“Orisons; In pre-Industrial and Medieval times one did not say “I am going to say my prayers,” but my “orisons.” This word is the same as Horizon, as all Solar Cult practitioners would say their prayers to AMEN or ATON, by turning to the east, where the Sun rose.

Horizon, is literally the zone of Horus, or Horus’s Zone. Again we find a Christian word for prayers that has its roots directly in the pagan past.

The purveyors of the Christian ethos, who take 7 year theology degrees, are all aware of these connections. They know the origins of their edifices all too well. The horizon is the zone of Horus, whereas on the western side we have the sunset. This term comes from the fact that the Egyptian lord of darkness, the enemy of the sun-god was called Set. So when the sun is consumed by the darkness, we call it the time of sun-set.

The three stations of the sun in the sky gave rise to the original Trinity that the Christians later used for their own purposes. The word zone, is actually a derivative of the word Sun anyway.

Zone becomes zon, which becomes son, or sun. We commemorate the movement of the sun in the very act of writing. We write from left to right, to emulate the movement of the sun from east to west.

For without the light of the sun, there could be no writing and no knowledge. Light is the most common connotation for knowledge, eg., Enlightenment, Illumined, Alumni,
Illuminati, Illustrious, Brilliant, Scintillating, Elites, Pupils
, etc,. “

Source: Astro-Theology Etymology and Sidereal Mythology Tarot Astronomy