“(pronounced Mathe) Provinces is Meath. This was the central and administrative province. One of the derivations of the word is Mide, meaning middle. This, however, relates directly back to the Egyptian goddess of balance Maat, whose hierogram also stood for the fraction 1/2. Meath was home of the Druid Counsels and Tara the capitol, the seat of the High Chieftans.

It was encircled and protected by 7 bastions or Fences (sacred stellar number). Tara is yet another goddess name, but it also relates to the stars. Many tombs to the Gaelic Queens are found in Meath. It was a Matriarchal era. The fact that Meath was an administrative center is suggestive because the main symbol of the goddess Maat was the Scales of Balamce. These have long since been the emblem for the
administrative and judicial professions. In Scotland the word Mother is still pronounced “Mayther.” Mother comes from Maat or Mayat or Meatha, etc,. In Ireland there are is the goddess known as Mabd

Source: Astro-Theology Etymology and Sidereal Mythology Tarot Astronomy