“All the religious representatives pontificate about the “great mystery” that only they know how to mediate with. What we are not told is that the word is Egyptian for woman, namely Myst or Mesta.

The mysteries are the feminine Gnosis, of the Great Mother Universe that was always personified by the Female, as was the mathematics and geometry that gave access to the secrets of Her Being.

In ancient days it was noticed that the body of the female in regards the menstrual and gestative cycles, were synchronous with the movement of the Luminaries. Thus woman’s body and the name of the goddesses, like Maat, became synonymous with the mysteries of the Universe.

The very word “matter,” comes from the name of the supreme goddess of the Egyptians. (Maat)

The Solar-centric ethos that came later marginalizes women for this reason…”

Source: Astro-Theology Etymology and Sidereal Mythology Tarot Astronomy