred to the same persons. These were originally the High Priestesses of the previous cults. They worshipped the natural cycles and rejoiced in the bounty of “mother” Earth and their credo was one of tolerance and coexistence. They worshipped the night sky as an corporeal manifestation of the body of The Creatrix. They did not reject or repress the natural libidinous energies of the body and respected the sexual drive as a normal and productive power.

We get the word sign, from sin. The word comes from the time when we knew that the planets, like
the moon, gave signs, meaning astrological intimations. When the moon gave rise to mantic auguries, one would say that “Sin,” has shown us the way, or it is a sin or I saw a sign.

Now we just say it was a sign, or give us a sign. It all comes from astrology. The ancient name for India was Sindh. The Lunar Cult was very strong there. It was strong in Persia also, which is why the Islamic flags still bear the crescent moon emblem. The name of the moon is preserved in names like Cindy. Cinderella a lunar myth, dealing with the “Chemycal Marriage,” amongst other things, has an entire astrological dramatis personae. In fact we still use the term “stellar cast” when speaking in movie jargon. It’s so old it’s new.”

Source: Astro-Theology Etymology and Sidereal Mythology Tarot Astronomy