“Kabala; This is an Egyptian word. The syllables are the very names of the 2 parts of the soul, known in Egypt as the KA-Self and the BA-Self. The LA is a form of AL or EL, meaning God or One (see, Allah).

These three phonemes become the first letters of the English alphabet, A, B, C, or (AA, BA, KA), The English alphabet, like the Sanskrit, Celtic and Runic, is a magickal alphabet, though this actual truth has been lost.

The Ba is the root of ABBA (father) of KAABA (in Medina) of BABY and of the verb – To BE (to Exist).
The root Ka may give the modern word -Character, and is the root of Cast, Christ (Karast), Kal (time) and Karma (Justice), etc,.

In Latin the word Cabalas happens to mean horse. So due to this chance association, the real Kabalists, those operating behind the scenes of government and religion, have often used as their code symbol, a black horse. This symbol is found on numerous logos as well as in architecture.”

Source: Astro-Theology Etymology and Sidereal Mythology Tarot Astronomy