“David/Dove; Means Divide and indicates ‘Geometry.’ The letters of the word seen geometrically make the Star of David. The two “D”s become a circle, the “A” is a triangle, the “V” is an downward facing triangle. We also derive the word Dove from David.

This is why there is a dove on the modern credit card (see image) and why the Royalty also use the symbol. In Spanish the word for Dove is Columba, or Columbanus. This is where the Knights of Columbus get their name. The District of Columbia, British Columbia, Columbia (SA), Columbia Pictures, Columbia Records, Christopher Columbus and Columbine High School, all derive from the secret meaning of this term and symbol. The name of Columbus, was adopted by Christopher Columbus because he was in the pay of the Knights of Malta, the real founders and owners of America.

We still see the pictures of the ships in which Columbus sailed. On the sails was the red cross of the Knights of Malta, also known as the Knights of Columbus. Another of their symbols, the dove, is also found on Greenpeace, and in the movie For your eyes only, the criminal group of crack assassins use the symbol. The Knights of Columbus trace their occult history from the actual Assassins of the Persians.”

Source: Astro-Theology Etymology and Sidereal Mythology Tarot Astronomy