This word for Deity, originates from the Anglo-Saxon word Gott, which actually means Goat. This arises because the original tribes and peoples worshipped Deity as a goat, a stag or bull, or any horned animal. Due to the travesty of Christianity the very goat, symbol of God, is now the symbol of Satan the opposer of God. All original gods were shown with horns on their heads. This is why Michelangelo shows Moses with them, to mark his wisdom and spirituality. This is why monarchs and shamans have them in their
head-dresses, i.e., crowns and coronets. Jews wear the Sheepskin.”

Source: Astro-Theology Etymology and Sidereal Mythology Tarot Astronomy

God was demoted from deity to manhood with the re-write of his-story; man was called god, the prophet and messiah of Judae, Yeshua. Who was initiated, baptized and rebirthed in the mysteries and secrets. The Jews (then Yahweh’s followers) wanted him dead (crucified) because he was seen as a sorcerer or magi and worked on the Sabbath (Saturday) working miracles. Because they didn’t believe he was god, nor a king. The jews brought him to the Roman Universal Church because their own laws didn’t permit death, as the Judah brings Yeshua to the Scales…