From Mahat (Sanskrit). Means the Great Flux. Comes from the Egyptian Maat, giving words like mother, maths, measure, meter, mate, master, etc,. A “master” is one who is in balance, who operates in accordance with divine or natural law- obeying MAAT.

Measure and Mathematics arise from this Maat. Mankind discovered that number and geometry was inherent in the Universe due to the menstrual cycle. All number and calculation was therefore derived
from and connected to the female body, which is why the goddess was sacred, being the origin of it all. Today’s science is possible because of the female. This is why “math” is a close derivation of Maat. The scientist forgets that the mystical traditions are therefore as ‘scientific’ as their work, more-so sometimes. Freemasons use the capitol letter “G” between the compass and the rule. “G” was an ideogram for the throne of the goddess Isis/Maat. Demeter the Greek Earth goddess means The-Meter/Mater/Mother, from Maat.

In the New Testament, we find Matthew, who was “Tax-Collector” and whose symbol was the Scales

Source: Astro-Theology Etymology and Sidereal Mythology Tarot Astronomy