The Magi were the Egyptian star-gazers or astrologers. The black-robed judge or magistrate, like the priest, pastor, rabbi, missionary and scholar, is styled on the planet Saturn, always denotative of law and order, establishment and Karma. “Old Father Time,” that punishes for infractions of divine law. He sits three stories high and presides over the 12 lesser “judges.” But there is a more secret rationale behind the design of courts and the use of the number 13.

The court rooms of today are analogous to the zodiac.

The judge represents the 10th House or sign, Capricorn, he that puts a “stop” on you, calls you to account. In the Tarot the equivalent card is called The Devil. Also the number 13 is extremely important in occult ritual, though not for the reasons known to superstitious Christians and the like. It represents the Lunar year and also the 13th sign of the zodiac that is known and employed by the black deceivers.

This sign called Ophiuchus, (the Serpent Bearer), runs between Sagittarius and Capricorn. It is considered by occultists a neutral zone, actually out of the regular zodiac. The reason for this has to do with the Galactic Center, the Black Sun, the altar of the solar system, to which everything is moving.

This central sun is in the 13th sign (commonly Sagittarius). It is considered a precinct of the zodiac removed from the other houses.

  • This is why when one is in a Law Court, one has to pass by a gate and fence to face the 13th judge.
  • This is why in many cathedrals, churches and synagogues, there is also a precinct behind the altar, leading to the holy place.
  • It is also the reason why in civic centers and government buildings there are motifs and murals on the architecture and on the floors depicting zodiacs and large black stars.
  • These can also be seen in Masonic Halls and on product logos.

The planet Saturn can be considered a double for the black sun, as it rules Capricorn and the color black. The symbol of Saturn is perhaps the most common logo symbol used, after the sun. The swastika also went by the name of the “Black Sun.” (It was originally used as a Hindu symbol before it was hijacked for Nazi purposes to further associate the symbol with them.)

There are many corporate logos that are based on it also. The number 13 turns up in the fact that many serial killers actually murder 13 victims before they are caught. One day when people are ready to hear about the real reason for these killings, they will find the answers for what has been staring them in the face for decades. Many government operations, both covert and non-covert, are convened under the 13th sign, that is rituals, assassinations and inaugurals, speeches and declarations of war, etc,.”

Source: Astro-Theology Etymology and Sidereal Mythology Tarot Astronomy