“Genesis; means the Genes of Isis or Generation of Isis. This is because the story in the first book of the Bible is really an Egyptian Sidereal Tale, taught to initiates in the great Nile temples.

Moreover, the syllable Gen means “woman” or “queen.” In fact this latter word derives from it. “Queen” came from qwen or gwen. Gwyn, guen or gwen (which also means “white”), also gives the Celtic word Guinevere, meaning “fair woman,” or “white queen.” The original “White Queen,” was not so much Guinevere, but Isis, Egyptian goddess of the moon, wife of Osiris, the original King Arthur.

This fascinating name also gives Guin-Eve, that is Queen Eve, relating to the primal parent, thus confirming the esoteric status of the Arthurian legends. Gyn meant woman, hence gynecology. We also get the drink Gin, named so because it was favored by women.

The word Genes (passed down from the mother), Jini, Genealogy and the female name Jean also come from it. “Genius,” is called so, because this was someone who was infused with the Muses, the
female creative force. A child who was a genius was called so because his “genes” were good, meaning that his mother was the cause of the skills. ‘Genius’ implied that one was favored by the goddess.

In India we find the term Guna, meaning inherited traits. We also get genetics, genealogy, gentle and gentry from it. A “gentleman” was one that had the feminine sensibilities awakened.

One of the figures that stood for the female and still does, is the letter or symbol X (from XI, the Greek, pronounced She). This is why cars still often bear the phoneme X or XI, etc., to subliminally feminize them. And this symbol is found on other product logos also. The syllable Gen, also means garden. Genesis can mean, the Garden of Isis, referring to the Earth or even the Universe which we, her children, inhabit.”