“Minute; Arises from two goddess names, Min (moon) and Nut (Nuith) both of the Stellar Cult. The former was the keeper of time as it is today. In fact the reason why a watch has three hands is to represent the three important planets associated with Astrological and sidereal temporality.

  • The slow moving hour hand is for the sun (Horus),
  • the quicker moving “Min-Nut,” hand is the moon’s hand and
  • the fast ticking hand is for Mercury, the planet that was known to spin fastest around the sun and on its own orbit.

The chess-board also preserves this:
The King which can only move one square at a time is the sun, the Queen which has more latitude is the vacillating moon and the black and white squares of which the board is comprised represents the day and night of the diurnal motion of the luminaries.

This and other games were created by the Stellar Cult, who also worked with the right-brain modalities of expression and comprehension. In sports today, there are three levels of competence and the symbols (medals) given to the victors have astrological significance. The gold is for the sun and is the ultimate prize. The silver medal is obviously for the next luminary, the moon and the bronze symbolizes the Earth itself, as the color of earth is bronze, (or could be Mars, the “ruddy one”). Kings are often wearers of medallions as these also denote the sun. Generals and army personnel also wear various solar emblems.”

Source: Astro-Theology Etymology and Sidereal Mythology Tarot Astronomy