Conn, like caan, cahen, cohen, etc., means “serpent,” and in Hebrew it means Priest.

[Connaught, Ireland] This was the Province of the great and most ancient Stellar Cult. They were always revered as Magi and the symbol of their wisdom was the Serpent. Even [Jesus] Christ, the paragon of the Solar Cult was reminding his disciples to be “… as wise as Serpents.” Now this statement is abstruse and enigmatic until we acknowledge that Christ was referring to the “Serpent People”, renowned as the keepers of the high arts of mathematics, temple construction, naturopathy and Magick.

Ireland and its Cults, however, suffered the same fate as the rest of the world at the advent of the solar Christian paradigm.

The solar priest Patrick (called saint), is said to have come down from the “holy mountain” and declared to the assembled that he had cast out all the serpents form Ireland. People must have been quite puzzled, as they are today, on hearing this as there have never been any snakes in the land of Ireland. The reader may now know to what the words relate. They refer not to the casting out of snakes (what a job for a famous Saint), but to the Serpent-People, who would indeed be rooted out, lock, stock and barrel, by the descending hegemony, of which Patrick was the ambassador.

The Arthurian Legends relate the same tale and truth, of the supplanting of one epoch with another. Many scholars contend that the word Cain and its other spellings refers to the land of Canaan. This is only partly true. The Stellar Cult was also proliferate in the land of Canaan (which is why this land is so denegrated in the Old Testament). However Canaan could not compete in majesty with the nearby Egypt, which really contributed to the world’s civilization. Canaan can rightly be considered a satellite locale. Now this brings us back to the words cain or koen, etc,. This word actually derives not from Canaan, but from the Egyptian’s name for their own country, which was Khenn or Khem.

This is were the words chemistry and alchemy come from. Now the word for Egypt was Khen which became cahen, cain, canaan, coen, koen, conn, etc,. The word Khan derives from it also. The male name Kenneth (Ken), means, ‘man of Egypt,’ and the English county of Kent, was named by travelers and settlers from Egypt and the Mediterranean who were undoubtedly astrologers and Siderealists, expert in the navigational sciences.”

Source: Astro-Theology Etymology and Sidereal Mythology Tarot Astronomy